Features of the interior design of a small living room

Not every apartment has separate living rooms, so the tenants of the house are trying to somehow highlight this area, it is more interesting to equip it. Even in the smallest living room there are plenty of opportunities for interior design. In this case, you should use some nuances to expand the space.

Special features

Modern design ideas of a small living room make it possible not to limit the choice of colors and decorative elements. Even in modest-sized rooms, you can make the interior cozy and comfortable in order to provide complete rest to every household. The interior design of a small room is characterized by an abundance of light colors and filling in the form of compact furniture with transformation. An important feature of the interior is the fact that the situation can not be overloaded.

Feature of the interior of a small living room is the presence of a large number of light sources.It must be artificial lighting devices. It is important the absence of sharp contrasts and contradictions. The lines should be smooth and concise.

If you want to use several colors in the interior of one such room, it is better to prefer the gradient. When arranging it is important to avoid chaos and make the interior minimalist.

In small apartments, in which the area of ​​living rooms does not exceed 15 meters, the hall should not have unnecessary decorative objects. It is better not to curtain walls with pictures, photographs, as these details overload the interior. It is necessary to select only light and natural materials for furniture and window decorations.

To give the design a zest you need to use some tricks (for example, interesting geometric patterns and abstractions). The smaller the print itself, the larger the room becomes.

When finishing use such methods that allow you to pull the room up or in length, depending on its particular shape. The peculiarity of the decoration of long narrow rooms is the use of narrow vertical stripes on the walls, square rooms make wallpaper in a longitudinal wide strip.However, the strip is able to raise or lower ceilings. The contrast between adjacent stripes should not be too pronounced.

In small living rooms, it is customary to use comfortable and functional furniture that will save space.. When dividing a small hall into zones, no partitions and screens are used. Installation of glass and mirror elements of furniture is possible.

Properly placed mirrors expand the space and provide high-quality reflection of the light that will be on hand.

It is necessary to use a large number of glossy surfaces, this applies to furniture and finishing materials. For example, using tile flooring or using a self-leveling floor, installing a stretch ceiling.


Carrying out repairs in an apartment or house, you can trim the living room in almost any style, despite its small size. The interior of such a room is often recommended to equip in a classic style. It can be light, elegant, it does not overload the room, it will look neat. This is especially true of small rooms of no more than 11 square meters. m

Classic involves the use of neutral shades and calm colors without contrast. In this case, the materials used are mainly natural. Although this does not prevent to complement the interior of the living room with modern innovations from the sphere of electronics. Chandelier and wall lights are better to choose from crystal or glass. The room should be filled with white light.

If you hang pictures or mirrors in your apartment, the frames should be golden.

Looks great sophisticated furniture on carved legs. For its facades is better to choose a classic beige or ivory. Decorate the interior can stucco and elegant arches, ceilings with several levels. This is the only version of the interior of a small room, which allows the use of heavy curtains with drapes and additional accessories in the form of, for example, holders or elegant ribbons.

One of the walls can be decorated with a beautiful work of art, it can be not a picture, but patterns painted by the master in the full height of the wall. Everything in the interior should be beautiful and symmetrical.

The exact opposite is the design of the living room. in modern style. New stylistic trends suggest the presence of graphic lines and functional materials, some of which may be unnatural. Living rooms in a modern style can resemble an office setting, although they will be so simple. It is possible to smooth such an interior with soft pillows, a rug, a home-made rug. Such a room can be furnished with flat, but large-sized appliances, as well as transformable furniture.

The next most popular style for small living rooms is romantic provence. It combines a rustic and French style. This is a delicate and fashionable interior design, suggesting the presence of lace trim on curtains and furniture upholstery, as well as a large number of floral and floral patterns. The room should be filled with delicate peach, pink, beige, gray elements of furniture and decor.

The interior is complemented by elegant dressers, high-legged furniture, a fireplace with a bright facade. The decor items are vases and porcelain tableware. Light colors expand the space and fill the interior with freshness. In the room you can put fresh flowers, which will be a highlight of the interior.This is a good option to give.

Modern living rooms are increasingly decorated in style. loft, despite the fact that it assumes the availability of free space. In this case, the interior is simply not cluttered with a large number of furniture and storage systems. You can put only a small sofa, a few soft poufs, bags, make light open shelves.

A living room in this style should have metal lamps or spotlights, black and white photographs and walls with an image of abstraction.

