Corner semicircular wardrobe

Special features

A wardrobe room allows you to store the clothes of all family members in one place, without using numerous closets and shelves, which gives more space in the hallway and the bedroom. Its difference from the spacious wardrobe is that it is a separate room with mirrors, interior trim, doors. The corner dressing room is good because it can be installed in the free space of the bedroom and does not require a separate room. This is an acceptable option for apartments of a small area.

The corner dressing room can be organized without any problems in the bedroom, living room, corridor, nursery and even on the glazed loggia. In the rooms, she effectively uses the corners, which are blind areas of the room. A family of 3-4 people can freely place their entire wardrobe on an area of ​​5-7 square meters. m., while there is still a place for dressing.

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The shape of the profile corner wardrobe most often are rectangular and semicircular.It is worth considering in more detail the second option, which is the most rational for a small room.

The following advantages of the corner semicircular dressing room can be noted:

  • space saving;
  • minimum amount of building and finishing materials;
  • A room built into an existing room does not require separate communications systems: lighting, ventilation, heating;
  • an angular semicircular dressing room can hide visible defects in walls, ceilings and ugly interior details, so it is often erected in problem areas, for example, in the corner where open heating pipes stick out.
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Among the disadvantages of the semicircular corner dressing rooms are the following:

  • the complexity of the installation of rounded walls and sliding doors;
  • insufficient sound insulation;
  • dust from the room;
  • because of the small space is not easy to turn around and pose in front of a mirror;
  • for the same reason, the complexity of cleaning, washing the floor.

But all these disadvantages can be corrected over time, providing the dressing room with additional ceilings, ceiling, and soundproofing materials, optimally arranging all the items and furniture inside.

Design Ideas

Corner semicircular dressing room minimally uses the area in the existing room, but is difficult in design and installation, the doors and partitions for it are more expensive than for rectangular structures.

In the living room, a semicircular corner dressing room with sliding doors on roller guides will look most representative. It fits well into any interior, and in order to combine it with the colors of the room, it is possible to choose building materials that advise. Rooms with sides of 2 m will be enough for convenient use.

For the semicircular version of the corner wardrobe, it is preferable to use a sliding door with guides, as it affects a minimum of free space, is convenient to use and safe, especially for young children. The greatest difficulty here is in the installation of a complex system of sashes with rounded rails, sets of which are of considerable value.

The process of organizing a semicircular dressing room is simplified in apartments that have a ready-made storage room. It is possible, using a minimum of materials, to create a compact and functional corner.Corner walk-in closets in the closet require lighting and ventilation, but in general this is the easiest option. You will need a rounded wall and a narrow single door.

From materials to create corner wardrobe and doors for them most often used: plastic, PVC, polyurethane, organic and mineral tempered glass, sheets of chipboard or laminated chipboard, natural wood and laminated plywood.

How to design

Before you decide on a project built-in corner wardrobe in the room of the apartment, you must choose its shape and size depending on the area of ​​the room. For small rooms it is optimal to use rounded structures; they take up less useful space than rectangular ones.

Next, select the materials, types of partitions and types of communications that need to be carried inside. According to these conditions, drawings are created - side and in profile. They will greatly simplify further installation work. Marking and erection of walls should be done strictly according to the level, especially with the further installation of door systems with guides that, at the slightest error, stop and simply do not move.

There are projects corner wardrobe, not reaching the ceiling. They simplify installation work and bring in additional ventilation. If you want to provide sound insulation of this room, then you can arrange the walls in full height, adjacent to the ceiling. Installation of partitions and doors can be made of transparent materials, then the light in the dressing room will penetrate the outside and there is no need to install extra light sources.

Before creating the project of the built-in wardrobe, it is necessary to take into account the shape and size of the internal cabinets, racks, hangers. Corner and rounded shapes often do not allow to fit into large-sized furniture. Therefore, it is better to draw an approximate interior plan with all the cabinets inside and estimate the remaining free space.


Any kind of built-in dressing room usually contains the following items:

  • horizontal crossbars for hanging on the shoulders of jackets, coats, raincoats, jackets, dresses, costumes;
  • trouser bars;
  • drawers for storing knitwear, linen, bedding;
  • open shelves for accessories, perfumes, clothing care items;
  • shoe box;
  • mirror.

Since the corner dressing room has little free space, it is necessary to show ingenuity and imagination to accommodate all the listed items. It is best to arrange large furniture in the shape of the letter G along the interior walls. For example, one side has hanging bars, and the other has drawers and shelves. To save free space, you can use multi-level compartments. If there is not enough free space for a full-length mirror, then you can hang it on the outer wall or entrance doors. But for this it is necessary to make a swing system, since from the inside it is impossible to hang a large mirror sheet on the compartment door.

You can simplify the installation of the walls and the filling of such a room by buying a ready-made wardrobe-dressing room. Angle models are presented that contain bars for suits and outerwear, racks and drawers. They do not have an external partition, but you can easily install a semicircular eaves yourself and hang beautiful curtains on it. And if you make an effort and make a rounded contour, then in the future a semicircular wall of plastic, drywall or polyurethane is installed on it with any chosen decor.Instead of a complex door system with guides, you can assemble walls with an opening that is curtained with a small curtain.

The problem of optimal arrangement of small-sized corner semicircular wardrobe is solved by ready-made furniture sets that are commercially available. They are designed specifically for maximum capacity of clothing and accessories in a small area. In this case, in the end, there is still a place to dress freely and look at yourself in the mirror.

According to customer reviews, the following wardrobe brands can be distinguished:

  • Mark Dwell - manufacturer of high-quality furniture from Italy. Among its products are compact and roomy racks for clothes with a very bright design.
  • Italian brand Smart presents many models of wardrobe sets, which are practical and stylish.
  • Built-in furniture and finished walk-in closets with contents. Todalen will allow you to easily create a functional filling room for clothes.
  • Domestic manufacturer Glasstroy offers fashionable glass partitions of durable material of different models.You can order a small semicircular door of this brand, which will solve all the problems with the organization of a compact dressing room in the apartment.

The floor of the dressing room is best made from a smooth coating that is easy to clean. Carpets in a room where a large amount of dust is released from garments are undesirable. But in order not to stand barefoot on a bare cover, you can start a small mat of non-fabric materials.

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