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If earlier the dressing room was just an impossible dream, which only owners of luxury mansions or luxury apartments could afford, now many are trying to make room for creating such a room even in a small apartment. And this is not surprising, because a properly planned dressing room, even of a small size, will relieve the apartment from unnecessary cabinets, mezzanines and drawers.

In addition, in such a room, clothes are located on ergonomic multifunctional wardrobe hangers, so that you can easily find the thing you need, and you will not open several closets in search of it. A wardrobe with a cover will allow you to keep your clothes from dust, if you do not wear any thing for a long time.

Benefits of using

There are many reasons for arranging dressing rooms, the presence of hangers will bring comfort and convenience to your life.

The main advantages of installing wardrobe hangers:

  1. Mobility - floor hangers on wheels are easy to move from place to place. Floor hangers on wheels can be found not only in the dressing room - they can be used as an addition to the interior, for example, in the bedroom. At your discretion, you can easily move it to a suitable place.
  2. No need to carry out work on the installation and fastening of floor hangers for clothes. Such hangers for clothes, if desired, can be placed in the corridor or in the hallway in order to hang outerwear, hats, umbrellas and even purses on them.
  3. A variety of models will allow you to choose the most optimal, multifunctional and ergonomic option. Such hangers will perfectly fit into the interior of your room, and will also become indispensable for wardrobe rooms.
  4. Clothes hangers can be made of various materials. The most popular models are metal and wooden hangers for clothes, as well as products that are made using a combination of two materials: plastic and metal.
  5. On wardrobe hangers you can store not only outerwear.They are perfect for saving dresses, shirts, trousers, as well as various accessories: ties, belts, handbags and various models of shoes.

Highlights when choosing

Choosing clothes hangers in the dressing room, you need to pay attention to some points:

  1. Use the product with a long barbell (which height is not less than 165 cm) to accommodate long dresses, cloaks.
  2. Hangers with hangers are suitable for jackets, shirts, jackets. They may not be as tall or have pantographs - retractable clothes hangers. If necessary, extendable hangers can be raised or lowered to the top row.
  3. A wardrobe with a cover is perfect for keeping clothes that you don’t wear during a given period of time. For example, with the onset of spring, it is better to put a sheepskin coat or fur coat in a wardrobe with a cover in order to keep expensive things from dust. Conversely, as soon as the cold comes, and you do not wear a light raincoat, it is also better to put it in a wardrobe with a cover. So your favorite things will be saved and will serve you for a long time.
  4. Use retractable hangers for trousers and pants. They are multifunctional and take up little space.Take care that the height of the retractable trouser hangers is at least 60 cm.
  5. Hangers for accessories. Purchase hangers with hooks for ties, belts, scarves, handbags and umbrellas, as well as other accessories. They come in a variety of models: retractable, suspended or circular. The best option when the hanger for accessories is equipped with 20 hooks, so you can easily place all the necessary things. They will always be in sight, and you can easily complete your image, complementing it with a suitable accessory.
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Clothes hangers can be of various designs. The most common types of wardrobe hangers:

  1. Floor hangers for clothes. Most often it is metal or wooden clothes hangers. They do not need to be placed in a separate room, they fit perfectly into the interior of the hallway or corridor.
  2. Wardrobe models are roomy hangers that are most often placed in a separate room - a dressing room.
  3. Wall models of hangers for clothes are most often made of wood and have metal hooks. These clothes hangers are mounted on the wall in the hallway or hallway.

Clothes hangers can also have additional hangers for hangers, nets for hats and bars for handbags and umbrellas.


For the production of wardrobe hangers for clothes used a variety of materials that affect the appearance of the product, as well as its cost. The most popular materials for the manufacture of wardrobe hangers for clothes:

  • Metal hangers. Most often they are made from chrome-plated aluminum. The main advantages of such clothes hangers:
  1. It has a serious weight, due to which it is characterized by increased stability;
  2. has a spaciousness, so you can hang a large number of their clothes;
  3. they paint such clothes hangers in different colors so that they easily fit into the diverse interior decor.
  • Forged hangers for clothes. Their distinctive features:
  1. have an extraordinary and unique design, thanks to which they will bring a touch of individuality to the hallway or corridor;
  2. possess the increased stability and convenience. Thanks to its practicality, you can place a variety of things on a wrought-iron clothes hanger.
  • Wooden clothes hangers will look great in the hallway. They can be made from a variety of wood species. The advantages of wooden hangers:
  1. they are strong and durable;
  2. will look great in rooms with a variety of design, whether it is a hall made in the classical style, or a corridor made in the style of high-tech;
  3. will be a great addition to the hallway, which is decorated with the use of natural materials.
  • Plastic hangers. Such models differ in ease and the low price. But they have a significant drawback: if you hang a large number of things on such a hanger, it can fall under their weight.
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From famous manufacturers

Choosing wardrobe hangers, it is necessary to give preference to hangers from well-known manufacturers. Metal or wooden hangers for clothes from well-known manufacturers are of high quality, stability and ergonomics.

From ikea

Ikea is a well-known Swedish brand producing high quality furniture. Among the proposed range of products can be found and a variety of models of wardrobe hangers.

Hanger floor on wheels allow you to move clothes with a hanger without much difficulty. Such hanger is made of a hybrid of plastic and metal. Some models of wooden and metal floor hangers on wheels from the Swedish manufacturer Ikea are equipped with tips for hooks that are made of plastic and rubber. This material will not harm the appearance of your clothes. Wardrobe hangers can be designed for 20 hooks. So that you easily place all the necessary clothes.

Sheffilton sht wr546

A great example of a dressing room hangers is a model hangers from the Russian manufacturer Sheffilton. The floor dressing hanger of Sheffilton sht wr546 differs in the increased functionality. This is an excellent option to save clothes.

The design of the hanger Sheffilton sht wr546 consists of:

  • two shelves: on the bottom you can place shoes, boots, sandals, and put caps, hats and berets on the top;
  • a crossbar used to place hangers;
  • hooks on which it is convenient to hang bags and umbrellas.

The metal hanger of Sheffilton sht wr546 in a form reminds a pipe. This hanger is painted with special powder paint.A distinctive feature of this coating is compared to other paints, it is more durable and wear-resistant. You can wipe the hanger even with disinfectants and not be afraid that the coating will be damaged.

The hanger of Sheffilton sht wr546 has a steady basis thanks to what it will not fall down together with your clothes. This hanger can withstand clothes weighing up to 25 kg. Agree, this is a great option for saving clothes for everyday wear.

There are a lot of models of wardrobe hangers, so you can easily choose the one that fits perfectly into the interior of the room or becomes an indispensable part in the wardrobe room.

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