Design of the hall: the subtleties of the room with an area of ​​20 square meters. m

 Design of the hall: the subtleties of the room with an area of ​​20 square meters. m

Living rooms are of different sizes, but in the layout of modern housing most common rooms of 20 square meters. Spaces with such parameters are considered the most practical and convenient for creating a design, since their space allows not only to combine, but also to divide the room into separate functional areas. Choosing the original style and color of the finish, the living room can be planned in such a way that a lot of space will be created in its interior, and the correct arrangement of furniture and decor items will fill it with an atmosphere of home comfort.

Special features

Interior design is one of the main areas that are used in the design of rooms. It allows you to perform the correct layout of the space and gives the room the final image. Each room in the apartment is unique and requires a special trip in the decoration.The living room deserves special attention, as it is the “heart” of the dwelling, an important place for family relaxation and meeting guests. As a rule, the standard size of the hall is 20 square meters. m, there can also be rooms with an area of ​​19 meters, these squares are quite enough to make a beautiful interior with your own hands.

Begin the design of the living room with a pre-made project. It is necessary to take into account not only the size of the room, but also its shape. If such work is performed for the first time, then you can use the services of professionals.

If the owners of the house have a huge creative potential, they will cope with it on their own, adhering to the following recommendations:

  • To make the interior of the hall look natural and contrast, it is necessary to provide the room with good lighting. This applies not only to the installation of artificial lights in the form of floor lamps, chandeliers and wall lamps, but also daylight. Therefore, in the room windows should be large, it is best if there are several of them. The ideal option for the hall will be the use of multiple levels of lighting.
  • Visually expand the space will help the mirror surface of the ceiling and furniture.
  • When choosing colors, it is best to give preference to light shades, they fill the space with comfort and make it bigger.
  • Doorways are preferably replaced with arches. If there are two doors in the room, the furniture should be placed so that the aisles are free.
  • Living rooms can be of different shapes. For a rectangular room, zoning is suitable; in a square room most of the furniture should be placed in the center, but if the living room has an elongated shape, it is recommended to place the modular structures along the walls.
  • You can not clutter up the space with unnecessary items, for the interior is to choose only the most necessary. A large number of furniture will make the room small and gloomy.


Living area of ​​20 squares, although it is considered medium in size, its design must be designed in such a way that the room turned out bright and spacious. Therefore, in the decoration of surfaces, it is desirable to use more plastic, glass and metal. The choice of finishing material, as a rule, will depend on the subject of the interior. To date, there are many styles, thanks to which even a small hall will get a chic look. For living room designers recommend using the following areas.


In the modern interior, it occupies the main place and implies maximum freedom in space. Therefore, for the decor of the room is selected functional and compact furniture. Transformers and built-in appliances will also be a good option for a small room. To make the room look cozy, as a decor you can use small shelves with lighting. The sofa in such living rooms is central, its upholstery should be solid and bright, small patterns in the form of clear lines are also allowed.

As for the scenery, it is advisable to give preference to neutral elements.which harmonize well with the general appearance of the room. Walls can be decorated with paintings, and you need to choose either bright or black and white compositions. The flooring will be complemented in an original way with carpets without patterns and patterns, they will be appropriate in the recreation area, windows can be decorated with both curtains and stylish blinds. Large indoor plants and an aquarium with fish will help dilute the atmosphere in the room.


This design is a beautiful combination of symmetry and restrained luxury.In the classic version of the living room trimmed with marble, wood, the room is filled with expensive fabrics and wrought iron objects. The main decoration of the hall is considered to be a fireplace. For walls, as a rule, choose wallpaper with vertical lines or small flowers, they look beautiful on the background of bright carpets and furniture. As a flooring suitable as a marble or mosaic tiles, and parquet made of natural wood.

Furniture must be purchased in large size, with soft upholstery. On the legs of the armchairs and the sofa there can be carved decorations and wrought accessories. Leather furniture and various shelves and dressers will be a beautiful choice for the hall. All designs must be in the same style. As for the windows, then for them the most suitable option are curtains and curtains of thick fabrics and satin. The interior should always contain original figurines, vases and candlesticks made of metal or porcelain. On the walls are appropriate paintings with landscapes and huge mirrors. Chandeliers are preferably chosen with gold leaf and crystal pendants.

Scandinavian direction

The main task in this design is to make the room comfortable, convenient and multi-functional.Especially looks good in such an interior in a square living room, where the correctness of the lines allows you to symmetrically arrange the furniture. The decor welcomes animal skins, a large number of soft pillows and carpets. Walls are usually made in pastel or white color. The furniture should be from natural materials, beautiful vases and paintings will emphasize its beauty of the original.

Eco style

Making the room on this subject, it is important to use only natural materials and natural shades. Walls, floor and ceiling trimmed with natural wood. Carpets and curtains are chosen from natural raw materials. A compulsory subject in the interior are living plants and dry flowers in vases.


Strictness and a lot of space. For living rooms in this direction it is recommended to use concise furniture models. The interior of the room is fully built on the harmony of all the constituent objects of the decor. Therefore, it is important to worry about installing good lighting, which will highlight the bright and unusual elements. The walls can be gray, pastel or white,The inserts from turquoise or blue compositions also look unusual on them.


This design is most often chosen for living rooms with high ceilings and large windows. Such a design requires a lot of light and space. It is undesirable to install partitions and large furniture in the room. Brick walls or decorative plaster should be used as wall decoration. Such an interior often resembles an artist’s workshop or a factory building, so you should not choose it for those who appreciate elegance and chic.

