Living room interior design

The living room is the main room of each apartment and house. It should be beautiful, clean and stylishly decorated. Being in this room should be associated with you and your guests with coziness and comfort.

Special features

The living room is the “soul” of the house, since it is in it that all family members usually gather. Here they receive guests and spend most of their free time. To make the interior design of the living room look stylish, cozy and modern, It is necessary to follow several rules recommended by experts:

  • The design of the room should be characterized by integrity. The room should be presented in a single color scheme, and the choice of furniture should be made depending on the functional purpose of the living room.
  • Each room should be original and unique, but do not forget about the general style of the house. It is better to arrange all the rooms in the same style direction,and when choosing furniture, lighting, wallpaper or flooring colors, it’s worth starting from the functional purpose of each room.
  • Many people want to highlight the living room, make it bright, because they believe that it is such colors that will improve your mood. But this opinion is erroneous. Long stay in a room with bright surfaces begins to negatively affect the vision and even the human psyche. Do not use bright colors to decorate walls, ceilings, or when choosing furniture. You can decorate the interior of the hall with bright curtains, shelves or chairs with rich upholstery.
  • To create a cozy, modern living room, you must use a separate design. It includes not only the choice of colors of the ceiling and wallpaper, but also the placement of furniture, the division of space into areas for work and leisure, taking into account the size of the room and the preferences of the owner of the room. Every design detail should be well thought out.
  • Do not be afraid to use new styles and experiment. Creative ideas will make the living room unique, sophisticated and make it as comfortable and functional as possible.
  • Regardless of the size of the room, it should be divided into functional areas.The correct placement of furniture, the choice of colors and details will allow you to create comfortable areas for work and for family recreation, even in a small room.
  • The choice of finishing materials is very important in the design of the living room, because people will not only see them every day, but also contact them. Comfort largely depends on tactile sensations, therefore it is necessary to approach the selection of materials for finishing seriously enough.

Types of rooms

The living room is a universal room, since it can be used not only as a room for receiving guests and family recreation, but also as an office, bedroom or room endowed with several of these functions. It can act as a walk-through between the two zones.

The living room can be combined with the nursery. This combination is not easy, because the child needs a separate space where he can sleep, play and learn. If in this room to receive guests, then their presence can be a hindrance to the normal mode of the day of the child.

But if there is no possibility to allocate a separate room for the children, then you can competently arrange the nursery and in the living room.For a baby, it is enough to single out a small area that can be curtained with a curtain, or use a decorative partition.

To make the distinction between the living room and the nursery for a teenager is possible thanks to the furniture. For a full separation of ideal drywall partitions or sliding systems.

Quite often found option living room-studio. Many new apartments already have this layout. The living room is presented in an ensemble with other neighboring areas, designed for different purposes. But the absence of walls does not mean the absence of any borders. For example, the transition from the living room to the dining area is often denoted by a different type of lighting or color finish of the walls and floor.

The delimitation of the kitchen and hall can be a bar or a dining area. Often, portable racks or partitions are used for zonal isolation.

The living room is often combined with a hallway. For harmony in the design, you can use identical wall decoration, and mark the distinction with the help of flooring. For example, the floor in the hallway can be covered with laminate, and for the living room to use carpet.

Hallway can be equipped with a small closet, chest of drawers or shelves for storing shoes. Near the entrance door you can hang a large mirror in the frame or put a compact wardrobe with mirror facades. But the main task is to present the living room and the hallway in the same stylistic direction.

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In a typical apartment, the living room can have different sizes, although it is always larger in size than other rooms. If there is an opportunity to plan the dimensions of the living room, then this should be used to make the room spacious.

In the living room apartment should occupy more than 35 square meters, and in a private house - 50 square meters. The actual length and width of the room should be about the same. The spacious living room is a decoration of the house or apartment. It may have partitions by which part of the space is added or an angle is cut, but the entire area must be square.

The spaciousness of the living room is determined not only by its dimensions, but also by the ratio of free and occupied areas, which should be a proportion of more than 1: 1.

Allocated space to move should be the same as the space for furniture or be slightly larger.The presence of bright decor will allow you to place the main accents in the living room.

Another important aspect of small living rooms is a spacious window. For an apartment, it is desirable to have two large windows, and for a house - three, while it is better if they are not on the same wall. If the dimensions of the room allow, then you can make the exit to the terrace or balcony. Effectively and beautifully looks panoramic glazing in the entire wall. It can usually be applied to the house or cottage, and when choosing an apartment, this issue is already coordinated with the developer.


