Coffee tables in the living room interior: beautiful design ideas

 Coffee tables in the living room interior: beautiful design ideas

In the living room, as follows from the name of this room, it is customary to receive guests. They can sit on easy chairs or sofas, and put a cup of tea or coffee on an elegant table.

Coffee table for the living room can be bought in the store, made to order or assemble yourself. Exclusivity and handicraft are always in the price, so it makes sense to make an effort to make your home unique.


According to Feng Shui, a round or oval-shaped tabletop is preferable because it creates a feeling of comfort and trust. Anyone who does not believe in the ancient Chinese teachings can choose a square or rectangular table. Perhaps he will allow to use the space in the house more ergonomically.

Usually the base of the table is fixed on three or four legs.In fantasy models, legs can intersect. There are classic models that are kept on one leg, and at the same time it is effectively decorated with carvings or paintings.

Some models of furniture are so attractive that you want to use them not for their intended purpose, as an object of art. However, every object in the house must bear not only aesthetic, but also functional load.

Modern models are often equipped with drawers and shelves under the tabletop. They can hide from prying eyes magazines, books, remote control from the TV.

Choosing a table, you need to provide so that it would be combined in height with sofas, armchairs, chairs and it was convenient to put a cup on it, to put a book. Well, if the tabletop will be big. But such a table will not fit into every living room.

Before going to the store you need to measure the free space intended for it. Especially important are these calculations in terms of small apartments.

Nothing saves space in the house, like furniture-transformer. A small table with a simple mechanism can open up and become a complete dining table.Several manipulations - and the owners of the house are ready to receive a large company.

Place in the interior

Supporters classic solutions that have respectable upholstered furniture with curved legs in the living room, cabinets and carved wood slides, can buy a small coffee table. It will create the sensation of a secular salon from the works of Pushkin and Tolstoy. The shade of the furniture should be chosen so that it is in harmony with the rest of the situation. Eclecticism as a trend in the interior, of course, is good, but not in this case.

Style country music implies closeness to nature, to everything simple and natural. It is necessary to imagine a textbook house in the village: wooden ceilings, walls and window frames, wicker or simple wooden furniture. A rough, hewn table that resembles a log, surfaces decorated with river shells or a vine will perfectly fit here.

Provence - This is not only a region in France, but also a popular Mediterranean style. It seems that the sea breeze is about to burst through the window, and the sun's rays will play on the light surface of the furniture. A round wooden table in pastel shades, or maybe metal, decorated with elaborate wrought-iron details - this is the best addition to the Provence style hall.

Loft implies an open space with walls painted in neutral color, with brickwork and exterior communications. A sort of romance of industrialism. The most simple table made of glass and metal is the best addition to such an industrial design.


The stores are many options from different materials. The tree is perhaps the most versatile. However, an array of natural wood is quite expensive, and also requires careful maintenance.

An alternative to the array is MDF and particleboard materials. However, with high humidity and careless use, they can be deformed. Beautiful lacquered tables also require attention and treatment with special means.

The advantages of wood models include environmental friendliness, a wide selection of shades and textures. They fit in almost any interior: from classic to modern. If desired, they can be rearranged from the living room to the kitchen or bedroom.

Glass tables are ideal for high-tech interior design. Visually, they do not reduce the space and emphasize minimalism in the interior. As a rule, only the tabletop is made of glass, and the legs are made of metal or wood.The disadvantages of glass interior items include scratches, chips, which appear with careless handling. It is recommended to make a choice in favor of tempered glass, as it is more durable and durable.

Wrought metal tables look very impressive and support the interior in the style of Provence. Their advantages are strength, durability. Disadvantages - too much weight, high price.

Do it yourself

A creative person who wants to surround himself with exclusive items is not so easy to make a choice in stores. Therefore, an unusual coffee table can be ordered by a craftsman or try to make it with your own hands.


Wine barrel, it turns out, hides a lot of decorative possibilities. You can cut it lengthwise and attach the legs to the round part of it, and close the top with wood or glass tops. In the second case, the barrel itself can be filled with decorative things - shells, dry branches, etc. There is another option: cut off the upper part of the barrel and hoist a round cut of the tree on it.

Sewing machine

There is also potential in a vintage sewing machine with metal figure legs.They need to be carefully sanded and re-painted, for example, in gold or bronze color. The sewing machine itself is not useful, instead of it they usually put a piece of tempered glass.


Once in the chests carefully stored clothes and personal items. It is time to give the trunk a new life: to restore, lacquer and use as a vintage accessory in the living room.


Vintage leather suitcase is good not only for retro-style photo shoots. It can be put on legs, to process a surface or to cover it with a transparent table-top.

Tree house

A cut of a perennial tree can tell how old it is. If the designer makes it the base of the table, the household will never be bored, because the natural designs are fascinating. It is good if the log house is of uneven shape, as it looks stylish and original.

Before that, who is at the stage of repair and only comes up with the future interior, there are plenty of opportunities for creativity. And if the task is to put the table in a ready-made room, you need to pick it up to match the rest of the situation by choosing the ready-made version in the store or creating an exclusive fashion copy yourself.

Review of interesting models of coffee tables, see the following video.

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