Kitchen-living room interior: stylish design of the combined room

A popular novelty among the transformations in the interior of a house during redevelopment is the combination of a living room with a kitchen. This combined room is functional and more spacious. The interior design can be very diverse, even despite the fact that in the same room two functional zones are combined at once. Having made a choice in favor of a decision to combine the kitchen and living room, you can create a cozy atmosphere and a unique design.

Special features

Now kitchen-living rooms are gaining more and more popularity. This is due to the fact that the combined room is suitable for both small studio apartments and spacious private houses.

A distinctive feature of this room is that it simplifies the life of the hostess. So, setting the table for guests, you do not have to run from one end of an apartment or house to another to carry food to the table.

Access from zone to zone will be facilitated. You will not interfere with any doors and obstacles.In addition, combining the dining area of ​​the kitchen with the living room. can save space indoors. After all, often in the kitchen there is a small table for a family, and in a separate living room there is an additional large table for receiving guests. These two tables for eating can be combined into one and remove the extra to save square meters.

In addition, you do not have to leave the guests in order to bring a dessert or something to finish in the kitchen, if friends came ahead of time. In this case, you can cook and communicate freely with households, as well as with guests in the living room area. So you can do several things at once. For example, in such a combined room from the kitchen area you can look after children who play in the living room, you can also meet guests without looking up from the stove.

Such an association has many features. regarding changes in the area of ​​the room. The space becomes much larger and more spacious visually. You can even combine narrow and long rooms, breaking them into functional areas of the kitchen and living room.

An important feature and condition for the unification of such a room is that an exhaust hood is installed in the working area of ​​the kitchen.

It eliminates unnecessary odors eliminates upholstery from subsequent spoilage, since it is able to absorb food odors that occur during cooking. Moreover, such an extract must be very powerful and quiet, so as not to interfere with the household to rest.

It is no secret that many people have to do redevelopment for such a merger, which must be approved. We have to demolish the wall to make a single room consisting of these two zones. But getting rid of the wall, you can save on the space that it occupied earlier. Moreover, in many apartments the kitchen has a small area, so it will not be so crowded to cook on it.

Bringing down the wall, you will provide more bright lighting in the kitchen. Usually it has only one window, but due to the spacious living room with several windows it will be lighter, the interior will look more elegant. While cooking in the kitchen, you can watch TV, located in the living room area, and communicate with family members without leaving the stove.

Another feature of such a combined room is that all the equipment in it must be the most functional, so that it does not create unnecessary noise, otherwise it will interfere with the household. This is especially true for the stove, dishwasher, microwave, combine, blender.

Finishing options

Finishing materials in different parts of the combined room, they may vary, because the functional purpose of these rooms is different. For finishing the kitchen use more durable and reliable materials that are immune to the effects of grease, high temperatures, detergents and high humidity. But for the living room, you can choose a simpler finishing material.

If you want to decorate the kitchen and living room area with the same coatings, then it is better to give preference to more versatile solutions. Parquet, varnished or laminate will be more suitable for finishing the floor, and non-woven vinyl, silk-screened, wood or plastic panels are ideal for wall finishing.

A more elegant and interesting option is Venetian plaster. It will become not only a practical finishing material, but also an interesting element of decor. You can create a multi-color coating with a good color depth.

The overall harmonious finish allows you to combine space. At the same time, both of these zones are often made out in the same style and approximately in one common color scheme.

Style selection

For small rooms combined perfectly Scandinavian style. It fills the room with comfort, but at the same time makes it more spacious. So, it is better to remove the partitions completely and widen the gap between the rooms. There you can put a rectangular arch. In the interior of the room in this style it will be appropriate to install a bar counter, as well as to fill the rooms with comfortable, functional furniture.

Scandinavian style suggests lightness and conciseness.therefore, it is peculiar to him that light shades predominate, which can be diluted by placing bright accents. For finishing it is better to use mainly natural materials. The furniture must be built in and not too bulky. This style is perfect for giving.

Another popular option for decorating a small combined kitchen-living room is the loft style. It involves the combination of some elements of classic and modern motifs. At the same time, they try to arrange furniture not at the edges of the room, but as islands, grouping it according to the purpose of each specific zone.

The floor can be made under natural stone or wood, and the walls under the brickwork.From above you can install wooden ceiling beams. Elegant chairs with sides are better to replace with light stools, and a wide dining table with a small tabletop, window sill or bar counter.

Combined rooms are often decorated in the neoclassical style. It involves the combination of traditional design with a predominance of classic interior elements with more modern details in the form of modern appliances and furniture. For finishing it is better to use natural coatings. The floor should be decorated with porcelain stoneware or parquet in different zones, and for the walls it is better to prefer monochrome wallpaper with a barely noticeable pale pattern.