The undoubted leader among the stylistic trends for small rooms is minimalism. You can arrange the living room, saving space. The style for small rooms implies a minimum number of decorative items, extra details (there should be no decorations). All furniture for such a project has small dimensions and performs a strictly functional role.

As colors, they choose two basic shades with which they beat the room, practically without adding other tones, in order not to overload the interior. In this case, more often they use gray, beige, blue colors and their not saturated shades.

The following style, which is perfect for the design of a small living room - Scandinavian. It assumes the presence of perfectly white walls and ceilings, expanding the space and serving as a background for the internal filling of the room. Accents are arranged using bright and colorful elements in the form of paintings, lamps, unusual table tops, large alarms in a bright case, decorative pillows, clocks and statuettes.

The living room should be filled with freshness and air: it is better to fill it with natural daylight, increasing the size of the windows. Better not curtain them.

For their decoration Roman blinds or blinds are perfect, which can be kept completely open during the daytime.


Finishing the living room involves the use of high-quality and practical materials for decoration, which make the interior more neat and light. In this case, it is not at all necessary to use the most expensive coating options. You can finish the walls with wallpaper, ceiling tiles can be used for the ceiling. Coatings of small thickness make it possible to save every square centimeter of space.

In this case, all materials for finishing is better to choose monophonic or with small inconspicuous patterns. Perfect print, which will overlap with the upholstery of furniture and other textile elements (curtains, sofa cushions, rug).

With the help of coatings, you can neatly divide the room into separate zones. It can be distinguished by using different textures and colors, recreation area, working, dining area. So you can avoid the use of fencing and crushing space. Due to the different variants of coatings, it is possible to make conditional zoning and make the layout visually more convenient.

It is desirable to use coatings smooth. Acceptable use of the surface with a small relief. Such rules are due to the fact that, at first glance, to a person, unconsciously, straight and smooth objects appear larger than small colored and with a volume texture. So some planes can be visually expanded or postponed by focusing on a particular zone or functional element.


The walls (especially the two side) should create the background of a small living room.With the right finish, they have a minimal amount of color accents and bright spots. Therefore, it is suitable smooth wallpaper or coating for painting. Standard wall paint is acceptable. You can use thin plastic panels or artificial stone, but not on all walls.

The coverings imitating a brick or a stone laying are perfectly suitable. Walls can have glossy or mirror elements, they can be additionally highlighted. You can independently arrange a niche in a wall of plasterboard, highlighting it in a contrasting color and placing in it some items of equipment or, for example, an aquarium. Also it makes a working area.

Right central wall for accents. It is customary to glue wallpaper with a print or an interesting coating with a 3D effect. Some patterns can deepen a room, make its interior more interesting.

On this wall, you can use an art painting or mosaic, but the coating should not be too colorful.


The floor in small living rooms is better to do light. The classic option is to use wood floors or natural wood.It can be parquet or floorboard. The ideal analogue of these coatings for small apartments is a thin laminate. To make the room more comfortable, you can use a light carpet, but keep in mind that it is difficult to care for him.

An excellent option for a modern small-sized living room is the installation of a self-leveling floor. It reflects other surfaces, makes the interior of the room interesting. It can be a bright and interesting solution, provided that the floor is glossy. You can arrange a 3D pattern with the effect of depth and infinity, which visually expands the space.

In a small living room, stone and porcelain can be used for decoration, although these materials are cold. It is better if they are glossy or well polished: this will make the room taller. But such hard and traumatic coatings are completely inappropriate for families with small children.

In this case, preference should be given to a carpet of sand or beige color with a small pile.


The ideal option for a small room is to install a stretch ceiling. It is better if it is white and glossy.Stretch ceiling can be chosen with a mirrored surface, it will make the space infinite. An interesting option is the installation of a two-level plasterboard ceiling. Such coverage will hide centimeters of height in separate zones, but it will look interesting and solemn.

At different levels of the ceiling, you can make a different type of lighting (for example, an elegant chandelier in the center and spotlights at the edges). For a more economical finish, you can level the ceilings and paint them with white paint. The coating should be smooth and even. Discard panels and slabs regardless of what they are made of. (even if it is lightweight materials).

All patterns on this surface will reduce the height of the ceiling, visually reduce the size of the room. Large hanging chandeliers should also be abandoned, replacing them with small flat counterparts.

