Upholstered furniture for the living room: fashion trends and the rules of choice

 Upholstered furniture for the living room: fashion trends and the rules of choice

The living room is the heart of your home. It is there that the whole family gathers for joint pastime. In addition, the room is used for receiving guests, so the room should always look stylish and relevant.

Upholstered furniture in the living room plays a significant role. It is a concentration of home comfort and softness - this makes it an important part of any interior.

Special features

When it comes to upholstered furniture, sofas and chairs are immediately introduced. In addition to the most common types, upholstered furniture includes an ottoman, couch, upholstered chair and sofa. Most often, a sofa and an armchair are placed in a recreation area; if the room is large, you can accommodate several chairs.These designs will help you relax well after a hard day's work.

The right choice of upholstered furniture will provide comfort and coziness to all family members. When choosing upholstered furniture has its own characteristics.

Knowing some of the rules will help you choose a quality construction that will serve you for many years.


The choice of this element of the interior is extremely important, since it is on it that a larger number of family members fit. In addition, the sofa can be considered as an extra bed. Before you choose a sofa, you need to measure the room in which it will be placed.

In addition to practical characteristics, it is important to guess the size of the structure, so that it blends harmoniously into the interior, does not create unnecessary inconvenience.

Arrangement of furniture in space plays a big role. If there is a free corner in the room, the corner sofas will perfectly fill the room, they will create complete harmony of the interior. For smaller rooms, straightforward sofas fit for 2-3 places.

Also pay special attention to the sofas with a folding mechanism. It is very useful as it will instantly turn your sofa into a sleeping place.This feature is especially important when guests arrive, and there are not enough beds at all.


When choosing a chair you need to consider all the above points. It is important to note that the chair should not be crowded.

Choose the design of this type of furniture to your liking: soft and miniature models or large chic designs in which you can “drown” at the end of the working day with a cup of tea and a rug. Headsets may also be present in the apartment.


Upholstered furniture is represented by a variety of species.

Folding sofa

Multifunctional type of upholstered furniture, which has many positive aspects, but also small flaws. You can choose any transformer to your liking.

  • Book. One of the most popular models. The essence of its unfolding is very simple: you just need to raise the seating position and move it in such a way as to obtain a flat surface. The only drawback is the requirement for a relatively large size of the room.
  • Eurobook. A simple transformation method and a soft bed make this model one of the most popular. For folding it is necessary to pull the seat towards you, and fill the empty space on the second part of the bed with the backrest.
  • Roll-out models. The mattress will slide out if you pull the bottom of the structure towards you. The downside is the low reliability (pushing mechanism wears out too fast) and dubious comfort during sleep.
  • Dolphin. In the seating area is hidden the main part of the sofa. After the transformation, a miniature sofa turns into a wide double bed.
  • Accordion. Such model of folding beds is ideally suited for small rooms. In addition to the soft back, includes a box for linen or bedding. Even a teenager will cope with straightening this bed.
  • Lit. Compact sofa - another option for small living rooms. The back of the sofa is motionless, and the place of sleep is represented by a place for sitting. The model is remarkable in that the armrests can be rearranged at any angle.

Corner sofas

Such contractions can fill the empty corners of the room. Divided into two categories:

  1. Stationary. Consist of two halves, which are fastened together by bolts or plates. The sofa has pre-prepared holes for the articulation of the two halves with bolts. This type of connection is suitable for the static position of the sofa, excluding disassembly and carrying.Connection with staples makes it easy to disassemble the sofa into its component parts, but at the same time it fixes them securely.
  2. Modular. These sofas consist of several parts (mostly more than three). Such components can be freely moved, interchanged, but this moment can be considered a disadvantage, since it is inconvenient to sit on two parts at once due to the joints.

The shape of the corner sofas is different. She helps to fit the sofa in any room.

Divide U-shaped and L-shaped sofas. In the L-shaped one part is usually longer than the other, so you need to carefully measure the parameters of the room for furniture. U-shaped structures can be used for zoning rooms, for example, to fence off the dining and kitchen areas. The back of the sofa is the longest part.

Straight sofa

The most classic option. Fits into any room, can have any size. There are different armrests and folding methods described above.


When choosing chairs you need to take into account, first of all, softness and comfort. There are:

  • Chair bed. Extra bed never hurts.In this chair you can relax both during the day and at night. The folding mechanism can be any of the above.
  • Not folding chair perfect for relaxing. This type also includes rocking chairs, which are ideal for relaxing and spending time in comfort.
  • Bag chair is one of the most comfortable types of seats. Because of its texture, it is able to take the shape of a human body, so the chair is very comfortable in any position. Children will especially love this type of design.
  • Computer chair suitable for the work area if there is an area for the workplace in your living room. It is important to choose the right type of furniture that fits the natural curves of the human spine, while maintaining the health of the musculoskeletal system.

So, with the models of upholstered furniture for the living room, you have decided.

If you have already found something in the list of types that, by their characteristics, suits your room perfectly, then you need to decide on the design style.

