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Television, magazines and the Internet abound with numerous photos and stories about beautiful interiors, fashionable design and various styles of interior decoration. In everyday life, many are faced with the problem of decorating a small room. Living room on a tiny area can be beautiful and fashionable, and how to make it happen, this article will tell.

Special features

If you are a happy owner of a 20-25 meter living room, there is a huge field for fantasy. Design living room 12-15 square meters. m. forces to resort to various tricks, somewhat limits the possibilities of decoration and requires careful selection of each element of the style. Initially, you must decide on the shape of the room. If it requires adjustment, this will need to be taken into account in the future in the selection of finishes.

The room can be square, rectangular, long, narrow. Additional difficulties add different niches and ledges, corners. To increase the area you can combine a living room with a loggia or a balcony.

An important point in the planning is the functional purpose of the living room. It may be:

  • a place for receiving guests;
  • rest zone;
  • dinner Zone;
  • creative space;
  • game Zone;
  • work corner.

These are various plasterboard partitions with decorative design, sliding and folding screens made of weightless plastic and glass with stained glass windows and ornaments. Even fabrics can be skillfully applied for screening. In the usual case for different parts of the destination there is the concept of zoning. It can be used with the help of lighting devices, color schemes and decorative elements. Visually increase the space of the mirror, placed on the walls, ceiling or cabinet doors.

A common room can combine any of these functions, it is important to take this into account in the first planning stage. Now it is popular to combine kitchen and living room. On a small area it will complicate the task of a beautiful and comfortable repair.

If you need to divide the living room to arrange a permanent bed for you or a child, there are many options.

Design Elements


The interior design elements may be different techniques.In small rooms it is recommended to use light and pastel shades of the walls. If you like a bright color, you can select one side for them. Now there are all kinds of wallpapers, wallpaper companions and other wall materials. Beige, pale pink, light blue, white and grayish walls will expand the space, add lightness to the surroundings.

Wall-paper can be chosen with the expressed horizontal or vertical pattern, for example, a strip. The vertical will visually lift the walls, the horizontal will expand them.

The color of the walls depends on which side of the world windows are facing. If they go to the north, it is better to give preference to warm shades. If you have a warm apartment, you can use turquoise, mint, yellow, silver tones to add freshness. A lot of materials have been developed for decorating the space (for example, decorative plaster, wallpaper for painting, glass and liquid wallpaper).

If you are a fan of roll materials, you should pay attention to non-woven fabrics. They hide minor imperfections of the walls, are eco-friendly, have a huge selection of colors.To highlight zones, you can look at natural wallpaper (textile, wooden, leather).


For small premises, it is preferable to choose light shades of the floor. If you opt for a dark color, it should be a few tones darker than the walls, but not too contrast with them. It is better to avoid large and contrasting ornaments: they are able to visually narrow the room. As for materials, the budget options will be laminate or linoleum, high-class - parquet or self-leveling floor.

It is desirable to choose high-quality coating. Loads in the living room are provided for considerable, weak floor finish may suffer. If you prefer carpet, in the case of combining the kitchen and living room, it will not work. To distinguish between kitchen and dining areas with space for recreation, you can combine different types of coatings of the same shade.


When the ceiling has a flat surface without defects and drops, you can restrict yourself with plaster or painting. But if this is not the case, choose a wallpaper or suspended ceiling with a glossy or satin texture. Glare will give a sense of volume and height. It is better to abandon multi-level suspended structures. They will visually squeeze the walls, overloading the overall look. Colors should be mostly light (white, milky, beige).

The less natural light in the room, the brighter the ceiling should be.

Furniture and equipment

The amount of furniture on an area of ​​15 squares should be strictly limited to the functionality of the room. No extra items. Sofa, chairs, you can choose a solid, the correct form without the frills. Otherwise they will hide the entire volume of the room. Better if their color does not contrast with the rest of the trim.. Ideal miniature coffee table.

If you need a working area, it should be compact and multi-functional. Table, boxes, shelves need to be placed in a comfortable accessibility so that they do not take up much space. From the wall with entresol, cabinet and cupboard, to which we are accustomed, it is better to refuse. Their place will be taken by plasterboard constructions, TV cabinets, or miniature walls with a prevailing decorative function.

If there is a need for a berth, it is better to take a sofa folding.It should be placed away from the front door, so that guests or the household itself can sleep comfortably.

If the presence of a wardrobe in the living room is significant for you, it is better to stop the choice on the wardrobe. Open doors are uncomfortable in cramped spaces.

Technique now allows you to hide space. Televisions and computer screens today are flat, they can be hung from the wall. On the walls you can place speakers speakers, air conditioners, various air humidifiers. A real boon for a small living room will be furniture-transformer, including a folding coffee table. As a transformable object, you can use the panel for work that can be folded to the wall, the bed, disguised as a cupboard with shelves.

If you are not working at home, it will be enough to buy a folding table under the laptop.


Lamps - better zone delimiters. The central chandelier can be a real art object, a place to rest or work should be allocated with a pair of wall sconces or a strict table lamp. For lovers of modernity fit the system built-in lighting, which can be adjusted using the remote.You can give the living room a different mood, using a different color of lighting.


Of the many stylistics, we single out some that best fit in small areas.


The minimum amount of furniture, concise forms and simple colors - the perfect design for modest living room dimensions. For young people there is no better design. Allowed budget finishes in bright colors, it is important the absence of additional decor.


Habitual classic styles such as baroque or empire in a small room will look ridiculous. Patterns, the abundance of gold, velvet and carved surfaces should be left for the decoration of a huge hall. The design of a modern living room with limited space allows the use of classic elements to impart rigor and luxury. Choose a central element (a sofa, a chandelier in a classic style, or a modular design of the guest area).

Add the rest of the situation in accordance with your mental center. Harmony and respectability will be provided to you.

High tech

Hi-tech will fit into the room as well as possible, if you are a bright and extraordinary person who keeps up with current trends and new technologies.Clear lines, balanced proportions, a real abundance of equipment and materials such as glass, plastic and metal will emphasize your individuality and provide multifunctional housing.


Scandinavian style with its discreet decor, light walls, wooden furniture and calm colors will increase the space, bring comfort and comfort to guests and hosts.

Loft and Eco

Trendy now Loft and Eco styles are also applicable in the 15-meter living room. Decorating under concrete, brick, wood or stone is extraordinary, but it will definitely be remembered by your guests. It is easy to enter equipment and various options of furniture to these directions.

Spectacular ideas

Dark accents on the walls and the overlapping shade of the floor are complemented by a white ceiling and furniture. A minimalist shelf under the TV in combination with a drywall construction and an air chandelier make things easier.

The white interior is successfully diluted with an interestingly shaped chair and an unusual metal lamp. The cosiness and softness of the strict interior is added by a wooden low table and an openwork chandelier in a classic style.

Monochrome design is suitable for extraordinary and broad-minded people.The centerpiece of the situation, giving a share of positive, can be red curtains. Three shades in this design will be enough.

Proximity to nature does not necessarily have to manifest itself in the abundance of wood trim. A niche with the image of bamboo and a carpet with green splashes will adjust to a soothing mood, will bring a share of southern ethnic motifs.

You can decorate the kitchen-living room by borrowing ideas of the loft style. The main element is a bright brick wall. Kitchen set selected dim. An extraordinary chandelier is located in the dividing zone. Classic furniture and carpet soften the picture.

You can learn about the trends of design in 2018 from the following video.

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