Showcase for dishes in the living room: the rules for selection and placement

For centuries, showcase cabinets have taken their place in the interiors of various houses. They stood in the luxurious halls of the palaces, where the most exquisite glasses adorned and unique gadgets, and in close "Khrushchev". These are the same lacquered sets, in which rested such crystal sets and decorative tea sets that were familiar to a Soviet person. The owners have always wanted to expose the best that they have, for show, but so that at the same time their jewel is not lost, soiled or broken.

Such a showcase is the best way to decorate your interior and leave things that are lovely to the eye.

Features and benefits

A showcase for dishes is, in fact, a cabinet with glass, which can be of different sizes: from a small hanging cabinet to a two-meter design. However, regardless of size,it does not look bulky or occupying a lot of living space, fits well and harmoniously into the interior and significantly ennobles the whole look of the room in which it is located.

Glass protects the contents of the cabinet from dust, random and awkward movements of family members and excessive curiosity of guests, legs and tails of pets and sudden drops. All souvenirs and glasses will remain intact.

It is customary to install a two-door showcase in the living room, as it primarily performs a decorative function. But you can combine business with pleasure, because in it you can simply store memorabilia, as in a closet. So, for example, if you put such a shop window in a children's bedroom, then any collection of toys or other knick-knacks important for a child, which at any time will be convenient to get, will look great in it.

The main advantage of this piece of furniture can be called versatility. And if earlier such furniture was very expensive and was made only to order for rich people, now, thanks to a rich selection of models on the market, ranging from classic to high-tech style, you can choose a window case for absolutely every taste and wallet that will become an elegant decoration for any roomsSo, the combination of glass and wood will remind you of old times, when reliability and durability were appreciated, and combination with plastic or metal will give modern gloss.

The presence of this interior detail speaks of the delicate taste of the owner and his acquaintance with the classics of the interior decoration of the houses. Installing a storefront at home is a kind of curtsy to the good old traditions of ancestors.


To complete the harmonious image of the living room you need to choose the right model. There is a great variety of them on the furniture market, but there are only a few main types of windows.

Corner showcases save space and add special charm to the interior. Their peculiarity is in convenience and practicality due to the form: such a model takes the corner of a room, which is usually quite difficult to find application. This is the most preferred option for small living rooms that you want to decorate. They may be semicircular or have a regular geometric triangle shape. Often have the form of a pencil case.

Modular display cabinets are a more modern option, combining the transparency of glass with closed parts of wood or other material.It can be used to revitalize the interior in the kitchen and dining room, because it allows you to store elegant sets, paraded behind the glass, along with everyday dishes, the prosaic look of which is hidden from prying eyes. They may have a box or several in the form of a dresser in the lower part, in which you can also store cutlery, tablecloths or other kitchen utensils.

Thanks to its material, glass display cabinets help to visually expand the space, which is especially important in small dark rooms. It looks very thin and fragile, despite the special tempered glass, which is not so easy to break. Particularly advantageous quality of such furniture is versatility: glass rack is perfect in the room in a modern style.

The hinged show-window, as well as follows from the name, settles down on a wall. This option is not universal, and for proper display layout you need to consult with a professional designer who will help you choose the right place for a wall cabinet based on the size and layout of the room. There are one-door and two-door models, and their choice depends on ease of use.


If earlier only wood was used to make glass cases with glass, modern technologies and fashion allow us not to be limited to only one material. Today, you can choose plastic, chipboard, MDF, veneer, or else make a completely glass construction. Consider all of these materials in more detail.

Wood is a classic material, elegant and reliable, very wear-resistant, which allows it to maintain its leading position in the list of the most used options for window design to this day. The demand for wooden windows is also explained by the fact that it is easy to “play” with styles in this material: A wardrobe from an array can be decorated with exquisite carvings, and you can give preference to simple and strict lines. The ability of the tree to "adapt" to the desired style helps it to remain in demand to create furniture.

This implies the following feature of wooden display cases - uniqueness. This feature is especially vivid when the order is made by a skilled craftsman. The end result is worth the high price - in the end it turns out a real masterpiece, made in a single copy of environmentally friendly materials.

Lacquered glossy cabinets will bring a touch of antiquity and luxury to the interior, and simple and rough Scandinavian-style showcase lines will help to give the apartment a modern look.

