Living room with bay window: subtle details

The living room, in the space of which there is a bay window, allows you to equip the room as profitably and uniquely as possible. Such a design feature looks impressive, however, in order to achieve the desired aesthetic perception, you need to know the subtleties of the room with a bay window. Arrange the living room: take into account all the nuances.

Special features

Bay window is a kind of protrusion that is available in the room, an additive to the main perimeter, having various forms.

The bay zone can be:

  • semicircular;
  • faceted;
  • cubic;
  • angular-rectangular;
  • two-story.

The size of the bay window is different. In some cases, this is a miniature space in which there is barely enough space for a comfortable chair. In other rooms, under the bay window, most of the living room is diverted: sometimes it seems that the zone with the bay window is the dominant layout.

But whatever the living room bay window is, it is neither a balcony nor a glazed loggia.It is not so isolated from the main space, although it can have imitation partitions or a podium to maintain the desired style.

Its characteristic feature is the location of the windows over the entire area of ​​the bay window from the side of the wall. They are always several, so the bay area is flooded with sunlight. It is light, although it is not uncommon to use artificial lighting to highlight this space. Often the bay window (semi-chyer) is located opposite the entrance to the room.


Making a living room with a bay window has a lot of advantages:

  • the ledge is a decoration of the living room, it does not interrupt the general idea of ​​the design;
  • You can choose a different stylistic direction;
  • You can equip a separate functional area (game, recreation area, dining or guest space);
  • at the expense of the bay window, you can unobtrusively zone the space, giving it a clear organization;
  • with a lack of free space, the bay window can be used with maximum benefit;
  • the bay window makes the room easy even in the case of choosing rich tones of the color palette;
  • This feature allows you to perform multi-level and hybrid ceiling design methods for each


With a lot of advantages in the living room with a bay window there are several drawbacks:

  • It is difficult to place conservative furniture in this area, so in order to maximize the location of upholstered furniture, it has to be ordered for specific features of the bay window;
  • it will not be possible to put an angular sofa in it: it will look inappropriate, disturbing the overall interior;
  • sometimes the bay window has a broken perspective, which complicates its arrangement and decoration, including ceiling structures;
  • in most cases, this projection is the only source of light in the room.

Subtleties of design

Whatever the chosen style, it should be appropriate. The constructive projection of the wall with windows is good for many design options, but it is unlikely to fit into some creative areas. For example, he hardly pulls the style of a loft, which is characterized by an open layout and stylization of an abandoned industrial facility. Of course, you can try to make an imitation of style, choosing its main elements: panoramic windows without curtains, brick walls, studio layout, but rarely such a design will fully correspond to what was intended.

An excellent solution for such a room would be any classic trend: classic, neoclassical, baroque, italian style. These areas are inherent elements of the palace solemnity, plaster moldings on the ceiling, gilding, wooden furniture with carved legs, beautiful curtains, which can be thick or lace.

Be sure to use the bright colors in the design: with their help you can visually increase the total area, erase the borders of the walls. In combination with gilding and white color the situation will look elegant and modern.

Vintage and provincial stylistics (country, Provence) will be successful.

As a floor covering, it is preferable to use practical materials intended for areas with high traffic. The floor can be decorated with tiles, laminate flooring, linoleum, parquet, floorboard. At the same time, its color should not coincide with the tone of the walls: this will reduce the height of the ceiling and it will seem that the floor has reached the walls.

In order to visually stretch the height of the walls, the floor plinth is better to withstand the tone of the wallpaper or to pick a color close to them.

It is undesirable to use glossy ceramics: it slips, being traumatic. For the visual separation of the bay windows and guest spaces, a combination of outdoor raw materials is allowed. It is possible to combine laminate and tile in the room by laying out stylized carpet from square fragments. If a dining room is conceived in the bay area, you can lay tiles on the floor and arrange the rest of the floor with linoleum, not forgetting the “warm floor” system. So the care will be simple and the durability of the materials will increase.


The ideal solution for the arrangement of furniture in a hall with a bay window or a semi-power tower would be a clear delineation of the space into different functional areas. If the area allows, for example, the room has more than 20 squares, you can choose premium furniture for the guest area, and for the dining room you can choose an elegant table and chairs with high backs.

At the same time, the furniture should not match in color: if the shades are excellent by at least 2-3 tones, you can convey the versatility of the interior. Especially elegant interior compositions can be beaten on an area of ​​30 - 35 square meters. m

In these rooms you can accommodate a luxurious guest area. To do this, use modular furniture or two sofas and armchairs. Leather tables which can be used as a pedestal will not be superfluous.If there is not enough space, in order not to overload the interior, you should use furniture transformers. So, the guest area can be beaten with the presence of a convertible sofa, armchair and folding table. An excellent solution is the attached table: with a minimum of occupied space, it is multifunctional.

For the bay window it is worth picking up the elegant furnishings: a massive and large furniture can interrupt the objects of the living area, which is unacceptable. If the main purpose of the bay window is reception, you should arrange the furniture there. This is possible if the area of ​​the room is limited, but the living room is not the only room of the apartment (house). In this case, the rest of the space is not overloaded: you can put a chest of drawers, a rack on the wall, lay a carpet, leave room for the dining area.

At the same time it is important that there are no empty corners, otherwise, along with the arrangement of the bay area, the space will seem to be undeveloped.


The lighting of the living room with a bay window is special: in this case, it is impossible to do with one central lamp. Looking for two chandeliers, or the mass of LED spotlights around the perimeter of the ceiling. It is undesirable to use suspended structures on chains and cord hangers if the ceiling is low. This will visually make the interior heavy.

Separate lighting is necessary to ensure that the room is comfortable: one chandelier will not be able to illuminate the bay area.

If the interior initially has one central luminaire, you can perform the illumination using wall sconces or floor models, although it is better if the light falls from above. Light sources matter: the temperature of the light flux should not be too yellow or cold blue: in the first case it depresses, in the second it develops a depression.

It is necessary to avoid unnatural illumination of zones: shades far from daylight, are at odds with the atmosphere of home comfort. For a comfortable environment, lamps with a soft diffusing flow are good if you want to change the bright light, for example, to watch TV.


To this room looked like a single space, it is undesirable crushing due to pronounced contrasts. The bay ledge and guest space can be decorated with different shades, but not contrasting, otherwise the perception of the room will be difficult. Whatever the design, the living room should be light, although the chosen tones can be neutral, warm or moderately cold.As a cladding material, you can use wallpaper, laminate, photo printing, decorative plaster, natural stone and brick.

Stone and brick do not process all walls: You can show a slight accent, not interrupting the main style. This may be the decoration of the column, protrusion, the space where the audio or video equipment is located. Moreover, this material should not stand out in color: so the bay window runs the risk of becoming invisible. The pattern of wall decoration also matters: the relief of texture, which can be matte, glossy, rough, bulk or embossed, will be the best solution.

It is undesirable to overload the walls with an abundance of pattern: simple walls look more harmonious in such rooms, although you can add one accent to them (for example, by indicating the accent part of the wall where the guest zone is located).

Beautiful examples

  • The bay window can be a separate seating area, having a high ceiling and a small space.
  • You can visually enlarge the bay ledge by means of two sofas installed on both sides of the ledge borders.
  • Sofa to order in the form of a bay window will perfectly fit into the overall style of the living room.
  • A narrow modular custom-made sofa and a compact dining area look great in the bay window area.
  • In the large space of the bay window windows can be decorated with stained glass.

How to arrange a room with a bay window, see the following video.

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