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Proper placement of things allows you to always have a ironed and ready-to-wear outfit at hand. The disadvantage of classic cabinets is their small size. Not so many things fit into such a small space, so the necessary wardrobe items are often placed on the back of a chair, on a sofa or in any other available places.

But such storage is completely wrong. In addition to the fact that the space looks cluttered, the things themselves are also crumpled, lost and simply interfere with others. Salvation from such inconvenience is the construction of a good dressing room. This is the most practical and functional option that allows you to save both the space of the room and the attractive appearance of things.

Special features

If you live in a private house, then it will be much easier to allocate space for a dressing room. But it is also quite possible for the inhabitants of small modern apartments to find a place to store clothes.

Spent time and effort are worth it, because, having built a dressing room, you get a lot of advantages. First of all, it can store not only clothes, but also shoes and accessories. So all the things to create stylish images will always be at your fingertips.

In the dressing room you can place as you like. To do this, you just need to equip it in the right way - add a variety of shelves, hooks and supports. Thus, all your belongings will be in plain sight and in good condition.

Dressing room is also good because it can be placed in any available space of your apartment. This is good, since many girls refuse to have a dressing room simply because they live in a small apartment or in a studio apartment. But in fact, to place a dressing room in such a room is no more difficult than in a regular apartment or a country house.

In addition, very often in new buildings already have a built-in wardrobe. Therefore, when buying or renting a new apartment, you can get a place to store your belongings as a bonus.


There are two main types of dressing rooms that can be placed in your apartment: closed and open. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages.Therefore, everyone chooses for himself what suits him best.

An open dressing room is a kind of niche in the wall where all the necessary things are placed. From the main space of the room it is not separated by any doors or partitions. In this case, stylish things also become part of your interior.

In the case of an open dressing room, all your belongings are always at hand. In addition, it allows you to make the room more visually. This is very good for small apartments.

But there is this type of dressing room and significant drawbacks. The main one is that things must be constantly kept in perfect order, because they are in front of your eyes. In addition, in such a dressing room things can absorb foreign odors, especially if you live in a studio.

Closed walk-in closets are separated from the main space of the room by a door or partition. This solves the problem so that all your belongings are constantly in sight. In addition, a dressing room, even the smallest, looks like another full-fledged room.

Where to place

An important role is played by where the dressing room is located.

On the loggia

If you have the opportunity, it is best to arrange a dressing room on the loggia. Thus, it will not constantly fall on the eyes.

At the entrance

A more common option - wardrobe, which are located at the entrance to the apartment. This dressing room is good because it is convenient to store outerwear in it, because it is always at hand just before the exit.

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How to make

In addition to the location of the dressing room, an important role is played by its design. In arranging storage space for clothes, it is important not only how it looks, but also how functional it is.

In order to fit all your belongings into the dressing room and to keep them all at your fingertips, organize the interior space as it is convenient for you.

First of all, use all the space in your dressing room. In addition to the slats, rational use will be in the dressing room and shelves. If you have high ceilings, then it will be especially practical - racks and shelves can be located both below and above. On the top shelves it is very convenient to place all your seasonal items.

The wardrobe device will not be superfluous and practical mounted elements.They can accommodate bags and accessories. Thus, the bags will not be deformed, and the chains of accessories will be tangled.

Another way to equip a walk-in closet is to fold all shoes and temporarily unnecessary items into boxes. Thus all this will neither occupy much space nor gather dust.

The interior of the wardrobe inside can be anything, depending on your personal preferences. But many designers who do this professionally, advise to complement the inner space with mirrors. This will not only make the dressing room visually wider, but also facilitate the process of choosing the right outfit - you will constantly see your reflection, which means it will be easier for you to choose the right clothes.

The construction of a dressing room in an apartment is a phenomenon that is still not widely spread in our country. But, nevertheless, it cannot be denied that this way of storing things is very convenient and practical. Therefore, if you have such an opportunity, give your things comfortable “housing”, and they will longer delight you with their neat and attractive appearance.

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