Built-in walk-in closets and their benefits

Features and benefits

The wardrobe is a room for storage of things with a direct or angular arrangement of the furniture made of various materials. This design is characterized by increased convenience and functionality, as well as aesthetic appearance. In order to increase reliability, cabinets and shelves are fastened together and fastened to the wall.

Depending on the initial layout and preferences, you can install wardrobe space for the following storage systems: built-in, cabinet, shelving, metal mesh.

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Case wardrobe represent the design collected in the form of modules from the closed cases and racks. The most reliable and inexpensive option is rack shelving, consisting of open shelving. Mesh walk-in closets are inexpensive universal systems of metal with the possibility of the location of the shelves at their discretion.

The presence of a dressing room in the house has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • in the dressing room is placed to store more things than in the closets;
  • it uses all space to the ceiling economically, which is impossible in cabinets;
  • a dressing room does not clutter up the premises with diverse storage furniture;
  • in the dressing room you can store everything, from bed linen to umbrellas and bags;
  • due to optimal distribution and proper storage, the period of wearing clothes is extended;
  • Self-built dressing room meets your wishes in the arrangement of things.

When equipping a dressing room it is important:

  • determine the location and size of the structure;
  • to provide inside spot lighting and good air circulation;
  • install a full-length mirror so that when dressed you do not go in to look at yourself in the bedroom;
  • shelves for storing seasonal items placed at the top, for current items - closer to the exit;
  • space for shoes located below;
  • in the middle part to make a compartment with a bracket for coats and jackets and a shelf for caps;
  • provide small shelves or drawers for storing small items.


If there is no small storeroom or closet, then you can isolate part of the room. The proportions of a narrow and long room can be corrected by organizing a dressing room near a narrow wall.

In small walk-in closets it is better to design racks without drawers and opening doors, so it is more convenient to get things. A dressing room with glass walls in the bedroom will give the room a stylish look and will teach you to keep order when storing clothes.


A built-in wardrobe can be created in any room, but the most convenient will be its equipment in the hallway, even if it is a very small room. If the size of the hallway is less than 3.0 - 3.5 square meters, it is better to equip the built-in wardrobe. When designing, it is necessary to take into account that for free dressing it is enough to have a distance between the cabinet and the opposite wall of 1.5 meters, 0.8 meters is enough for free passage.

Since the hallway creates the first impression of the home, its equipment must be approached carefully. It is easiest to attach a dressing room to a narrow wall or in a niche, making rational use of space.

It is nice to have walk-in closets in the hallway for storing seasonal items and in the bedroom for storing everything else.A dressing room in the bedroom should contain a sufficient number of shelves for storing bed linen.

You can also equip a spacious dressing room in the attic of the house, provided that the attic is well ventilated and insulated.

An excellent solution for apartment Khrushchev with a small hallway and an elongated living room can be a built-in closet. In order to save, you can do without the side and rear walls. Inside the shelves of the budget chipboard will be mounted directly to the walls of the room. Such a model is not necessarily made in a straight form, in a square room you can allocate space for an corner cabinet. With proper selection of colors and textures of sliding doors, you can achieve a visual expansion of the space of the room.

Experts advise for the installation of built-in wardrobe to take high-quality materials, properly stored, with no damage and dents, resistant to moisture fluctuations and direct sunlight, for example, having the same properties as MDF wood and laminate. The built-in wardrobe can be made from wood impregnated with high-quality, impregnated with linseed oil or emulsion.

The budget material for the closet is drywall. However, the cabinet will take a lot of space, since drywall is necessarily mounted on the supporting structures.


When equipping a built-in dressing room, you need not to forget about the functionality and practicality of all the elements, make comfortable use of this room by all family members. A successful project will help to organize the useful space so that the clothes will be stored separately, but in equal accessibility for all family members.

It is necessary to pay attention to the color of the furniture. The decor in bright colors will help make a small dressing room much more spacious. Choose clothes on a light background is much more convenient. The furniture of classical dark shades will ennoble the interior of a spacious dressing room with a window. It is good to put a small sofa to sit and think over the image. For contact with bare feet, the floor in the dressing room can be covered with a rug or carpet.

It is very important to mount at least one mirror in full growth, which will help to consider all the nuances of the chosen costume, as well as visually increase the size of the room.If the size of the dressing room does not allow to build a mirror, it is necessary to make mirrored doors. Such a solution will visually increase the size of the room where the dressing room is separated.

Today, many companies are engaged in the release of filling for storage systems. Depending on the possibilities, you can purchase a ready-made set. It is possible to make a set of only the most necessary.

In the dressing room it is impossible to do without bars for hanging clothes that are located horizontally at different heights. For coats and dresses, they are located at a height of 175-180 cm, for men's shirts at a height of 100 cm. The bars for children's clothing, given the height of the child, should be adjusted in height.

Drawers of different sizes and location are intended for storage of clothes. For ease of use and a full view of the contents of these boxes must be fully extended. Transparent plastic rectangular baskets of different sizes will be useful for storing small items in the dressing room.

When using a breeze, everyone will remain compactly folded and neatly ironed.

Men, of course, useful such an element as a tie.Ties will remain in perfect condition, they will not get mixed up and will not twist.

Special modules from shoeboxes allow you to place shoes at a small angle, so that it is convenient to consider it. Thanks to this module, all shoes will be protected from dust and deformation, neatly placed.

You can use various baskets in which you can put everything you need for storage. The material for the baskets is best suited transparent plastic, through which it is easier to see what lies inside.

Any dressing room suggests the presence of shelves for linen and clothes of different sizes. Large shelves are well placed at the top and lay them on long-term storage items. Small shelves for running gear are conveniently located at eye level.

It is good to provide large compartments for storing brushes, buckets, vacuum cleaner, ironing board and other necessary items for the care of clothing and housing.

Cost of

There are no strict requirements for the device. The final cost of external and internal decoration, filling will depend on the desires, imagination and financial capabilities of the host. If there are doubts in their abilities, then it is best to invite experts and make a built-in wardrobe for individual orders.

There is an advantage in self-embedding a dressing room with your own hands, without using the services of specialists. In this case, all modules can be freely assembled according to personal needs, significantly saving money.

Interesting solutions and options for wardrobe in the interior

The design of the dressing room should harmoniously fit into the overall design of the house. There are different stylistic decisions when setting up a dressing room. The most popular of them are classic and modern.

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Built-in dressing room, made in a classic style, filled with shelves and other items made of wood. If you have financial opportunities - from elite wood. Walls with hooks and other fittings can be covered with wooden wall panels.

For example, Italian furniture manufacturers offer to order cozy and reliable wardrobe rooms from specially processed natural wood. The design of the dressing room suggests the presence of ergonomic furniture, varnished with various shades and decorated with handmade details.

The wardrobe in modern style is equipped with aluminum structures, to which shelves of painted wood, light plastic boxes, hangers, hooks and other elements are attached.The result is a universal design, the elements of which, if necessary, can be assembled differently. Such a dressing room fits rationally both in a small and in a large room.

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