Color spectrum

For design living room area of ​​20 square meters. m, you can use any color palette, but it is best to give preference to such neutral shades like cream, gray, white and beige. Light colors will not only serve as an excellent background for furniture and decorative objects, but also help to visually enlarge the room. In order for the room to get interesting notes, you can also add bright colors to its decoration. The main rule of design is that it is impossible to combine more than three shades in one room.

Today living rooms made in such shades are very popular:

  • White The room is characterized by enormous spaciousness and weightlessness. If the room walls are decorated with white color, the furniture can be set to any shade. To make the atmosphere in the living room play with lively colors, it is recommended to add chocolate or brown objects to the interior. It looks very nice white with a graphite tone.
  • Beige. A living room with such a design is considered an excellent place for a good rest, as the beige shade soothes and relaxes well. Brown furniture and contrasting items of gray, mint or blue color harmonize beautifully with beige walls.
  • Gray. This palette is widely used by designers in the choice of finishing materials and furniture. To make the interior unusual, it is enough to turn the walls gray and buy decorations of exactly the same color, but with different shades. In addition, this color is in perfect harmony with bright compositions, thanks to which the design will turn out to be lively.
  • Blue If the living room has the correct shape and high ceilings, then for its decoration you can use a trendy blue color.It is recommended to choose both light and rich dark shades, for example, indigo. Blue belongs to the cold palette, so in the design it is necessary to dilute it with light and warm tones. Gray and beige are well suited for this.
  • Dark. Such a living room will resemble a chamber decoration. When finishing surfaces it is worth paying attention to the balance of shades, otherwise it will turn out too gloomy room. As a rule, for contrast prefer white furniture.

The choice of a particular color in the interior of the hall depends on many nuances. For example, the shape of the room plays a huge role; if it is square, there are great opportunities for using different paints. For rooms that have asymmetry, you need to perform a major overhaul and in every way to level the space. The budget option of finishing in this case will not work.

Main areas

The living room, whose size is 20 squares, is small, but is considered convenient for planning. Before you properly distribute the zones in the room, you need to prepare the appropriate project, and starting from it, choose the type of future decoration, and carry out repairs.As a rule, in a private house there are no problems with the arrangement of the hall, since even at the construction stage it is equipped with two windows and high ceilings are made. As for the apartments, they can meet elongated living rooms with a small space that requires restructuring. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to resolve the issue with the parameters of the room, and then divide the room into separate sections.

Traditionally, the hall may consist of a place for rest, sleep and work. The living room is laid out according to individual projects for each family, taking into account the needs of each tenant. No matter how many functional zones are in the hall, the main area is the rest area, it is decorated with comfortable furniture and a TV. The rest can be allotted for working and sleeping place, a library and a winter garden. It is recommended to zoning both with the help of various finishes and to apply mobile partitions.

Recently, the pentagonal living room has become extremely popular. The premises are presented in an interesting geometric form, thanks to which you can create a unique design and rationally apply every square meter.

The combination of rooms

Today it has become fashionable to combine a living room with other rooms. This allows not only to perform the correct layout, but also makes the space comfortable. The most popular is the combination of the hall with the kitchen, it is well suited for a rectangular room. Often, a dining area is combined with a resting place in a one-room apartment, where the lack of space makes it necessary to save every square centimeter. You can select individual zones using the bar and furniture.

You can find in the design of the living room and options for combining with the bedroom. In this design it is important to separate the place for rest and reception of guests from the place for sleeping. For this, it is best to choose special curtains and screens. In this case, the sleeping area should be located away from the door or on the catwalk.

There are also types of interior in which the living room is combined with a library, a balcony and a hallway. In this case, for zoning apply a different floor covering or the same finishing material, but different textures and colors.

Furniture and decor

After the layout of the hall has been completed, you can start arranging the furniture.A huge role in the design of this room is played by soft constructions. To rationally fill the space, you can use a corner sofa, without which no seating area can do. Opposite the couch will look beautiful TV and fireplace. In addition, the living room should be furnished with armchairs, the original addition to which would be a round or square shaped coffee table, the sofa and armchairs should have the same look and style.

For a narrow living room fit built-in wardrobes, small shelves and racks. In the event that the hall is combined with a kitchen, it must be located in the center of a large table, which will serve as an excellent place for family dinners and celebrations. For a living room with a bay window, installing a fireplace is a good idea.

Interior living area of ​​20 square meters. m can not be overloaded with unnecessary items, everything should be stylish, small and useful. Vases, statues, paintings, mirrors and watches are allowed as decorations.

Beautiful examples

A good choice for the design of a modern living room will be light gray. They need to arrange both the walls and the ceiling in the room.It is recommended to force one of the walls with a small sofa and a coffee table next to it. As an additional furniture, a large chair and a soft ottoman will do, and the color and material of the products should be identical. Walls can be decorated with a picture and small shelves.

This interior option is best used for a walk-through living room with a balcony. In order not to limit the space of the room, it was combined with a balcony, which can serve as both a small study room and a tea drinking area. The design is presented by simplicity and comfort.

The hall in which decoration to combine three colors will look beautiful also. The main shade of the interior will be white, they are recommended to decorate the ceiling and walls in order to highlight a small contrast in the room, on one of the walls you need to put a black composition with patterns. The furniture is chosen light gray, and yellow pillows will help to decorate it.

You can find out how to arrange furniture in the living room in the next video.

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