Bar racks in the interior design of the living room

Nowadays, most apartments are a typical project, because of what they look similar to each other, like two drops of water. The modern approach requires individuality. Standard apartment renovation has the right to exist, but often such a dwelling is faceless. Those owners who have an aesthetic taste and want to move away from bored standards, use the most unexpected design techniques to diversify the interior. The bar counter in the living room is a popular, fresh method of turning an apartment into a cozy and functional corner with a claim to a particular style.


Bar counters in the hall have a lot of advantages. Here are just some of them:

Convenient division of the room into zones

In recent decades, the loft line has become increasingly popular in our country. Studio apartments in this style represent a single space, there are no walls in it.This approach is especially appropriate if the apartment is small, because it allows not to limit the space and visually increase the housing. It is necessary to divide into zones (for example, residential, dining, place of cooking). It is the rack, without blocking the review, will perfectly cope with this task.

Space saving

Small apartments that do not have the proper space, severely limit the owners. For example, they are difficult to install a large dining table. This complicates food intake and cooking. Bar counter perfectly solves this problem.

Used instead of the partition between the hall and the kitchen, it allows you to use the space below you for various drawers and shelves, saves free space, easily accommodates a dozen people next to you, solving the problem of receiving noisy parties.

Good compatibility with any styles.

Although initially such furniture accessories in the apartments were used in the loft style, now the racks are used even in the classic versions of the interior, in the style of Provence, modern, minimalism and many others. Design can match any color parameters.The choice of form is also great - bar counters are angular, curved, classic straight. In some cases, this piece of furniture is combined with other furniture (say, with a sofa).

Although mini-racks are considered crucial for small apartments, they fit well into the interior of spacious rooms.

Choice of design

Regardless of what type of bar counter is chosen, it will not be able to remain an imperceptible design element, it will certainly attract the attention of guests. The owners will have to choose whether such a piece of furniture will best match the style of the whole room or become its bright accent. In this case, the style of the rack itself, as a rule, should not differ from that which is typical for the whole room.

If the choice fell on the overall style, the tabletop should colorize with any other part of the room, be conspicuous due to its unusual shape. Focusing on setting the accent means that the stand fits into the style. The whole room is finished with relatively faded materials, but the tabletop is chosen markedly bright, contrasting with its surroundings.


At first glance, the bar counter seems to be an extremely simple, somewhat primitive design. Modern designers have developed dozens of variants of this piece of furniture, thanks to which it has become possible to classify stands according to certain characteristics. Most striking tabletop. The choice of material and method of finishing its surface should be chosen based on the general style of the room.

The height of the tabletop on average is about one meter, it is better for owners to choose a specific model, starting from their height. If the difference between individual family members and their regular guests is noticeable, you should choose a high bar counter complete with special chairs. Two-level racks that have a lower tabletop are very popular. Children can use it with convenience.

It should be borne in mind that multi-level racks usually take up a lot of space, in a typical Soviet-built apartment with a low ceiling, their use is often inappropriate.

The bar counter can be a light construction, or a massive analogue of a small cabinet with drawers and shelves.Often, such furniture seems to be a kind of barrier between the kitchen and the living room in the studio. If there is a large amount of free space in the hall, it can be installed along the wall.

The style and beauty of the bar counter usually lies in the fact that it is not overloaded with unnecessary details, if there are a lot of them, you should choose a model equipped with drawers.

How to arrange?

The bar counter can be an independent piece of furniture, combined with a wall, or another large piece of furniture. If the apartment is not deprived of space, it’s best to have the island bar: this will resemble an ordinary table, but at the same time it will add a touch of unusual aestheticism. In such cases, usually choose options with a large tabletop. Large models come with a solid and integral lid.

Each product has its advantages, the tabletop of one large sheet of material has no joints, and the composite allows owners to easily change the damaged fragment without high costs.

In a classic living room, noticeably limited in space., success can use the corner bar.This solution allows not to abandon this type of furniture, despite the fact that all the functionality of the rack is preserved in a smaller area, and the style with taste can be seen well.

Often the bar counter divides a large room into zones. In this situation it is better to make it with one end adjacent to the wall. In the perception of most people, such a piece of furniture should be free from both sides in order to allow more guests to access the worktop. However, if those rarely appear in an apartment, you can take it as a full-fledged wall. For example, from the living room to such a stand, you can move the sofa with a low back (and then the household will be comfortable, and all the necessary furniture will fit, and the view within the apartment will not be limited by unnecessary obstacles).

Material selection

These days bar counters are made of various materials. Four main ones can be distinguished; all the rest are imitations only. Each of the materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. Stone bar counters look massive and impressive. They are good for their strength and durability, in taste they also can not refuse.

It is noteworthy that with quality manufacturing there is no difference as to whether the model is made from natural raw materials or an artificial counterpart.

A certain disadvantage is the large weight of such structures.therefore, products are often made assembled (for example, the base of any other material can be lined with white or black stone). The cost of this stone stand will make many apartment owners think about the feasibility of such a purchase. There is a certain minus even in operation: for example, any spilled liquid must be wiped out immediately, otherwise there is a great risk that the tabletop will change its color, resembling the shade of the drink.

Another prestigious solution - wooden racks. Such products are usually made from an array of expensive wood. Even high-quality substitutes like MDF are used quite rarely. Such an approach to the choice of material affects the appearance - the rack looks very presentable, clearly indicates a high level of welfare of its owner, adds special comfort to the room.

At the same time, the product's service life can be long only if the surface is regularly treated with special protective compounds.

Glass is another popular material. However, it is more used as an ornament: it is extremely difficult to find a full glass tabletop. The main bonus from the use of glass surfaces is observed in the aesthetic field.

This is especially noticeable if the developer of the design correctly thought out the lighting, which should fall either ideally on top, or be performed in the form of LEDs at the edges of the tabletop and under it.

Not to mention plastic, which today is a widespread material in the production of any products. Its advantages are traditional and well known to all: the ease of products, their low cost, sufficient strength. However, the plastic rack often loses that chic, for which its installation was started. The choice in favor of plastic products is usually made by those consumers who are unable or unwilling to afford expensive furniture made from natural materials. Therefore, a low-cost synthetic substitute is usually fragile and short-lived (in some neglected cases, even toxic).

In this case, plastic is often used for finishing bar counters made of other materials, it gives the model an extra shine, but requires special lighting.

Finishing touches

By itself, the bar counter will become a noticeable, but unfinished element of the interior. First of all, it needs special bar stools. For the sake of convenience, you should choose those that have the function of height adjustment. When choosing models with or without a back, you will have to choose between comfort (the first option) and style (the second).

The emphasis in the design of the room can be not only the stand, but also the chairs, which in the minimalist interior can be emphasizedly presentable.

Important accessories are holders (special holders that allow to keep the glasses in a vertical position) and footrests mounted on the stand itself. To supplement the set of utensils and extend the functionality, you can use the shelves on the wall above the rack. If you arrange bottles with expensive alcohol on them, the feeling of an indescribable atmosphere of comfort and luxury rest will only increase.

Do not forget about the color of the room: the shade of the bar should harmoniously fit intooverall picture of the interior.

How stylishly to issue a bar counter, look in the following video.

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