Choosing a chest of drawers in the living room: a combination of practicality and beauty

The dresser is a convenient and practical low drawer cabinet. So, as we see it today, it became in the 18th century in France, migrated to us, replacing the chest. There are many varieties of this piece of furniture. It is more difficult to choose a suitable dresser for the living room, since it takes into account not only its functionality, but also aesthetics.

It is in this room that guests are greeted and cozy warm evenings are held with friends and family.

Features and benefits

Stylish and at the same time comfortable dressers appropriately complement the interior design, becoming at the same time the subject of decor and functional detail of the room. If earlier the dresser was intended for a bedroom, today it can be seen more often in the hall. Modern models of such furniture can be used instead of a TV stand, for storing beautiful dishes, books, clothes, equipment and various trifles.

In addition to drawers, such a product can be supplemented with shelves, glazed cabinets, mini-racks, pull-out mirrors, chairs and small tables. Compartments may be open, closed. The main advantage is closed from prying eyes boxes, in which you can remove anything from prying eyes. The beautiful facade of the product, made in accordance with one or another style, becomes an integral part of the interior, complements and emphasizes its sophistication.

Models and types

Depending on the needs of the buyer, modern manufacturers offer different types and models of this furniture. You can choose the desired design and color scheme or purchase furniture to order. This also applies to the choice of dresser for the living room.


Corner model - ideal for a small living room. Such a mini-wardrobe will perfectly fit into any interior (it is only necessary to pay due attention to the model’s matching living room style). It is practical and capacious. Having a height of not more than one meter, it perfectly performs the function of storage.. Corner chest of drawers can be made in the form of an open book, when the two halves are facing each other, or in the form of a diamond with the middle protruding forward.The choice depends on the size of the room, as well as the preferences of the owners.


The pedestals are small, their main purpose is a stand for various objects in the room (it can be a wardrobe, a vase, a statuette, etc.).

For storage of dishes

Universal models with several drawers and cabinets decorated with glass doors are intended for this. They can be folded set, put up a beautiful dish. Such a showcase is an excellent replacement for large cabinets and bulky walls for dishes. It is great for storing books.

It can be equipped with halogen bulbs, then the utensils or decor displayed in the showcase will look particularly advantageous.


The modular model (transformer dresser) is a great choice mainly for large rooms. In the living room, you can always make a permutation or adjust the furnishing for new tasks by placing different modules differently. The modular chest consists of two or three separate parts that can be combined as desired. It can have attached shelving, cabinets and drawers, which can be arranged or combined depending on the needs. An important advantage is the base on wheels, providing mobility to the product.


A hanging chest of drawers (without legs) is usually of medium size and regular shape. It is simpler to look after such furniture, under it a lot of dust does not accumulate. This furniture looks modern and stylish.

When buying it, you must pay due attention to the quality of fasteners, especially if the chest of drawers is designed for storing heavy things.

Actual styles

When choosing the next piece of furniture it is important that it blends in well with the design of the room. It is necessary to approach the choice of a dresser thoroughly. It must necessarily correspond to the style and size of the living room, then it will successfully fit into the interior and will become its integral part. Modern chests of drawers in a minimalist style have strict simple shapes and a single-colored, often matte surface. Usually it is two or three rows of sliding cabinets. The handles are either completely absent, or they merge as much as possible with the surface (sometimes even completely hidden). For directions minimalism characteristic monochrome models.

For styles rustic and country Characterized by light wooden furniture with simple fittings and strict forms.Wood, as a rule, should be without varnishing. The chest can be white or painted in the natural color of the wood.

For style high tech characteristic furniture with a glossy plastic surface. In this style there are models of wood (usually white or black), as well as metal. They are equipped with various devices (for example, special electronic closers). Thanks to them, the drawers close silently and smoothly.

Modern technologies allow to equip dressers with exit panels for TV, sliding mirrors. This is convenient and allows you to maximally functionally arrange the maximum of the necessary furnishings in the interior. For style classic characteristic chests of natural wood, including strict models and varieties or carved. Classic models with several closed drawers are typical (tempered glass display cases are rarely used).

Color solutions

It is important that the dresser fits perfectly into the design of the living room, not only in style, but also in color. Neutral classic option is a white chest of drawers. It fits well in the modern interior from modern to high-tech, does not bear a strong color load, does not clutter the space, and therefore is well suited for small rooms.

But the walls of the living room should be painted in a different color, alternative to white (even black or dark gray contrast is possible).

