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Many girls dream that their house or apartment is complemented by a stylish dressing room. This allows you to constantly keep in order all the things and makes the room more stylish and modern. It is believed that the first time such a method of organizing clothes came up with Napoleon. Thus, he once and for all got rid of various things in his premises.

Features and benefits

Despite the fact that since the first appearance of the wardrobe they have changed a lot, no one has denied the practicality of such a room. Dressing room allows you to store in one place not only the clothes that you wear at the moment, but also those outfits for which now is not the time. In addition, in the dressing room you can also place shoes and accessories.

It is believed that keeping all things in the dressing room, which is located in the bedroom, is most convenient. It is in the bedrooms that people usually change clothes. Therefore, if all the necessary things at your fingertips, then this facilitates this process.

In addition, all your outfits will be in the same room, and if you live with someone, you will not constantly disturb the other guests, dropping back and forth in search of clothes or other details.

Placing a dressing room in the bedroom allows you to save space in other rooms. Dressing room can occupy only a small part of the total area of ​​the entire room. And you will also save space in the room itself. After all, the presence of a dressing room eliminates the need to install a dressing table, wardrobe or chest of drawers in the room. In addition, in the dressing room you can always place your ironing board with an iron.

A nice addition is the fact that you can always change clothes in the dressing room. Therefore, if guests suddenly come to you, you will not need to think about which room to change outfit in.

In a well-designed dressing room, in addition to the basic shelves and coat hooks, there are also special clips for accessories. In addition, you can always put in the dressing room all the things that you currently do not use - bedding, off-season clothes and so on.


Modern wardrobes with time are becoming more compact and practical.You can find an option that fits your room's particularities — either a spacious dressing room where you will store all your necessary things, or a small compact room that does not take up too much space.


One of the most modern wardrobe options is the “loft”. This metal construction with special legs is quite mobile. It can be installed in various rooms, and if necessary, and moved from place to place. The advantages of such a dressing room can be attributed to its mobility, ease and inexpensive price. And the disadvantages - a small number of shelves.


Another popular option is the corner dressing room. It is good because it does not take much space. When the dressing room is in the corner, you can place a dressing table or bed next to it.


Another popular dressing room option is bowser. It consists of several cabinets and shelves. All of them are fixed on the wall, sheathed with special panels. The door to such dressing rooms is most often replaced with a simple screen or a curtain.


Sliding wardrobes it is difficult to call wardrobe.But if you choose a large option, complemented by practical sliding doors, then you will be pleasantly surprised by its practicality. Such walk-in closets can be complemented by interior lighting.

How to make your own hands from drywall

Dressing room in your bedroom can be done by hand.

Location selection

First of all, you need to choose a suitable place. It can be located next to a wall, in a corner or a special niche.

One of the most popular options is the open dressing room. It does not narrow the space of the room and allows you to constantly see all the options for outfits and plan your images at any time. The only drawback of such dressing rooms is that they always need to keep things in perfect order. After all, getting to your room, everyone sees how they are stored. In this situation, you can save various organizers, where you can put all the necessary things.

The built-in niche made of plasterboard is an excellent option. It does not take up much space in the room, but planning to accommodate this type of dressing room stands before building a house or redeveloping an apartment - then you don’t have to tear down walls.

Good and this option, as a mobile folding screen.It is convenient primarily because it can be removed or moved at any time.

Projects and sizes

When planning to build a dressing room of drywall with your own hands, consider its size. The most popular options are a room for things of 15, 16, 18 sq. M in size. The minimum option for such a room is one meter - the smaller wardrobe is absolutely meaningless, because it can easily be replaced by a simple wardrobe.

Also, before proceeding to the construction of a dressing room, be sure to consider the project. Outlining everything on paper, you can decide how much material you need for its construction.


When the project is ready, you can proceed directly to the installation. The first step is to install a frame, which is then supplemented with a plasterboard base. Next comes the turn of the various shelves and hangers - you can place them as you wish.