When zoning a living room, it should be understood that its main purpose is to create comfortable conditions for rest and relaxation. Therefore, the main elements of the room are a soft sofa and armchairs, a home theater or a TV. Recreation area should be central and have a maximum size compared with other areas of the room.

In luxury homes, living rooms have a large area, which allows you to create several local zones for different pastime. You can create a dining area with a large table and chairs. For the arrangement of an additional area for guests it is worth taking up space with mini-sofas or armchairs.

Also, this area can be supplemented with a fireplace, a miniature winter garden or a small library.

When planning the living room design in a panel house, remember that the rooms are small, and the ceiling height does not exceed 2.75 meters. To expand the space, the room is often combined with a balcony, kitchen or corridor. But remember that demolishing the bearing walls is prohibited.

When combining the kitchen and living room, you can remove the wall and decorate the doorway with an arch or decorative columns. You can also use a bar or glass partition to divide the space into functional areas.

The following methods can be used to zoning a living room in a panel house:

  • Location of the floor with a single floor covering at different levels. If you use different types of materials to create a floor covering, this will cause a visual reduction in space.
  • A good option for zoning is the correct placement of furniture. The presence of bright decorative elements will affect the visual reduction of the territory. In small living rooms you should not use bulky paintings to decorate the walls.
  • Lighting is a great way to zoning space. Many prefer a multi-level ceiling.


Modern living rooms can be presented in various styles. The choice of style depends on the personal preferences of the owners of apartments or houses. Each style has its own advantages, allowing you to create a comfortable and beautiful living room.


Many living rooms are presented in the style of minimalism, since this direction allows to emphasize the advantages of the room, visually make it more spacious, give the interior airiness and lightness. The living room in a minimalist style is characterized by comfort and practicality. White is traditionally used because it makes the space brighter and more spacious.

You should not place a lot of furniture, since preference is given not to the number of objects, but their practicality and functionality.

Country music

Country style is ideal for creating a cozy living room. Despite the fact that it is related to the village, it looks stylish and modern. Distinctive features are the use of furniture from solid wood, the abundance of natural textiles and the presence of a fireplace. Designers prefer calm colors, without using bright decorative elements.


Classic style does not go out of fashion and is often used by designers when decorating living rooms. The classic allows you to emphasize the delicate taste of the owner of the apartment, his status in society. To add luxury to the living room will help expensive furniture. The interior should stick to symmetry.

Lighting plays an important role. Expensive crystal chandeliers will bring luxury and wealth to the interior. Emphasize the classic style allows the use of columns and stucco. It is necessary to give preference to soft color solutions. White, golden and beige shades dominate the design of such a living room.


Loft style living room attracts attention with originality and singularity. This style direction can be pronounced in the interior or manifest itself only in some nuances.

When choosing a color palette, you should prefer soft, calm tones, It is recommended to avoid bright colors. The presence of the decor gives the room coziness and comfort. Often one of the walls is decorated with brickwork.


Art Nouveau is a manifestation of modernity.It allows you to create a stylish, interesting and beautiful interior in the living room. To embody freshness and lightness, light tones are used, among which white plays a leading role. Exquisitely looks a combination of white and black shades.

One of the characteristic features of modernity is the presence of metal surfaces. It is necessary to apply both basic and decorative lighting. The devices are usually made in the original design.

English style

This style is characterized by conservatism and restraint. The feature of the living room, made in the English style, is that there is nothing superfluous in it, but it remains comfortable and convenient.

The interior is allowed only natural fabrics. It is necessary to give preference to natural shades. Furniture should be comfortable, solid and expensive. You can only use natural upholstery.

Metal or wood décor is welcomed, and plastic is better not to use. A bright accent of the living room is a chic chandelier and fireplace.

Whitewashed ceilings can be decorated with stucco.


The use of decorative elements is always an important element of the living room.You can create a decorative center in the interior of the room, which will attract attention. Chic decor is an indispensable part of an elite living room.

As decorative elements, you can use various options:

  • attractive niche, decorated with unusual colors;
  • huge stained glass window or author painting;
  • architectural composition of complex shape;
  • mini waterfall or a huge aquarium;
  • collection of extraordinary elements;
  • luxurious sculpture or spectacular picture;
  • exquisite wall decoration of the room, which is used as decorative plaster or murals.


