Short curtains in the living room interior: features of choice

Curtains - perhaps the main decoration of the room. They are a very important component of any interior. Beautiful stylish canvases immediately attract the eye. Just like a window without curtains, it immediately catches the eye and causes a feeling of an untidy apartment.

There are so many options that you can get lost in this variety.

Therefore, it is better to imagine how exactly you want to decorate the windows. Along with the long, short curtains in the interior of the living room also look good. Features of the choice will consider in this article.

What's better?

Before each housewife, when she wants to update the design of the apartment or just to elevate the window, the question arises: which curtains are more suitable in the living room - short or long.

It is believed that the curtains to the windowsill are more suitable for the kitchen. But in fact, it all depends on the style of your living room and, of course, on your desire.

Short curtains have their advantages.At any time, the windowsill is at your disposal. The batteries are not closed, which means that the room is warmer. It is simpler to care for such products, and the fabric for their tailoring is required less.


Consider the options for shortened curtains, which are popular today and are successfully used in the design of any interior.

Styles minimalism and classic mean Roman curtains. They completely close the window, and in the raised form lay flat folds.

Look like them English, the difference is only in the lifting mechanism. Ribbons may be used instead. When the curtain needs to be lifted, the tape is tied at the required height.

There is such an option as Austrian cylinders. But they look too festive, so not suitable for any room. See that they are not out of the general style.

A large number of fabrics require french curtains. Here the material is gathered, and it produces many folds. Often it does not need to be lifted, and it is better to use a transparent fabric for such a design, which at a certain time can be closed with more heavy curtains if necessary.

Roll models include so-called curtains. "Diligence". The curtain in a roll is rolled up manually and fixed with the help of tapes. They are also made original by the nuance that the reverse side is usually of a different color.

Curtains look unusual "Cafe". In the middle of the window is a bar. It looks very stylish. But if you want to close the upper part of the window, decorate it with a lambrequin.

Materials and colors

Short curtains sew from a variety of fabrics. The veil is ideal for air curtains in the French style. For Austrian cotton is suitable. Relevant curtains of the reaper.

The color of the curtains depends on the overall color of the room.

After all, the design of the window must be in harmony with the furniture, wallpaper, and other decorative elements.

In a small room, you can use a geometric or floral pattern. If there are already many colors in the living room, choose soothing colors for the window.

Avoid making the curtains exactly the color of the walls. They just merge. If you doubt the choice of color, stop on the white and beige shades, they are suitable for almost any interior.

When making a living room, note that designers have such a rule: sixty percent should be the main color, thirty additional and ten should emphasize, which is completely different from the first two.But all together should look harmonious.

For example, you have the color of the walls - in beige tones, the additional color that is present in the interior is green. In this case, you can buy turquoise curtains and a sofa.

If you do not know which color to choose, listen to yourself: notice which color soothes and pleases you, which shades are more characteristic of your wardrobe. Here it is, and take it as a basis. And in his background already experiment. It is not necessary to choose a sofa of the same color with curtains. It could be a carpet or a chandelier.

Decor and accessories

Short curtains can transform the space and emphasize the dignity of the home. This especially applies to a small room. If there is a TV and a sofa near the window, rather short curtains will fit here. And if the window is not large, but small, then this is all the more - your option. Select only the desired color and style.

In the living room we spend the holidays and just the evenings with family and friends. Therefore, I want it to be especially cozy and beautiful. Short curtains can be successfully supplemented with lambrequin. Moreover, the options just a huge amount.

In addition, you can purchase various accessories that will decorate your curtains.

Better yet do it yourself. It will not take a lot of time, but your decorations will be exactly exclusive.

And you will find exactly what you need for your interior.

Get or look for beads, artificial flowers, crystals, tape, cloth scraps in your lockers and chests.

Light snow-white curtain will become even more attractive if you fix below the pendants made of crystals and small satin bows. Very romantic and gentle.

The same effect can be achieved with large blue or red beads.

To add grace to your curtain in the living room will help pendants in the form of a delicate bud on a satin ribbon.

You can make small tacks of satin ribbons, crystals and flowers.

All this will look perfect on short curtains, accessories accentuate their beauty and add zest to the interior.

A significant role in the selection of short curtains plays and the fact that they are easy to care for. They do not need to constantly straighten and stack. You make it much easier for yourself to wash and iron these canvases.

How to sew short curtains, see the next video.

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