Lighting and ventilation

The important role played by the choice of proper lighting. If the size of the dressing room allows, then it is best to complement the room with small lamps that will perfectly illuminate the space and allow you to see yourself in the mirror from all sides.Also, for proper storage of clothes you need to have adequate ventilation indoors.


When the base of the room is ready, you can proceed to its decoration. First of all, decorate the walls the way you like it. If possible, mirrors can also be placed on the walls. The ideal option is a floor mirror in which you will see your outfit in full.

On the walls you can have all kinds of shelves and hooks of different sizes for storing clothes and decorations.

Seasonal things are taken to fold on the top shelves, so you should not bother over their trim. The main thing is that their size is suitable for you. Bottom is better to leave a free place where you will store all your shoes right in the boxes. The most affordable shelves should be wide enough - they have those things that are constantly worn.

Planning and zoning

It is quite difficult to give clear recommendations on the zoning of a dressing room - this should be done in the way you are comfortable. But it is worth considering a few of the most popular zoning and layout options so that you know what to focus on when designing your own dressing room.

The most popular option is a dressing room, combined with the bedroom. This is especially true for fairly large rooms. The standard area of ​​such a dressing room is three or four meters. And it is precisely due to the fact that it is combined with the base of the room that space is not lost.

Another important point is that in this case, the mirror can be placed in the bedroom and, changing clothes in the dressing room, still see yourself. Often in the combined dressing rooms there are two entrances at once. The first - from the bedroom, and the second - from the wardrobe.

However, whatever your dressing room, it usually consists of several functional zones at once. One of the most important is the zone in which the things you wear most often are stored. It consists of hangers for long items and several shelves.

Hangers are divided into two groups: those that are placed at an average height, and high. It is convenient to store a variety of things on different hangers, from coats to short skirts.

Footwear can be stored on special shelves or lattice supports. Also in the dressing room is to install a few closed cabinets, in which you will keep all your underwear and socks away from prying eyes.eye. If desired, they can also be replaced with shelves in which boxes or special containers are installed.

The same containers can be installed for storing various household items in them. Your favorite accessories can be hung on special hooks. You can also place belts, ties and other parts that should not be wrinkled or tangled.

An additional advantage will be the area with the ironing board. If it is located directly in the dressing room, then you will free up a piece of space in the bedroom.

Entry Registration

At the last stage it is worth doing the registration of the entrance to the dressing room. It all depends on what type of dressing room you have, that is, whether it is open or closed.

The most modern and popular option is sliding doors. They are good because they are easy to open. Next to the dressing room you can place a bed, table or bedside table, without fear that when you open the door you will constantly touch the furniture located in the bedroom.

The classic version of the door can also be replaced with a simple screen, curtain or even a stylish designer partition.

The selected door, curtain or partition should be in style to match the interior of your room. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the appearance of your door. If the bedroom is made in the style of minimalism, then the doors should be neat and monotonous. Here the ideal option is the door, ideally matched in color to the tone of the walls. If your bedroom is made in a classic style, then a wooden door will be appropriate.

You can also visually disguise the door so that it blends into the walls. Then the guests will not immediately notice that you have a secret place to store all their belongings. However, it is possible on the contrary, to play on contrasts and pick up the door of a dressing room, the color of which will be radically different from the internal arrangement of your room.

Another interesting option - the door of frosted or vintage glass. This is especially true if you choose a dressing room with sliding doors. To add variety to the design of your room, decorate the door with an original pattern or picture.

If you have an open dressing room, then it should be stylishly decorated and from the inside. And you can replace the door with a stylish arch.It will look modern and original.

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Interesting solutions in the interior

In a modern interior, a dressing room in modern style will look best. Classic light wood shelves, simple drawers and comfortable metal hangers perfectly complement the interior space of such a dressing room. And from prying eyes all your belongings will hide the sliding door of frosted glass in white.

If your room is made in a classic style, then it can be supplemented with an appropriate dressing room located in a niche. It will be appropriate to dark wood and soft long curtains, which, if necessary, hide your dressing room. Purple curtains matched to the room in a lilac shade look very harmonious.

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