How to choose a rack in the living room: beautiful examples in the interior

How to choose a rack in the living room: beautiful examples in the interior

The living room is a unique room designed for receiving guests, family gatherings, noisy feasts, playing games with children and watching movies. This part of the house was created in order to unite all family members, which is reflected in the interior: each family member adds a piece of himself there.

It can be a seashell brought from a honeymoon, an unusual Venetian mask, a favorite photo, picture, vase, service and many other things that are dear to the heart and reflect the family from the inside. Such disparate things should not be hidden in different closets, it is better to find for them a worthy place on a suitable rack that will allow you to stylishly combine any things.

Special features

Rack - a piece of furniture, which is a design of several shelves located one above the other. Its main feature is that the shelves can be of various shapes, sizes and textures. This furniture has its advantages, we consider the main.

Lightweight design

This can be a movable rack on wheels, which will allow you to quickly and easily change the look of the room, or a capital (built-in wall) rack. You can build it yourself.

Whatever rack you choose, it will resemble simple shelves, as it differs significantly from the cabinet.

Storage system

Shelves contain a lot of things. Some of them can be on open surfaces (for example, a collection of plates, photos in beautiful baguettes, volumetric vases, suitable for the style of the living room).

Other things (most often small things like sewing accessories, home medicine kits) are best hidden by using doors or special boxes.

Maximum usable area

A variety of forms of shelves allows you to literally take every inch of the rack, freeing up space in the living room. Today in the interiors you can find deep corner models, shelves around the TV, entrance arch, desktop.

Everyone can buy the model that will be ideally suited for a specific area and layout.

Space zoning

Furniture can serve as a kind of wall that unobtrusively divides two functional areas of the same room. By selecting a mobile shelving unit, you can use it as a screen when necessary.

Maintaining style

The rack can be entered in any style of design. At observance of criteria of each concrete style it will look harmoniously among the main part of furniture. It does not matter if it is a loft, grunge, Provence or a classic.

Such furniture is appropriate in any style.

Low cost

Such furniture is cheaper than display cabinets, dressers, bookcases. Of course, the price may vary depending on the type of material used in the design and the complexity of the model.

What is it needed for?

The answer is one and unequivocal - for storage. Depending on the type and size of things you will come to the right decision about the size and material of the shelves. When choosing items to be stored in your rack, it is important to consider the overall design of the room. For example, on a metal grunge style bookcase would be inappropriate arrangement of the tea service.

On the shelves of your shelves can be located:

  • books;
  • dishes;
  • photos within;
  • watches, vases, figurines;
  • plants;
  • TV, set-top box, joysticks, discs and other equipment;
  • interior design accessories;


Modern furniture market offers to the attention of the buyer a lot of varieties of shelves for the living room.

Consider the main types.

  • On racks. The design consists of several horizontal shelves, mounted on two support racks. The rear wall is missing. Easy to manufacture model.
  • Wall. There are back side and side walls. Shelves are divided into compartments. The rack is shaped like a lightweight wardrobe. Separate sections can be fitted with doors.
  • Angular. It will appeal to people who value capacity and order. This model will help to maximize the angular space of the room and hide from the eyes of many things.
  • Ladder. Such models often have an open design (no limiting walls). The shelves one after another consistently increase their size in length, as a result the shelf appears as a kind of ladder. This option will fit into any modern style, will be an unusual piece of furniture.
  • Suspension. It has a small size. Mounted on the wall.May have straight and corner shelves.
  • Cylinder. The rack has a rotating round shape. Great for large rooms.
  • Diagonal. It is a hanging wall-rack, intersecting elements of which are rotated at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Built. To install it, you will need a small wall niche, inside which is attached special mounts for shelves.


In the development of models of shelves for the living room use different raw materials.


Looks massive and expensive. It fits perfectly into the style of the chalet, emphasizes eco-design. Pay attention to beech furniture. This material has a high density and an unusual natural pattern, combines quality and beauty, it is easy to paint.

MDF, chipboard, plywood, chipboard

These materials will serve as an excellent alternative to natural wood. They are unpretentious in leaving, differ in the democratic price. Available in a large assortment on the market.


Creates visual weightlessness and transparency. Able to withstand heavy weight. In the racks it is used mainly as a door facade design.


Looks stylish and unusual.Depending on the type and quantity, it can be used for finishing the rack, as well as the frame itself and the shelves. Maintains large weight loads. Used in creative areas of living room design.

Colors and decor

Whatever material you choose for your rack, remember that you can always change its look. Today, there are many available techniques, such as craquelure, decoupage and others, that will turn your shelving into an exclusive work of art. The color of the rack should be combined with the scale of the entire living room.. Consider the colors of the selected wallpaper and flooring.

Pay attention to the shade of the existing furniture in the living room (sofa, TV cabinets, window frames, floor lamp legs, doors, accessories).

The furniture of a white shade is traditionally considered universal for any interior. If you find it difficult to determine the color, buy a white or milky shade. Such a solution is equally well suited to bright and white walls.

If you want graphic and brightness, choose rich colors, stop at a classic black or brown tone. Remember that natural shades are always combined with each other, look natural and expensive.

Placement tips

If you have decided on the functions of the rack, approximately have identified for yourself the model and material of the product, it remains for the small - to determine the most appropriate place and put the rack there.

To do this, consider the size of the room.

If your living room is large, the rack can safely occupy an entire wall from floor to ceiling. A shelf 15-20 cm wide will slightly reduce the room and allow you to place a whole library of books. In this wall, you can insert a TV or a large picture, as well as adjust the rack to separate a large room.

If the living room is medium or small, racks are allowed in the entire height of the ceiling. However, in length they should not occupy half the length of the room. It is better to color the furniture contrasted with the wall. This will create a visual effect of the strip and pull the height of the room. In such rooms it is not recommended to install bulky (with wide shelves and thick racks) whatnot.

For zoning space It is recommended to choose a light version of the open shelving. If the living room has an unusual ceiling, there are numerous niches and grooves, there are open pipes, air ducts,which you would like to hide, order an individual rack. Disadvantages can be made advantages.

Pay attention to detail. Get high-quality accessories (handles, powerful wheels, attachments for shelves). You should not save on supports, legs under the shelves, special fixings of furniture to walls and ceilings.

So that the rack does not hide extra space, pay attention to models with mirror walls or glass doors. The rack used for zoning the living room should not obscure the light. Choose racks on good adjustable legs, due to this you can compensate for uneven floors.

Beautiful examples in the interior

In the living room, the rack can perform various functions: separation, storage, design, functional, depending on the interests of the household. Sometimes on the shelves of this furniture you can see toys. Below are beautiful examples of the placement of the rack in the interior of the living room. They will help you arrange the living room most harmoniously.

For more examples of shelving in the living room, see the video below.

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