3D-wallpaper for the hall: expanding the boundaries in the apartment

Modern wallpaper for the living room can be very different. One of the bright and unusual wall design options are the so-called 3D canvas - images that create a three-dimensional effect. This is due to certain particles that reflect light.

It seems that the image on the wall is three-dimensional. Drops of water look like living, and flowers like natural. This new product creates a stylish and unusual design.

With the discovery of technology, designers went further and began to create images that have tremendous depth. A tunnel or a landscape with perspective in the 3D technique gives the impression that a deep space has opened up in the picture. Specificity of such wallpaper should be considered. The volume picture on the wall visually increases the spaceas if the room is going somewhere far away - in the forest or in the urban landscape of any country in the world.Paris or London, the tunnel of the monastery caves is always nearby, you only have to take a couple of steps.

Benefits of using

Renovating the interior is very easy - you can not do complex, heavy and expensive repairs. The main thing - to choose a place in order to create a visual accent. This should be a sufficiently large area of ​​the wall, which will allow to arrange large-scale canvas. Stereoscopic wallpaper will be an accent, so next to them should be the most important elements of the room - a sofa corner or a TV.

With 3D wallpaper it is easy to make repairs at short intervals. Tired of the picture, it can be replaced by another, without changing the furniture, floors or wall color. One has only to want a new story on the wall, and the living room looks quite different, in a new style, as if having survived a long and expensive repair.

In fact, redecorating the living room can be easily done by hand. It is much easier to paste stylish wallpapers on a wall than to stone a living room or use other methods of interior decoration.

If the room is in good condition, you can not repair all its space.It is enough to move the furniture away from the wall onto which the wallpaper will be glued and to do the necessary work.

3D wallpapers are suitable for any living room. They will look original in a private house, city apartment, in a very small room or a spacious lobby. Naturally, for different rooms there are certain rules for choosing colors. They must be adhered to in order not to create too dark or too bright room space.

You should also pay attention to the placement of the canvas on the wall. Painting 3D - a very important part of the interior, attracting the eye, so she needs to take the main place. It is necessary to think over which part of the living room it is necessary to expand visually.

If the photo wallpaper with the 3D effect is placed somewhere on the side, the space of the room may be distorted or turn into a long corridor.

If the owner of the living room has a simple-shaped furniture and a discreet interior, then it is very simple to create an original living room. Such canvases are a huge accent. Wall decoration, floor and ceiling do not need to change. It is only important that the repair looks good. The only condition - they should not pick up colorful furniture and carpets.

With modern computer technology, you can handle any photo and plot, even photos of ancient Greek sculptures. Thus, having simple furniture in its form, with 3D wallpaper, you can easily turn a living room into a Greek room or ranch, a coffee house or garden, a part of Paris or a Gothic cathedral. The choice of plot - for the owner. And all this is done at a low financial cost, the minimum time to update the room and the minimum of confusion typical for repairs.

Modern 3D-wallpapers are absolutely safe, non-toxic, easy to clean due to the coating applied on top, do not fade and do not deteriorate over time, if they are treated with care. This is a great opportunity to update the living room and give it a unique look that will please the owners for a long time.


3D-wallpapers are made on a roll basis. First, a photo is loaded into the computer, then processed in a special program, selecting colors, effects and typing. You can process any image, even a snapshot of your girlfriend. It all depends on the choice of the client.

Taking into account the technology, designers have developed several types of wallpaper, which must be met before choosing a canvas:

  • Standard Wallpaper - with patterns and geometric images that continue the tradition of classic paper wallpaper, and therefore have such a name.
  • Single wallpaper - These are images of small fragments of objects or nature. For small sizes, a single story can be framed and hung on the wall, like a picture.
  • Panoramic wallpaper reveal their stories in the title. These are large canvases with many details, which depict large fragments of natural or urban landscapes. Such large-sized coatings significantly affect the interior of the room, by specifying the style of the interior with one's presence. They are placed on one or more walls.

It is necessary to choose a place very carefully so that the visual expansion of the space does not distort the room.

  • Fluorescent wallpaper contain luminous particles, so in the dark have an interesting effect of illumination. Their images create a room design in a fantastic style.
  • LED wallpaper Is a whole systemwhich consists of the image itself and special lighting. They are attached to the control panel. At the request of the owner with the help of light the image can be modified. These are the most expensive of all 3D wallpapers.

There are also matte and shiny 3D wallpapers, with and without laminate. The highest quality fabrics are made on fabrics - viscose or silk.

Plots of 3D wallpapers

There are directions in the images of 3D wallpaper, which are traditionally chosen by customers for the design of living rooms. This is due to the desire to get a particular effect in the room. Of course, at the request of the customer, you can choose an unusual story, but first you should take a closer look at what has already been tested in the interiors.

For decoration living rooms traditionally choose:

Nature Images:

  • snow covered mountains;
  • gardens and natural landscapes;
  • waterfalls;
  • ocean shore;
  • beautiful flowers.


  • cityscapes;
  • ancient castles and art galleries.

Other motives:

  • images of space.

Before embarking on a long search for a plot suitable for your living room, you should first look at the existing photos. Perhaps it is they who will respond to the desire of the customer to create the necessary image.

Selection and placement in the interior

When choosing a plot, size and color it is necessary to focus on the purpose of the room. Light wallpaper allows you to visually enlarge the space, so they are suitable for small living rooms. Dark reduce the room, so can be used in large rooms.

Panoramic wallpaper expands, gives additional volume, therefore, suitable for small living rooms, but can also be used in large, to create unusual effects.

Abstract images are more suitable for modern style. To the classics more realistic pictures. Large images are more suitable for large spaces where they can freely accommodate and have the surrounding background in the form of the rest of the interior. In a small room they will crush the entire living room and will seem out of place. Small and fractional figures will be lost in a large room, but they will perfectly fit into a small living room.

You can also play with the living room space. If it is supposed to have several zones, for example, a sofa corner for relaxing and a table for eating, you can apply different 3D wallpapers in different parts of the room.For the guest area, you can choose scenes of the city or abstract drawings to awaken the human psyche. In the recreation area - landscapes or the ocean, and in the dining area - the plot with flowers or fruit. However in this case care must be taken to choose a color scheme so that the two canvases do not argue with each other.

It is necessary to proceed from the color of the interior, and if it has two color ranges, then select images for them. If the whole interior is in one color, then the 3D wallpaper should be chosen in the same range with it. Also need to think about the placement of wallpaper in the room. Traditionally they are placed on the walls, but some scenes, such as space, can be placed on the ceiling. You can stick 3D wallpaper on one wall or several. They can be placed on the entire wall or a part of it, even in the form of a fragment with curved edges.

Installation of canvas

It is better to entrust 3D wallpaper to professionals. If ordinary paper canvases easily hide the irregularities of the walls, then 3D-drawings on such irregularities can get distorted and the whole beauty of the image will be spoiled. Therefore, before applying the canvas wall must be aligned. For glueing it is necessary to use a special glue, to create conditions for drying the web without drafts.

It is very important that the 3D image is not bent.

Modern 3D-wallpaper - a great opportunity to create a unique image of the living room, spending minimal effort. Moreover, their choice is so wide that it will satisfy any fantasy of the owner of the dwelling.

How to glue 3D-wallpaper - see the next video.

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