Kitchen-living room with fireplace

Of course, a favorite place to relax and receive guests in the house is the living room. Each owner seeks to equip it so that it was convenient and comfortable to spend time there. To give a special comfort to the room, many designers recommend installing a fireplace in it, so the kitchen-living room with a fireplace is increasingly found in the planning of modern country houses and apartments.

Choosing a place to install

Before you begin to select a suitable fireplace, you need to remember a few basic rules for its placement in the living space:

  • To install the fireplace is best suited wall, standing perpendicular to the window;
  • It is not recommended to place the fireplace in the gap between the windows and near the wall facing the street - with this arrangement, all the heat produced by the fireplace will go outside;
  • Opposite the fireplace or around it, it is desirable to place cozy furniture for the rest with the whole family or with friends;
  • The presence of a fireplace in the corridor or near the staircase is highly undesirable - in this case, the safety of the home is put at risk;
  • You should not place a TV above the fireplace - it is also fraught with the threat of fire. TV will be much more appropriate to look at the wall, perpendicular to the installed fireplace.

Types of fireplaces

  • Built. This option of placing the hearth is good because it allows you to save space - the fireplace is built into the wall niche;
  • Wall mounted. Equipment is placed along the wall;
  • Island. With such an arrangement, a fireplace acts as a partition, a kind of island, dividing the space of a combined kitchen-living room into two zones - the kitchen zone and the living room zone. This creates the effect of two different rooms;
  • Angular. The most popular option for the location of the fireplace. It saves space and it is convenient to place furniture and other equipment around it.

Types of fireplaces depending on the style of the room:

  • When you design a kitchen-living room in a classic style, the fireplace should be a kind of addition and not stand out. Excessive decoration of this structure will not be entirely appropriate.You can hang a picture or a mirror over the fireplace, put a vase with flowers on the mantelpiece. Beautiful fireplace will look in a wooden or stone portal;
  • If you have chosen to design your home country style, then the fireplace is the best fit in this interior. In this case, a roughly folded construction made of stones, deliberately uneven and attracting attention with its primitive beauty, will do. The best decoration for such a fireplace would be bronze knick-knacks and hunting trophies hung from above;
  • If you are attracted by the modern style, then the choice of the fireplace for you is practically unlimited - This particular style of interior design of the kitchen-living room suggests the possibility of making the original fireplace according to its own design project, with all kinds of additions and decorations. It is enough only to take into account the peculiarities of the style decision of the room and to have good taste;
  • The hi-tech style will perfectly fit into one of the most fashionable styles: a fireplace with decorative elements made of plexiglas and steel. In general, this style implies strict minimalism in design, therefore, the fireplace in the kitchen-living room should also be free of frills and unnecessary decorations;
  • Or maybe you still dream of the magnificence of ancient palaces? Then choose a luxurious baroque style to decorate your home. In such an interior would be appropriate fireplace with fancy moldings, with gilding, carving. It will be very good to use natural wood or marble finish for the fireplace portal.


The combined kitchen-living room will perfectly fit into both the interior of a country house and a city apartment. A large area of ​​the room will allow you to put cozy rocking chairs and a table for tea drinking around the fireplace, where you can spend evenings with your favorite household or friends.

The fireplace in this case will serve as an additional source of heat, or simply allow you to relax under the crack of burning firewood and the glow of flame reflections. Regardless of the type of fireplace installed, it will add zest, comfort to any interior, and give the room a touch of chic and elitism.

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