Consider the basic combination of colors in the living room:

  • Purple living room is not common, but it looks sophisticated, elegant and attractive. This color can be embodied in both cold and warm shades that have a lot of red or blue midtones. It is worth using purple color not as a base color, but as a bright decor when finishing furniture or choosing textiles.
  • Coffee lounge is a great classic. The choice of such colors emphasizes the refined taste of the owners of an apartment or house.Hall in brown colors can be presented in the style of modern, empire or rococo. The only drawback of a dark shade is that it thickens the atmosphere. In combination with light shades, coffee color provides a feeling of comfort and reliability.
  • The decor in pastel colors looks tender, creates a cozy atmosphere that promotes relaxation and peace. The main advantage of this color is versatility.

If you correctly combine warm and cold tones, you can get a harmonious color ensemble.

  • The living room in yellow tones always looks warm and cozy. This color scheme is ideal for arranging a dark room. Yellow color in the interior of the living room can be combined with various shades of white, black, brown, blue, green, golden, gray and even red. Unusual combinations look bright, impressive and original.
  • Properly organized blue living room looks cozy and gentle. Blue color allows you to visually make the room more spacious, so it is ideal for arranging a small room.Illumination should be bright and plentiful, so when choosing it you should prefer lamps with yellow light.
  • The orange room is the perfect choice for optimists and creative individuals. The peculiarity of the orange color is that, combined with other tones, it makes them more catchy and showy. Orange decor looks great with pink, green, white, blue and black.
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To decorate a stylish living room, wall decoration and furniture should form a harmonious composition. If the repair in the hall is already finished, then when choosing a sofa and chairs you need to start from the color performance of the walls and floor. But do not forget that the size of the room, the presence of functional areas and the number of people in the family also play an important role.

To embody the modern interior can use a variety of furniture. You can equip the studio with elements of upholstered furniture, which have practically nothing in common, but together form an original composition.

For dark living rooms it is worth picking up furniture in bright colors. If the walls are trimmed with dark surfaces,then you can decorate the rooms with soft furniture saturated colors.

With light walls the furniture of various tones looks. A light sofa will give the room tenderness and airiness. Dark soft corner will make the interior more expressive. Plain light walls can be beautifully shaded with upholstery with dynamic prints.

Often for decorating the living room choose furniture from natural wood, which can be presented in different color palettes. If you wish, you can independently change its appearance.

When the issue of furnishing is resolved, you can add accessories to the living room interior. A large vase, an exquisite box or an ottoman of unusual shape will make the design unique.

Expert advice

Often, the owners of ordinary apartments and private houses face difficulties in trying to decorate the interior of the living room on their own. To equip a cozy and stylish room for rest and joint pastime, It is worth adhering to the advice of experts:

  • When placing a monitor or TV should take into account the location of the windows. They should be on the left or right of the device.
  • It is desirable to make not only the main lighting, but also additional. Table and floor lamps will allow to bring coziness and comfort into the interior.
  • Furniture with a clear silhouette and straight lines is always in fashion. Upholstered furniture with an unusual upholstery is ideal for those who like to experiment. Remember that bulky upholstered furniture with voluminous armrests is already out of fashion.
  • For a living room with low ceilings, compact sofas, armchairs and rectangular tables are an excellent choice. When choosing a material is to give preference to light or neutral tones.
  • The room should be divided into several zones, with each of them must be supplemented with bright accessories. For example, on a coffee table surrounded by upholstered furniture, you can put an elegant vase.
  • The walls of the living room is better to perform in a light shade, and the remaining elements can already be selected in basic, contrasting colors. For example, blue upholstered furniture looks spectacular in a bright interior.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Modern designers create stunning interiors in various styles, which attract attention with originality, beauty and comfort.

A classic-style living room impresses with luxury and wealth. Pastel colors give the room space and freshness, and a snow-white ceiling with spotlights and a spectacular chandelier in the center provides a comfortable environment. The stylish cream sofa of an angular form is ideally combined with curtains. A coffee table with a glass top in the center of the room is a fashionable element of the interior. Furniture in shades of brown looks great in the overall color performance.

Many living room interiors are presented in modern style, the perfect combination of which is white and black. The bottom of the wall is made in black to match the coffee table, and the snow-white top of the wall is matched to the tone of a luxurious sofa. These paints dilute brown shades. The variegated flooring harmoniously looks in tandem with the monotony of the furniture. The living room does not seem empty, even in the interior and does not use an abundance of decorative elements.

Review the harmonious interior design living room, see below.

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