Choosing a cabinet for the living room bar

The home bar or bar counter is no longer a wonder in the interior of a modern kitchen or living room. Pleasant meeting with friends or solemn family dinners are almost always accompanied by a couple of glasses of your favorite wine or other drinks. A cupboard or cabinet for storing a collection of alcoholic beverages and special dishes perfectly complements the design of the room and shows guests the taste and preferences of the apartment owner.

Features and benefits

Modern kitchens do not always have a fairly spacious area. And with many options for planning the kitchen is combined with the living room. Therefore, the reception of guests and dinner parties often take place in this very room of the apartment.

Home bar fits well in the interior, besides, it makes storage of alcohol and special dishes more convenient and aesthetic. A collection of favorite drinks will not gather dust on the shelves in thumbs and cabinets.Having a mini-bar in the living room, you can beautifully place bottles with drinks, making them a composition. And your guests will appreciate your collection and your taste.

Most often in the interiors of living rooms used nightstand bar.

The main advantages of acquiring and placing a home bar in the living room include:

  • Compactness, ease of movement. Most home mini-bars are small in size, and also equipped with small wheels. This simplifies the movement of such furniture, allows it to fit into the interior without taking up much space in the room.
  • A wide range of models of various designs and styles. Due to the large variety of stylistics, you can easily choose the option that fits into the interior of your room.
  • Convenient design, designed specifically for the storage of specific dishes and beverage bottles. Since this type of furniture is designed for specific purposes, the models are equipped with shelves, holders, supports and other devices for convenient and beautiful storage of alcoholic beverages.
  • Wide range of prices. Home bar can be purchased at a very affordable price.


Models vary depending on design and mobility.

  • Open bollards. In such models there is a glass showcase or open shelving and shelves. The contents of such a bar is in plain sight. Often these options are equipped with decorative elements, elegant coasters, additional departments for the location of bar utensils. Depending on the roominess, they can be in the form of graceful small thumbs, or it can be a large bar-sideboard designed for a large collection of drinks.
  • Closed constructions. Such models resemble a chest of drawers. Content is hidden from the eyes by opaque doors or sliding screens. This option better protects those inside the bottle from possible damage. Closed models are better suited in cases where there are children in the house. Babies will be less tempted to play with beautiful bottles. In addition, in the case of active games in the room, the closed structure will protect both the dishes and the children from possible injuries by splinters.
  • Mobile mini-bars. Such models are small and equipped with several wheels. This makes it possible to move them around the room,and if necessary, such a cabinet can be rolled out to the garden area of ​​a private house, if the reception of guests occurs in the gazebo.
  • Embedded models. The curbstone bar can be combined with other types of furniture or built into a wall niche, back of a sofa or chair.

Location and design

The place in which the nightstand bar will be installed should be chosen taking into account the interior of the room and the convenience of using the bar.

Ideas on the location and design of the home bar:

  • Corner accommodation is convenient and saves space in the hall. It is better to choose the corner, which is located next to the sofa for guests or chairs. Take care of the good lighting of the corner space selected for the bar. You can choose a model cabinets with built-in lights. This option will attract attention and with dimmed lighting, for example, during a dinner by candlelight.
  • Also the original option is the thumbus bar built into the wall niche. This design will not interfere with the movement of the room, it is safer for the safety of bottles with drinks.

It is impossible to stumble upon such a cabinet through carelessness and damage its contents, since it protrudes very little from the wall and is well fixed.

  • If you have an empty opening, the bar can be placed in it.For such an accommodation better fit larger models of larger dimensions, for example, a bar-sideboard.
  • A small bar can be embedded in upholstered furniture. This solution is often used in modern modern style. The design can be extended from the back of the sofa or chair. The bar can be built into the armrest. These models have a small capacity, but they help save space, hide the contents of the bar and the whole structure from children.
  • The mini-bar in the form of a multi-tiered table can be placed in the center of the living room, surrounded by chairs or comfortable chairs for guests.

Effectively with this arrangement, models with built-in decorative shelf lighting look great.

Useful tips

For the correct use of this type of furniture, you must adhere to the advice of experts.

  • If you plan to store a collection of wine, care should be taken to create the right conditions. In this case, it is better to opt for a compact model of the wine cabinet. It automatically constantly maintains the desired temperature, the optimum level of humidity. Bottle holders and shelves are angled so that natural sediment settles at the bottom.
  • When you make a mini-bar, try to keep its racks and shelves filled. Fill up the collection in a timely manner, as a half-empty bar does not look so impressive.
  • For wine storage, it is better to choose a dimly lit part of the room or a closed design of the cabinet. Prolonged exposure to light on wine bottles adversely affects its taste.
  • Do not try to fill your bar with more bottles of the same drink. It is better to have a more diverse set of drinks, albeit in small quantities. If alcohol is poured into a large container, it is better to have 1 bottle of such a drink.
  • To create a variety of cocktails, keep Coca-Cola, syrups and juices in the fridge. This will help you surprise and delight guests with a large selection of drinks.
  • Try to comply with the terms and conditions of storage of various types of alcohol. If one or another drink does not tolerate high temperatures well, it is best to keep it in a cool cellar or refrigerator, and put it in a bar in the hall just before the guests arrive and serve.
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About the unusual cabinet-transformer, which can be used as a mini-bar, see below.

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