More attention should be paid to the little things, the various elements of decor. So, you can arrange statues, flowerpots and fresh flowers. To distinguish between two zones, you can use a soft corner sofa. Its upholstery can be leather.

For the decoration of the kitchen in the style of a classic is better to choose more unusual and artsy solutions. Zoning should be done using split-level ceilings. From the bar should be abandoned. The ideal solution for conditional separation of space will be the installation of an arch and light curtains in it,which can be removed if necessary.

The table should be rather massive and wooden, the stools are replaced with soft chairs. The room is decorated with the help of exquisite pastel colors, such as milk, beige, ivory. Furniture can be bought under wenge, if you prefer darker facades, or under bleached oak, if you want to fill the room with light tones. In such a combined room should be a large elegant chandelier with glass crystal elements, as well as many additional sources of lighting, which will make the interior brighter and more elegant.

Color solutions

You can choose one color solution for the whole room, or you can divide it into two main zones with the help of color. For decoration, it is better to use shades that belong to the same color range, but which are slightly different. For example, you can make the transition to a dark blue kitchen in the living room with blue walls and some dark blue accents in the form of paintings and furniture elements.

Many for such premises use light colors. A white kitchen is not very practical, but a bright living area is a great solution.The kitchen is better to decorate with beige, sand, brown, wood shades, and make the interior of the living room lighter.

Another interesting combination is a gray-black interior with a predominance of gray and additional light accents in the form of perfectly white glossy surfaces. This is an excellent solution that will create a unity of space.

Zoning rules

In order to properly divide the space of the room where the kitchen and the living room are located together, you can use several methods. So, in these rooms zoning is very popular. This is a simple option that is perfect for a village house.

Most often, this method is used if the space is limited, since there are no different partitions, screens and other separating elements in the room.

Functional areas are separated by different colors of coatings.while maintaining the unity of design and only small overall color accents. In bright shades it is more correct to single out small elements of the interior, and larger elements need to be decorated in more light shades such as a kitchen set, table, sofa.

Color zoning is carried out depending on the illumination of each of these zones. For example, where there is more sun during the day, it is better to use more interesting warm shades, for example, yellow, sand, beige, pistachio. In the zone where there is more artificial light, it is better to use darker shades, as well as tones relating to cold colors and being deep.

In the kitchen area, it is better to use finishes that are brighter in color., because they are able to positively influence the appetite and improve mood. Cold shades are best used in the recreation area, which is located in the living room. They are able to soothe and relax.

Zoning is done not only at the expense of color, but also at the expense of various finishing materials and textures. This is especially true of the floor. In the kitchen zone, more stable options are installed, for example, karmic tiles, porcelain stoneware, and stone. They protect floors from the fall of heavy objects, as well as the effects of steam, elevated temperatures and moisture. But in the living area you can mount more capricious materials, for example, laminate, carpet, parquet.

The walls of the two zones can also be finished with different coatings. In the kitchen zone, tile, paint would be appropriate, but in the hall zone you can glue on any washable wallpaper, but you need to select the appropriate colors, that the transition was not obvious and sharp, but smoother. So you visually divide the space and make the interior more harmonious.

Another interesting zoning option is the use of furniture. But you need to follow a number of rules.

Separate different zones can be several types of furniture:

  • Island type. In this case, the kitchen set is placed not along the walls, but in a circle and in the center.
  • Large furniture. Most often, its role is performed by the sofa. He put his back to the kitchen, separating it from the living room area. So guests staying at home can sit on the couch with their backs to the kitchen and will not bother the hostess. Behind the sofa you can put a small rack or a tall cabinet of a small width.
  • Bar counter. It allows you to draw a smooth line between the kitchen and living areas, but it does not allow them to sharply distinguish between.
  • Cabinets with shelves. As a rule, it is furniture of the type of a rack, which is filled with dishes, books, magazines and other accessories in order to slightly cover the kitchen area.

Another interesting zoning option is the installation of arched structures.The shape of the arch can be chosen based on the style and design of the combined kitchen-living room. It can be round and massive, and can be square and barely noticeable.

Another option is partial abandonment of the wall. This may be a small narrow area, which partly demarcates these zones. From the living room along the wall is installed wardrobe. Instead, there you can hang a small TV, and from the kitchen installed appliances or a sink.

Popular zoning using ceilings and floors of different levels. Thus, raising the kitchen on the podium, you put the line between these two zones. The average height of the podium is 15 cm. In addition, you can hide communication systems, such as water pipes and wiring. The low podium looks stylish and interesting, making the uncomplicated space more difficult.

