Mirrored sliding doors for a dressing room

A dressing room with a mirrored sliding door is one of the most functional and stylish options to complement your interior.


Wardrobe began to enter the fashion among domestic consumers relatively recently. But during this short time, everyone managed to evaluate their practicality and functionality. In the dressing room, all things are kept in perfect condition and are always at hand. It is very convenient and practical.

Coupe doors in such dressing rooms are very comfortable. They have their drawbacks, but they have much more advantages.

First of all, it should be noted that this type of door takes up much less space. This design allows you to save space. Therefore, even in the conditions of a small apartment, a similar door will be very good. You do not have to think about how best to place the door so that it does not interfere with the movement.

It is also important to note that this type of door is safer, especially if you live with small children. They can not accidentally slam and hit you.Also in the case of a compartment door, you will not injure your fingers or pinch them.

The sliding door is also much simpler to install and operate. In order to choose the right door, it is enough to take measurements of the opening and make the necessary door to order. Doors created in this way can become the embodiment of all your design fantasies, because you can decorate them in almost any way.

Since the coupe doors are now in trend, even in stores there are a large number of different options. Buyers are provided with a large color palette and an abundance of decorative elements.

When creating mirror sliding doors for a dressing room, as a rule, special anti-shock glass is used. Therefore, buying such a door, you can not be afraid of breaking the door in the first few days of its use.

One of the main advantages that makes many people buy such doors is the ability of mirror surfaces to visually increase the space. Even if you have a small room, then by adding your dressing room with a mirrored door, you will make the room visually larger.

Another advantage is a large variety of decor. In addition to solid mirror doors, there are options decorated with stained glass windows or patterns. But this is worth talking in more detail.


But, on a par with the pluses, this type of door has its drawbacks. First of all, users note that this type of door is capable of letting in all odors. Therefore, if your dressing room is located next to the kitchen, then it is better to refuse this option.

In addition, if you buy sliding doors, it is best to give preference to more expensive options. The cheap design is very quickly loosened and broken. If you regularly use the dressing room, then a cheap sliding door will not last long. Therefore, we recommend that you do not save either on the basis of the door or on its various components that ensure smooth movement.

It is also worth noting that sliding doors are often much noisier than swing doors. Usually they emit a slight rustling when opened. But those who have such a door installed in the dressing room, very quickly get used to these minor flaws.

As regards mirror sliding models in particular, it is worth noting the fact that they are rather branded. Fingerprints, small splashes and other imperfections are immediately left on such a door. Especially well they are visible in daylight, therefore, installing such doors, be prepared for the fact that you have to take care of them regularly.

Varieties of mirrors


The most common option - a corrugated door with a three-dimensional pattern. This decor looks spectacular and can be applied according to an individual sketch.

Stained Glass

Another option for the design of a mirror door is a stained glass window. To create stained glass used quality painted details. Thus, on the surface of the mirror, you can create unusual images that will fascinate and amaze with their aesthetics.

With color film

An easier way to put a decoration on the glass is to use color film. It is pasted on the back side of the canvas. You can choose from a variety of label options - glossy or matte, large or small, color or monochrome.

Acrylic coating

You can also apply patterns on the mirror surface with acrylic.High-quality acrylic does not crack and keeps on the glass for a long time.

Types of swing doors - coupe

In addition to the appearance, swing doors also differ in design features.


This option is both the most expensive and the highest quality. This design is quite complicated - the doors of the door, when leaving, “hide” in the wall openings. You are unlikely to be able to install such a door on your own, therefore, for high-quality installation you need the help of a specialist.


This option is simpler and cheaper. The compartment door moves along rails installed directly in the doorway, and opens only half.

Hinged doors - coupe

Similar to the previous and this option. Only in this case, the guides are attached to the ceiling or wall. This option is most common. Such a design is easy to install, and is not expensive, and does not cause difficulties during operation.

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