Deciding on a style

Upholstered furniture should fit into the basic style of the room.Of course, you can experiment with combinations of styles, but this should be done with caution so as not to create disharmony in the room.

  • Classic style The furniture is always up to date. Upholstered furniture should be made in soothing shades. You can use not too bright geometric or floral prints.
  • Baroque style always looks luxurious and bold. Furniture must match the style. The legs of the beds can be curved, made of lacquered wood. The armrests of the armchairs and the sofa can hold a large number of ornaments, and the upholstery can have a bright color with ornate patterns. This style is ideal for creative people who are not afraid of experiments. It should be noted that it is necessary to carefully select the furniture, since the overall interior in the Baroque style does not tolerate modern designs, for example, in the style of minimalism.
  • If your interior is made in minimalism style, the furniture should have clear contours, be rid of unnecessary details. Excess furniture in the room, and therefore, the lack of free space is unacceptable. Lightweight design, made in a restrained color palette - it all fits perfectly with this style.Upholstered furniture should be preferred to classic straight sofas and a few chairs or soft poufs. The sofa may not have armrests. Such elements emphasize the peace and comfort of home.

The most popular today are the styles of classic and Provence.


Substances from which the furniture is made, play a fundamental role in building its characteristics and durability. It is necessary to disassemble materials from which elements of living room furnishing can be made.


  • Upholstery can be carried out from fabrics. Materials may vary in color or texture. A large number of options on the modern market makes it possible to choose a product for absolutely any interior.
  • Genuine Leather differs in pleasant appearance and durability at its correct choice. A leather sofa can be located both in the living room and in the office. When choosing furniture made of genuine leather, one should take into account its considerable cost.
  • Eco-leather (artificial leather). For the price cheaper than natural leather, but also inferior to its characteristics and durability. Leather furniture emphasizes the status of any home.

When choosing a sofa upholstery, it is not recommended to give preference to cheap and low-quality coating options. Such materials are short-lived, over time they lose their appearance.

A more prudent and logical decision will be to purchase high-quality furniture that will delight you for many years.


Filling plays an important role, because the softness and elasticity of the product depends on it. Cheap sofas are filled with padding polyester, foam rubber and other materials. The disadvantage of their use is fragility, subject to continuous use. A good solution is to acquire a multilayer filler, which contains several layers of material, which together create a reliable and elastic coating.

The sofa, which is an extra bed, should be equipped with special springs to keep your back healthy.


Some types of furniture, such as modular, are formed using a frame.

  • It can be made of wood.. Natural aspen, oak and other species are a reliable frame for your sofa. In addition, the material is environmentally friendly.
  • Metal. The most durable frame type.It can be repaired and sealed a great many times without loss of function and appearance.
  • Composite materials. The most budget option, unfortunately, does not differ in special characteristics and durability.

How to choose a color?

The color of the product dictates its basic style, creates the overall atmosphere of the living room. There are many options for creating a beautiful environment with a combination of colors.

  • Monochrome. In this case, both walls and furniture have the same color, but differ only in shades. For example, the walls are yellow and the sofa is mustard.
  • Neutral. The walls of the calm color are combined with the pleasant shade of the sofa. For example, beige walls look good with a gray or brown sofa and armchairs.
  • Quiet color sofa can be placed in an interior saturated with colors. The abundance of colors and the tranquility of upholstered furniture will create harmony and a special comfort.
  • Bright sofa in a neutral interior. In this case, bright furniture will add "highlights" to the classic interior.
  • The combination of black, white or red colors makes the interior bold and luxurious.
  • Dark turquoise the furniture today has become more and more common.It is suitable for creative natures.


It is necessary to familiarize with the assortment of furniture from furniture factories. Watch the assortment as the number of new trends increases. One of the most famous furniture factories in Russia is Blando. The company website offers a wide range of products with a convenient search.

Company "Logos-South" also produces exclusive furniture, has a large assortment of sofas and chairs for every wallet and taste.

Furniture domestic production is quite competitive. It is of high quality and affordable price. Also at the peak of popularity today Germany. This year, the combination of several styles, such as minimalism and art deco, is becoming popular.

In addition, there was a fashion for the "naturalness" of the interior. Under it refers to the smooth curves of upholstered furniture, frames made of natural materials, soothing colors. Especially relevant are multifunctional products that have many sections for storage..

Properly selected furniture for the living room will create a competent multi-functional interior, which will delight with its appearance all households.

You need to take into account all the above factors when choosing furniture and, of course, rely on your taste. After all, the interior of your home is a display of your character and inner world.

Beautiful examples in the interior

  • Luxurious upholstered furniture for the hall looks simply luxurious. It shows the high status of its owners. Such a kit will certainly have a high cost.
  • Fashionable furniture for the living room should be simple, without unnecessary frills. Basically, it is made in white or beige color, but the accents should certainly be bright. Red sofa cushions are a great option.
  • At 18 square meters. m can accommodate a beautiful set of upholstered furniture. Choose furniture that contrasts with the walls.

How to choose a sofa for the living room, you can Find out from the video below.

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