Color solutions

Properly selected color palette can make a small space more free, visually expanding its boundaries. To do this, you can give preference to the design of the living room in one monochrome color scheme, abandoning bright accents and sharp color transitions.You can give preference to white color, having issued the walls, ceiling, floor. But ideally the white room will seem sterile and uncomfortable, so you can pick up bright accessories and furniture for it in a different color.

In the white living room will look great mint, pistachio, beige sofa-corner, as well as colored plastic tables and chairs.

Playing with shades, you can change the boundaries of space. The dark floor, light walls and ceiling make the room bigger, white side walls and a dark front one extend it to the sides. Light front wall and dark side deepen the room. If you do not want to decorate the living room in white, you can choose any tone related to pastel colors.

It can be beige, gray-blue, light green, pistachio and olive tones. They should be diluted with other warm shades. For example, a blue-beige small square living room looks interesting, this is a colorful design. This can be a baroque room or a stylish minimalist room.

The classic interior involves the design of the living room in brown, milky, golden, sandy colors.You can add accents using orange, rich olive tones. The design of the entrance living room can be made more interesting by making one wall dark and the others light-colored, while hanging mirrors. So you can functionally finish the room.

Choosing furniture

The furniture is an internal filling of a small room, the amount of free space will depend on it. Furniture and hardware elements should be arranged in such a way that everything you need is at hand. No errors are allowed, for example, Do not install large double chairs. They are replaced by transformable furniture, modular chairs and sofas, which can be combined, separated, complementing different sections. So you can at any time change the interior.

Tables and chairs are better to use folding. They allow you to provide additional guest space. Every living room should have a sofa. It is believed that it is the central part of the interior of the hall, in whatever stylistic direction the room is decorated. Therefore, it is better to have it in the central zone. It should pick up a compact folding sofa.Its upholstery should be combined with other interior items, the color of the walls and floor.

It fits well in this interior compact leather sofa. It looks elegant, easy to care for the leather upholstery. Light leather furniture fits perfectly into the interior. An interesting option would be to install a small red or brown leather sofa. Next to the sofa is better to put a table of medium height and one compact chair. If you install a small sofa in the room, the objects around it can be visually reduced. This optical illusion allows you to expand the space of the room.

The decor of the rectangular living room involves the allocation of a dining area. It is better to install a transforming table. The ideal option would be a folding tabletop, which is transformed from the window sill. As for cabinets, it is better to use built-in or modular storage systems, as well as racks and shelves. However, not all storage systems should be open.

The abundance of unnecessary elements that catch the eye overloads the interior. Therefore, it is better to remove extra details from your eyes.

Furniture is better not to put near the window.This wall must be as free as possible. Such an interesting move will fill the room with light and expand it. All drawers and cabinets should be compact. As for the cabinet, it can be a convenient compartment door system. They save space in the room. Often a mirror is inserted into such doors, which contributes to an increase in the area of ​​space.

Near the sofa you can install a small bedside table, under which there will be a small pouf. Such an element of furniture can be easily hidden at any time and free up space. Coffee table is better to choose a light wooden or small glass. Lightweight version of a coffee table made of glass will look elegant and will seem almost imperceptible.

Design tips and tricks

Designers recommend doing redevelopment small-sized living room, expanding it at the expense of the balcony. This design is a complete or partial demolition of the partition leading to the loggia. So you can additionally fill the room with light. Designers are advised to use angular furniture when designing small-sized living rooms, as it saves space.

To blur the boundaries of the room and make it spacious, you need to use furniture with low backs, as well as compact storage systems. An exception should be small wall cabinets and lightweight shelves. Designers recommend to abandon the standard walls and certain models of furniture.

TV is better to hang on the walls of the living room, preferring more modern flat models. The sofa area should be placed under the window, giving up the sides and backs. This design, according to designers, will be very unusual and functional. Under such a sofa you can organize a storage system.

Although the interior involves the abandonment of large parts, you can put a fireplace in the living room. It should not be a large stationary model, but its mini-model. Perfect fit decorative models with white facades.

Beautiful examples

One wall of a small living room can be made more interesting by choosing wallpaper or covering with picturesque images. These can be landscapes, as well as images of a megacity that fill you with energy.

For the decoration of the living room, you can use coatings of natural wood shades.They bring together with nature and fill the interior with harmony. This design is suitable for the hall Khrushchev, a small living room of a private house.

Black shades in the interior can be applied dotted, mainly in the decor items. It can be thin picture frames, wall clocks or floor lamps. Black gloss will fit into almost any interior of a small living room. You can purchase a coffee table with the design.

About what are the features of living room design, see the following video.

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