You can often find shop windows made of oak, birch, pine, beech, larch. Many aesthetes choose a pistachio tree or boxwood, an apple tree, a cherry. The choice of the type and type of wood is influenced by the customer’s taste and his financial situation, as well as the conditions in which the finished furniture will be located.

Glass is a great option for minimalistic design or high-tech style. It gives the construction of weightlessness, refinement and taste. Low-key, but effective option that can organically fit into almost any interior - it depends on its shape, size and light design of the storefront.

You should not worry about the unreliability - for the manufacture of such cabinets use a special impact-resistant glass. However, it is not recommended to drop it, however, with all its strength. With proper treatment and care, glass furniture will last for many years and will continue to delight the eye of the family after a year. Such a cabinet is unlikely to lose relevance due to the special beauty of the material and the classical form.

Wood is a very expensive material. In addition, the manufacture of furniture from an array is made only on order, which can also pretty pat the wallet. But what to do if you really want to see natural materials in the living room? The solution is simple: replacing a real tree with its alternative counterparts.

Cabinets made of chipboard, MDF or veneer that is gaining popularity are surely taking their place in the living room apartments. These options will be much cheaper, however, aesthetics and beauty will be inferior to wooden furniture. However, high-quality cabinets will not upset their owner, who has chosen a reasonable alternative to expensive wood.


Styles, as well as options for models, a lot. Fans of antiquity often pay attention to the windows made in classic style: luxurious handmade wood, decorated with monograms or other decorative elements, emphasizes the status and significance of the owner. In such windows, a mirror is often installed on the inner wall, which multiplies the elegant glasses and souvenirs on the shelves. Such models look expensive and traditional, as if inherited.This is a real classic that will never go out of fashion, having proven itself once and for all.

Modern models showcases more modest: they are laconic, simpler, do not have unnecessary parts and perform their function of storage perfectly. Simple lines create a special style, the essence of which is to enjoy the purity of forms and material. As a rule, they are made of glass with elements of wood (finishing along the edges, bottom, legs), but there may be other combinations, such as plastic with glass and metal, stone with wood.

Many choose country style which is dominated by village motifs. As a rule, a wardrobe made in this style is a large, roughly processed object of natural light or dark colors that is not varnished or polished, but can be specially aged to give the desired effect. The material for such furniture is birch and pine.

Cabinets in modern style have smooth lines and an asymmetrical shape of the body and doors. Decorated with complex ornaments of plant and animalistic themes. Valuable wood species are used. The design prefers light and pastel shades of yellow and green.

Also the appearance is influenced by the filling of the cabinet. You can put a lot of beautiful and necessary things in it, which, in addition to their direct purpose, will be the subject of decor and will acquire new functionality. It will look appropriate in it:

  • gift dishware;
  • souvenirs from trips and travels;
  • collection items;
  • ancient folios and gift editions;
  • handicrafts and hand-made;
  • heirlooms.

Color solutions

The color scheme of the showcase for the living room depends, as you might guess, on the color of the interior. There is a place where fantasy to swing, given that for models of windows and cabinets for the house there are no restrictions in the color range, as opposed to options for the office.

The only condition is that the color of the cabinet must be combined with the color of the rest of the furniture in which the room is furnished.

It is also important to consider the color of the room: in a bright room you can use dark shades of furniture, if you want contrast and clearly selected forms, and you can make a composition of furniture to match the walls - white and light furniture looks good in the same interior.

Dark wenge-colored furniture looks great in a classic-style living room. In order to emphasize this noble color, it is better to paint the walls of the living room in light shades - in contrast, the advantages of such a neighborhood will be noticeable.

In the dark living room is better to pick up furniture a few shades darker. Best fit models of cabinets, made of dark metal shades.

However, it is important not to overdo it and not turn the room into a crypt. To make the living room not look too gloomy, the interior can be diluted with light or beige-colored furniture. This is especially important in small dimly lit rooms - light furniture will not cut off the space and absorb the already insufficient light.

To create a bright accent in the interior, bright colors are ideal: turquoise, crimson, blue, lime or pink. On the light background of the walls such a decision will look unusual and will add joy and brightness to the interior.


