Corner wardrobe in the dressing room

Placing a dressing room in your apartment is a good solution if you want to save an apartment from bulky closets. The creation of such a room will help you make your home more comfortable, and your chic wardrobe to store carefully and carefully, which will allow things to serve you a long time.

Rational use of the space of the apartment, which is most effectively achievable when building a dressing room, will allow you to place in the interior more things that can emphasize the originality of your apartment.

What distinguishes the dressing room from the usual chiffonier? The fact that all without exception the space in it is used to store your belongings. You can place it in any of the rooms: bedroom, hallway, nursery.

Excellent dressing room will look in the corner of the room. There you can close it with a flat door, or mount a radius walk-in closet, closed by a semicircular sash.

Your choice - corner wardrobe

Corner placement option for a dressing room is very attractive. The minimum area to create such a specialized room for storing clothes is 3 meters in a square.

Despite the small minimum space, the dressing room placed on it will be very roomy.

It will be much more efficient for storing clothes than a simple wardrobe. Modern dressing devices, such as a pantograph, will add convenience to the use of a dressing room.

When calculating the dimensions, keep in mind that the smallest depth of the corner wardrobe in the open position is 55 cm. With closed doors, it will take 60 cm.

If you decide to order a corner dressing room or make it yourself from gypsum board, then we will give some tips regarding the design of the dressing room and its internal filling. In addition, we will consider what can be built from the inside into the wardrobe space, and also how it will be most appropriate to store things.

How best to plan?

We advise when planning a dressing room visually divide it into two zones. In the first let them accommodate drawers and shelves designed for clothing,in the other part there are special fixings for hangers.

Creating the entrance to the dressing room, it is best to use sliding doors. You can use the same doors as the wardrobe compartment in the entire width of the dressing room.

Also a good option would be the door in the form of an accordion. For the decoration of the doors, wallpapers that can be selected with various images of city landscapes or with views of nature will be effective.

Making out the door, you can combine wallpaper with mirrors or place a mirror in the whole door. Do not forget that choosing this option, you must constantly care for the glass and monitor the cleanliness of the mirrors.

To do without doors, it is necessary to find space for a wardrobe in the bedroom. Close the design of the screen. Note that the dressing room, located in the bedroom, can look good and open.

If you plan to create a dressing room of a small size, we recommend that you abandon the door. Failure to install them will allow you to save the extra space of an already small room.

If not enough space

One of the main advantages of small corner walk-in closets is that they can be placed where there is no place for a simple wardrobe or a closet.

When planning to install a corner dressing room, think carefully: how to use the space as efficiently as possible? To cope with this task, it must be correctly placed racks, shelves, drawers and supports for hangers.

Order is your best friend.

We advise you to think over the nuances listed above in order to achieve order in the clothes and you could easily find the things you need. The correct approach in the breading, believe me, will not allow your dressing room to turn into a littered closet.

When designing a dressing room, think first: what places you will put these or those things. Divide the room into several parts: for long clothes, such as coats, dresses and jackets, make a special department, the height of which will be at least one and a half meters.

For short clothes, and these are jackets and jackets, make a department about a meter high. Think over the shelves that will allow you to store clothes neatly folded.

Let such shelves be from 30 to 50 cm high, about 50 cm deep and about the same width. It will not be superfluous to create a special compartment for small things, for example, for ties, socks and similar accessories.

Take a special place for outdoor shoes.Leave a little space where you can change clothes without any problems, changing your evening dress to sports equipment. For example, a special mount, where you can hang hangers, position above its height or at its level.

For jackets and windbreakers, place such structures one above the other to fit as much as possible clothing. Compartment for trousers design height of about 125 centimeters.

Properly store things - nothing is easier!

In the room for children, try using designs for hangers, the height of which can be adjusted. This will allow you to adjust these devices to the growth of your child.

We advise you to take into account the general principle of storing things, namely, it is better to keep top and wearable clothing separately. Think over for these purposes not in contact with each other shelves.

Shoes and jackets should be placed at the very beginning of the dressing room, in the same place you can place hats, hats and gloves. Put your underwear in the back of the room.

We recommend storing it about 90 cm from the floor, and various accessories should not be placed above 1 meter above the floor level. High placement boxes will give you inconvenience in use.

Try to keep men's and women's clothing in different parts of the dressing room. Create special shelves for shoes. Let their width be up to one meter.

If you have created a large corner dressing room, you can put a chair there and take a special place where you can change clothes.

Use transparent boxes, and it will be easier to find the right clothes. Place the vacuum cleaner, steamer and various household utensils on the floor with free space.

What style to choose?

Thinking in what style it is better to build a dressing room, pay attention to the Loft. This style involves the use when installing metal racks, between which the shelves and fixtures for hangers will be placed. Thanks to this design, you can install absolutely freely any height of the shelf.

One of the advantages of a loft-style dressing room is an affordable price. It is also easy to install - it is easy to attach to walls of any quality and it is also easy to disassemble the structure if necessary.

Someone thinks metal and coarse factory design solutions are not very attractive. It may confuse a small number of items in such a dressing room: it will not allow searching for various options with an abundance of shelves and unusual niches and frames.Another option, if you do not like the loft, is a panel-boiserie.

Shelves, dressers and hangers are attached to such panels. When using such walk-in closets, make sure that the room where you want to install the structure has sufficiently strong walls.

In this case, it is important, since the voltage on the walls will be considerable. When using such a dressing room, you get shelves, between which there are no boundaries and divisions into compartments. If you wish, you can make a row of shelves the length of the entire wall. This design is kept on weight by mounting to the wall or using special racks.

If the room in which the dressing room should appear is of a small size, then it is better to refuse this option of dressing room design. This is due to the fact that it will need a lot of space, and this version of the execution requires an impressive gap from wall to frame.

Few secrets

In the finished structure, try installing cabinet furniture. To ensure that everything is set firmly enough, it is advisable to fasten all parts of the structure with each other. The disadvantage of such a dressing room is that it takes a lot of space to install the frame in the room where the dressing room should be located.

One of the possible versions of manufacturing - to create a structure made of profiles and plasterboard sheets. In this case, mount the base, give it the desired shape, sheathe it with drywall. When building a similar structure, remember that the back wall in it is not at all mandatory.

When you choose a material for construction, pay attention to the condition in which it is, read the rules of operation of the material. If you don’t have enough space in your apartment for your dressing room, or after reading the article, having weighed the pros and cons, decide not to build it, then you can just do the good old corner wardrobe with sliding doors.

Light and fresh air are our best friends.

No matter what design you chose to design - do not forget to think about the light and the possibility of airing. If the room will not get fresh air, then your clothes can get a not very pleasant scent. In the worst case, a fungus can start in the dressing room.

When choosing lighting, pay attention to spotlights for the ceiling or electrical clothespins on the clips, which can be attached to any design located in the dressing room.It will be a big plus if there is natural light in your room for clothes - a window.

When making a dressing room refrain from using fabric materials. Apply different types of wallpaper, tiles or easy-to-clean plastic panels. In the color design, stick to soft and light colors - on their background it is better to choose a suitable outfit. On the floor you can lay a variety of materials, such as tile, linoleum, use a nice touch carpets.

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