You can insert additional lighting into multilevel floors or highlight the podium with color, decorating it with a contrasting covering, for example, with black tiles, and living room floors with a white laminate.

A popular zoning option is the use of lighting.Different types of light are used: in one zone it is warmer and more muffled, in the other - white natural light. As a rule, the kitchen is made lighter, it contributes to the safety of the cooking process, and in the living room the lighting is made more subdued, so that such light relaxes.

In this case, set the swivel spotlights, which can at any time focus on one of these two zones, highlighting the workplace hostess, dining area. Or, on the contrary, with their help you can draw a clear border with light.

In addition, you can install spotlights in the living room, where you plan to read books. So you can separate a small area for recreation.

Spectacular details

You can diversify the interior of the combined room using luxurious design elements. So, you can hang elegant chandeliers located in the center of each functional area or place one large chandelier, and around to install additional sources of spot lighting. Chandelier better hang over a large dining table.

Another spectacular detail is the fireplace. It must be placed in the living area near the sofa.It can be a real fireplace with a chimney, which is suitable for private houses, a biofireplace for modern apartments or its imitation - a decorative fireplace. It will fill the room with coziness and make its interior and layout more comfortable.

For rooms with a staircase, you can install an interesting color lighting in the steps, which will turn on in response to movements. This is a great option for a country house with two floors. Under the stairs you can put a beautiful closet-rack, placing on its shelves a graceful clock, books, decorative dishes.

Ideas for different areas

There are two main areas of kitchen planning, which are suitable for different areas of such a combined room. So, you can make an open-plan kitchen and a closed-plan kitchen-living room. Both of these options involve the finishing and decoration of the kitchen area and the living room area in the adjacent shades of color and a single interior decoration.

The first layout option is more suitable for a small apartment, when you need to expand the room. This is a great solution for a small combined room of 15, 16 and 17 square meters. m. To expand the space, you need to demolish the walls.At the same time, the kitchen-living room is designed in lighter shades so that it looks more spacious and wider. This way you can even hide some kitchen appliances.

Moreover, with such a layout, it is better to hide the sink, pushing it into a separate corner, so that the accumulation of dishes could not be seen. A large large refrigerator is not suitable in this case. It must be replaced either with several small modules, or with a refrigerator with a kitchen-set decoration. So it will resemble an ordinary wardrobe with two doors.

For larger kitchen-living area of ​​20, 21, 25 square meters. m is better to use a closed type of layout. These zones are separated by large furniture, for example, cabinets, racks, large sofas.

Another convenient option of a closed type is a bar counter. This way you can hide some furniture, such as a dishwasher or oven. The option with a bar counter is perfect for large houses with a kitchen-living area of ​​30 meters.

The bar counter allows you to not only save and delimit space in such a room, but also use it more functionally. So, for her you can dine alone or together, when you do not expect guests or do not plan to dine with the whole family.You do not have to lay a large table, eating will take you less time. This is especially true in those moments when you are in a hurry and have almost no time for snacking.

The bar is not solid, therefore it puts only a small border, leaving the space united. Therefore, it will be convenient for you to communicate with your loved ones, which cannot be said about the version with the wall left at least partially. On the bar counter, you can install some things for storage, and under it you can equip an entire cabinet or convenient shelves. There you can put bottles, cereals and even some dishes.

Open bar counters are decorated with souvenirs and sets, so they become an independent element of decor. If you have a small kitchen-living area of ​​less than 15 squares, then try not to overload it with accessories. You can only install a few plants in pots and decorative dishes. But in the spacious kitchens, little things are given more space and attention.

Fashionable furniture

In modern interiors, transformable furniture is relevant. These are models that can change their form and functionality. Many variants of such furniture are presented in the Ikea store.There you can buy a folding chair-bed or a comfortable chair-transformer.

You can pick up a folding table for the kitchen area. It will be necessary if you need to expand the work area or if you want to have a snack not in the dining area at the big table, but in the kitchen. Corner leather sofas and soft puffs are fashionable now.

Wicker furniture is gaining popularity. For example, hanging chairs - cocoons are fashionable. They can be hung both in the kitchen area and in the living room area. There you can retire and relax by reading your favorite book.

Beautiful examples

  • Interestingly look contrasting combinations in an open plan with a two-level floor. The kitchen area is decorated in black and white or any other contrasting colors. The living room area can be trimmed with a light tone with only some dark elements, for example, a sofa or a small table.
  • An excellent solution for creating the visual unity of these two zones is the design of the combined room in woody shades, which can vary slightly from zone to zone. Thus, using honey, light brown, taupe, beige wood,You can create a cozy and warm interior.

See more about the design features of the kitchen-living room in the next video.

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