To guess with the size of the cabinet for a living room or another room, you must first take into account the area of ​​the entire room and free space.It is impossible that the closet occupied too much living space and interfered with the free movement around the room, but at the same time it should remain roomy and not lose its functionality.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose such a cabinet so that it takes into account all the details and it was optimal both for the use for its intended purpose and for preserving the stylistic unity of the interior.

The number of items also affects the size of the furniture.

A low showcase for the living room will fit into a room with relatively low ceilings, so as not to eat up the extra space and do not rest against the ceiling. The low design will be available for wet cleaning without tweaks, and its surface can be used as an additional shelf. However, in a large living room a small window can be lost among the rest of the furniture and lose its zest.

Narrow display cases, canisters are often angular. This is the best choice for empty spaces that are not convenient to fill with familiar furniture or flowers in tubs. They do not take up much space, which is an indisputable advantage of their size.

Installing a large display case is optimal when you need to use a large amount of space, for example, to occupy the entire wall or even divide the room into zones.Good looks narrow, but wide showcase along the length of one wall, occupied by a TV.

How to choose?

On the market there are so many models from a variety of materials that the eyes diverge. However, you need to choose among the many options that very showcase that will harmoniously fit into the interior of the living room. The following parameters will help orient you:

  • The style of the room. A massive cabinet with monograms and gilding will look strange and awkward in a room made in the Scandinavian style, and a glass showcase will be lost in the Empire style room.

Every detail must fit into the interior and be in its place, sound in unison with all the rest of the furniture, otherwise it will turn out to be an absurdly tailored bad taste.

  • Budget. Taking a loan for a beautiful wardrobe is a desperate and stupid step. Therefore, it is worth deciding what functionality is needed, and what can be neglected and not lose anything from it. No need to shell out a mahogany or an array of oak to show off when there are more budget and suitable options.
  • The size. The dimensions of the locker depend on the room footage. In a small living room it is better to place a corner or hanging cabinet that will not clutter the space and create a feeling of comfort.In the larger room you can already swing and put a window the size of a wall or sideboard. A small cabinet gets lost in a large space, and too big will “eat” it.
  • For what purposes will the cabinet be used and what will be stored in it. Its appearance also depends on the filling of the display case: it is not good if there is a conflict of styles and functionality between the contents and the shell. From the things that will be shown, also depends on the interior lighting and lighting. If there are a lot of dishes that you want to brag about - it is better to stop the choice on the glass cabinet. For storage of large more suitable cabinets with doors and drawers.

Also the choice is influenced by the number of items that will be located there, since the shelves must be able to withstand their weight.


Gone are the days when it was possible to acquire a desired cupboard or sideboard only after standing for a long-term queue, eventually receiving a copy of the neighbor's buffet. Now the furniture market is represented by many manufacturers with different pricing policies, using different materials and specializing in some particular types, so the buyer can easily find the right thing for every taste and budget.

Italy is considered one of the best furniture manufacturing countries.Manufacturers of this country do not sacrifice the quality of the materials used, often in the course are durable oak, cherry and reliable mahogany. Outside Italy, the most famous brands are Prestige and Rococo. Their furniture is durable and resistant to damage, durability. All products are certified, because Italians value their customers and brand reputation.

Italian furniture is a quality that is expensive, but deservedly, because it will last more than a dozen years.


Belarusian furniture is one of the most budget and at the same time beautiful options. Belarusian stained glass windows are made of oak and birch, which have good strength properties and are valued far beyond the borders of the country. Krynichka and Gomeldrev are the most popular and well-known brands.


Show-windows of production of Russia are also considered budget. The market offers a large assortment of windows for every taste and color that is popular. As a rule, Russian companies offer their services for the manufacture of individual orders, providing a guarantee for the products. This is a great inexpensive option.

Spain and Portugal produce showcases that are considered good in terms of value for money. But Portuguese furniture differs from Spanish furniture in a more luxurious decoration and inlaid with precious metals.


Malaysia is a leader in the Asian furniture market. Malaysian furniture is made of very valuable and rare wood, does not rot and does not absorb odors, can be processed in various ways and has high strength. Despite all these qualities, which usually overstate the price of products, such furniture is relatively inexpensive, which explains its high popularity.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Laconic modern design.

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Options in white.

With wood texture.

      With glass.

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