For a modern living room with plain light walls, you can choose a bright contrasting chest of drawers in orange, blue, lemon or other colors. Then it will become a bold accent of the room, will give the design a freshness and mood. It is important not to overdo it with bright colors in small rooms.. Chests of wenge color are in great demand today. They are in perfect harmony with the dark furniture in a classic design.


Making a solid wood dresser is a rather expensive but advantageous process. Natural wood (cherry, oak, mahogany) never goes out of fashion, it is durable, is an environmentally friendly material, has a pleasant aroma. A strict solid wood chest of drawers perfectly suits the interior of a classic style, as well as ethno and vintage. It must be covered with a protective agent to ensure its durability.

Economical option - chests of chipboard or MDF. Glossy plastic chest of drawers - an alternative to natural materials.It is such a cheap chest of drawers, it is perfectly combined with modern design in the style of modern, minimalism, classic, and especially high-tech, which is characterized by glossy surfaces. In modern designs can be found small metal dressers. A dresser with a mirror looks sophisticated and stylish, it allows you to visually enlarge the space.

Often it is women who choose dressers with a mirror as an alternative to a large mirror of a bedroom or hallway.

Dressers with glass doors are chosen for living rooms in which it is supposed to store beautiful dishes. In this case, the dresser is an excellent substitute for shelving, bulky walls and slides. A dresser with glass is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. You can put other items in it that you often want to see or show to guests (commemorative photographs, paintings, figurines and souvenirs). The dresser accessories can be made of metal, wood and other materials depending on the style of the product.


Depending on the size of the living room, the area reserved for the furniture, you can select the appropriate dimensions of the dresser. Long low chests of drawers for TV is a fashionable option for modern design.Due to the long surface, the chest of drawers can be added to the decor in the style of the interior, and large drawers can be used to store dishes and books.

For the interior in the style of high-tech use similar chests with traveling platform for TV.

A large chest of drawers with several spacious drawers in the living room can be a great alternative to a wardrobe or a traditional wall. Wide chests are designed for various small things and rather large objects that have no place in other cabinets (for example, for clothes, equipment, books). A tall chest of drawers (for example, a cupboard or shop window) is often used in spacious rooms as a decorative element.

For small things fit narrow small rectangular chests of drawers. They occupy a minimum of space, but they are quite roomy. They can be positioned nice decor (statues, vases).

What to consider when choosing?

When choosing a dresser, you must consider the interior style and room size, as well as workmanship. It should not clutter the room and stand out from the overall design in style and color. A chest of drawers must be functional and responsive to all your needs.Due to the huge choice today, you can choose what will fit you perfectly according to all criteria.

Before buying, you need to thoroughly inspect the product and the technical description to it. It is important that the fastening parts and hinges are made of quality material.

It is necessary to pay attention to the legs of the dresser: they must be strong, resistant, well fixed to the base.

In order not to regret the purchase, it is worth considering the peculiarities of the production of chest of drawers from different countries.


To date, the deserved first place in quality is occupied by Italian dressers. They are more expensive than others, but guaranteed to last for many years. High quality possess chest of drawers from Portugalwhich are in high demand in European countries. Modern design, original forms and models, environmentally friendly materials - the main arguments in favor of the Portuguese furniture.

A large share of the modern Russian market occupy domestic manufacturers. The offers of our brands are distinguished by reasonable price and availability (especially in small cities).Russian manufacturers offer a huge selection of materials and models of drawers. Among the variety of models presented, anyone can choose the option, taking into account taste preferences and the budget available for the purchase.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Unusual hanging chests fit perfectly in almost any interior. Models are characterized by several roomy drawers and a wide upper surface on which you can install the decor.

Island cabinet is used to divide the living room into zones. He perfectly performs the function of storage, due to the contrast of the white surface of the product with a dark, almost black, wall, makes the interior more elegant and interesting.

The classic version of the chipboard with several drawers and glass display cases for books on the sides. An example of a model suitable for the interior in a classic style.

The product with a glossy surface made of wood or plastic is a high-tech model characteristic of the style. It has, instead of drawers, a hinged door, following the example of a closet. An ideal choice for a narrow living room.

Showcase of wood and glass to store the service.The luxurious showcase dresser will give the living room an elegant, festive look. It is easy to decorate with beautiful dishes.

Luxurious chest of drawers with a mirror for the living room and a combined white-brown surface. Designer mirrors allow not only to increase the space, but also become an original element of the decor, and also practically replace mirrors by the hallway.

A classic example of a multifunctional long dresser for a living room. This TV cabinet, and shelves for decoration, and a showcase for dishes, and many lockers for storage.

How to make a chest of drawers with your own hands, see the next video.

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