Choosing furniture from the array for the living room

Furniture made of solid wood, in the interior always looks decent and respectable. Such products are aesthetic and practical, they have a long service life and are practically free from any shortcomings.

Natural wooden furniture belongs to the category of luxury goods, so it has a very high cost, which is fully compensated for its excellent performance characteristics.

Features and benefits

Natural wood used in the manufacture of furniture has valuable qualities that cannot be underestimated. Wooden furniture from the array creates an atmosphere of luxury, uniqueness, respectability and comfort in the house. The main characteristics of such furniture, first of all, include the following indicators:

  • Environmental friendliness. Solid wood does not contain harmful synthetic impurities and has a beneficial effect on the atmosphere in the room, saturating the air with essential oils,which are found in many expensive tree species. With antiseptic properties, they are able to destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
  • Beautiful appearance. Furniture from the array, as a rule, looks great in almost any interior style. Peculiar textures of different tree species have a unique pattern, which makes each product unique and exclusive.
  • Good energy. Natural wood has a positive energy, which, in turn, is able to influence the psychological state of the household. Some tree species even have unique healing properties and can have a calming and relaxing effect, as well as prevent depression.
  • High strength array makes furniture resistant to physical stress and mechanical damage. Such products can serve faithfully for more than one generation.

Furniture sets from the array have some features that need to be remembered when choosing a place for them in a house or apartment. First of all, these are very heavy pieces of furniture, which should immediately be given a certain place, so that later there will be no problems with their movement.Especially if it is a massive oak set for the living room. Hinged shelves and cabinets are better to choose from lighter species of trees, such as pine or spruce. Also, do not forget that natural wood does not like sudden changes in temperature, storage of objects made of wood at low temperatures is unacceptable, as well as in rooms with high humidity.

You can not install wooden furniture and in close proximity to heating devices, as the tree does not like to overheat and can crack.


Best of all, wooden furniture fits into the interior of the living room, decorated in the traditional classical style, but for modern living rooms you can choose the perfect solid wood sets. Next, we consider in more detail the most popular interior styles. Classic - one of the most favorite styles of people who have reached a certain social status. In the classic living room, wooden cabinet furniture with elegant inlay with precious wood veneer will look perfect.

For luxury styles like Empire or Baroque, a white suite with fronts trimmed with a variety of gilded decorative details.Furniture in the living room for the provincial village styles, such as country and Provence, should be laconic and even some simplicity of form. Sometimes furnishings are artificially aged, emphasizing the natural pattern of natural wood.

For the living room decorated in ecostyle, suitable for a set of light wood, with a sophisticated design of facades. Supporters of minimalism can be offered a headset consisting of simple and concise objects, made from different varieties of wood, but harmoniously combined with each other.

In the trendy design loft style, preference is given to living rooms made of natural wood of natural warm colors, without unnecessary design elements in the design.

Manufacturing material

Choosing a set of solid wood for the living room, according to the style of the room, you should be especially careful about the type of wood from which it is made. Next, we consider the most popular breeds that are used in the production of living room headsets:

  • Oak. It has a beautiful natural texture of light shades. Manufacturers working with an array of oak, offering a huge selection of living rooms, painted in different colors from white to completely black.Products made of oak have a colossally long period of operation, they are not subject to rotting and have unsurpassed strength. Most often these are very massive headsets, richly decorated with decorative carvings.
  • Pine, like oak, has a light natural texture, but significantly inferior to him in strength. Products made of pine do not differ too long life, but they are more resistant to temperature differences and significant fluctuations in humidity. Among other things, an array of pine has a pleasant aroma and has the ability to purify the air from pathogenic bacteria.
  • Karelian birch. As a rule, in the production of furniture they use Karelian birch veneer, which is veneered with other wood species, since the massif of this breed is very expensive. The texture of Karelian birch has a bizarre peculiar pattern that can not be confused with any other tree species.

Tips for choosing and care

Living rooms made of solid wood are very expensive, and so that the furniture in your house looks harmonious and tasteful, before purchasing an expensive set, you need to decide on the future style of the room for which it is purchased. Basic rules when choosing a living room:

  • Wooden living room array should be combined in color and texture with the overall design of the room in which it will be installed.
  • The size of the furniture set should be reasonably correlated with the area of ​​the room. It is unacceptable to clutter up a small living room with a lot of objects, depriving the room of free space for movement.
  • All retractable and closing mechanisms should be in good repair, there should not be any chips and scratches on the surface of the furniture.

As a rule, living rooms from solid wood do not require complicated care, but this does not mean that we can neglect The basic rules that apply to the care of any products made of natural wood:

  • If dust has accumulated on the furniture, it should be wiped first with a damp cloth, then wipe dry. It is unacceptable to get moisture on the joints of wooden furniture, this can lead to swelling of the tree and change its original color.
  • To impart shine to the tarnished tree, you can use special polishes, which are applied with brushes that are specially designed for this procedure and do not leave scratches.
  • From scratches that appeared in the process of careless use, you can get rid of using beeswax. Minor damage to furniture from such species as oak or walnut can be masked with a solution of ordinary iodine.
  • Fingerprints from polishing are best removed with talcum powder, and traces of hot on the polished surface of the table can be removed with the help of sunflower oil mixed with alcohol.
  • Since wood-eating insects can start in a natural tree, you can wipe the furniture with a mixture of naphthalene and gasoline.
  • Do not load the shelves with too heavy things and appliances, drawers and doors should be opened smoothly and without sharp jerks.

Observing these simple rules, you will keep furniture from natural wood in its original form for a long time, and it will serve your family faithfully for many years, giving warmth and comfort to your home.

Next, see the review of furniture for the living room of solid oak.

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