White living room: beautiful interior design options

The interior is made in white color, filled with air and light. It emphasizes the high status of its owner and does not seem overloaded. Previously, such a design could be found only in magazines or houses with a large area. Now this technique is often used in the design of small rooms in order to visually enlarge the space. We understand the intricacies of creating a beautiful living room design.

Special features

White color in the interior began to be actively used with the advent of minimalism style. Many were bored with overloaded room, dark furniture and wallpaper. The architects appreciated this direction for its simplicity and functionality. In the white color the simplest things look stylish and respectable.

However, perception is affected by the season, lighting, location, and configuration of the room.

Therefore, it is not enough just to repaint the walls or change the furniture.You need to know all aspects of the design for the living room to find its charm.

Light surfaces require more care than dark ones; any stain on them immediately makes itself felt. In the white living room in the first place is not practical, but aesthetic beauty. Moreover, now there are materials that are easily cleaned and retain their original appearance for a long time. Neutral colors can unite things incompatible at first glance. White surfaces reflect light well, allow to reveal the volume.


One of the important advantages of white color is relevance in any stylistic direction.


White color will be perfectly embodied in the upholstery of antique furniture from dark wood, which is especially important in the arrangement of country houses and cottages in the style of a classic. Due to it, the interior will seem more modern and cheerful. A white plastered or marble fireplace will complement the ensemble. If you choose furniture of such a color, it will advantageously stand out against the background of walls of warm colors (for example, yellow or ocher).

Color can be conveyed through a coffee table or carpet.It is possible to finish the surfaces with white color.

Country music

Rustic multicolor decor will effectively stand out in a duet with a snow-white interior. Bright patchwork bedspreads, pillows with embroidery, rugs diversify the strict color gamut. The plant ornaments and flowers in clay pots will convey the atmosphere of suburban life. Wherein It is important that the white color in the interior composition of the living room was dominant.

High tech

Such a home resembles a high-tech house of the future, mainly achromatic colors are used in the living room interior. You can apply various techniques of visual correction of space (multi-level ceilings, zoning, glass and mirror partitions). Light walls will reflect enough light, harmoniously looking at the background of furnishings with a metallic type of surface.


If you replace an ordinary sofa with textiles, a mattress with pillows, decorating the material with original patterns, you will get the impression that you are in the padishah house. High furniture and bulky cabinets will not be required, they can be replaced with poufs and pedestals.This solution is also applicable for small-sized apartments, where there is often not enough space for a large sofa and a headset.

It is worth remembering that under the Oriental style also means interiors, borrowed from Japan and China. Then the basic rule is somewhat different: dark furniture and light walls with a minimum of decor or without it.

Chebbi chic

This is a relatively new direction, which originated in the United States. Many of its elements are borrowed from the style of Provence and Baroque. This style of living in white color especially will appeal to ladies. The neutral tint will echo the ruffles, floral patterns, pseudo-antique furniture, hearts and angels. Be sure to add more colors to add a romance atmosphere. As additional tones, use delicate pink, blue, mint.


Eclectic - a combination of different styles, allowing to combine vintage sofa with a glass table and plastic stools. It is possible to place a bright yellow furniture accessory next to a turquoise cabinet, to decorate part of the wall in red. Eclecticism is a combination of incompatible.Pick up things from different directions and combine them so that they are in harmony with each other, is not an easy task.

This interior living room will express the individuality of the owner of the house, and not repeat the standard patterns. On a white background it will be easier to combine things of different styles.


In the maritime theme used attributes, which is associated with the sea coast. You can add beige to the main white color to create the illusion of a sandy beach. Blue and turquoise will fill the room with freshness in hot weather. By adding a blue tone and natural texture of wood, you can turn an ordinary room into a cabin of a cruise liner or a fashionable yacht.

Color combinations

It is unlikely that the room will be completely white, usually color accents are added to this shade. They may be barely noticeable or pronounced. If you like milky shades, you can add a beige tone or “melted milk” to the main color. The basic rule is 70% of the primary color and 30% additional. You can use one additional color or several shades close to it.

Often, several contrasting colors are added to the white color, the combination of which helps to create an informal atmosphere.


If you use a bright shade, the room will be year-round filled with sunny mood. In the frame of white, even the old-fashioned furniture made of wood, covered with yellow varnish, looks quite modern.


This combination is often called strawberry and cream. The cold shade will give the living room freshness and vigor, a warm one will bring a note of comfort and tranquility. If the room is located on the north side, it is poorly lit, you can cover the walls with pale pink pigment. Then all the furniture will appear white, radiating freshness and purity.


This contrast will add warmth and comfort to the atmosphere of the hall. The sofa and chairs of the warm red color scheme look great against a white wall, as well as next to white curtains and a white carpet.


This shade is often chosen instead of black because it is not so heavy. It helps to concentrate attention, creates a sense of security.

If purple wallpapers are too extravagant for you, you can transfer this color to curtains or decorative elements.


Blue contrast is used to create a nautical style, brings associations with luxury yachts and cruises. But you need to use this color carefully, It is recommended to estimate in advance what the result will be.

The black

The classic black and white combination is elegant and discreet. The big plus is the fact that the furniture and accessories of this color are always on sale. It is usually assumed that the floor in the interior will be dark, and the walls - white. Such an ensemble allows not only to expand a small-sized living room, but also to reduce too large.

Dark brown

The chocolate shade combines with white is softer than black. It turns out the interior is filled with warmth and comfort. It is not necessary to paint the walls brown, you can use the wall panels or cabinets made of chocolate-colored wood in a minimum quantity, otherwise the white tone will be lost against the background of bright contrast.


This shade is unobtrusive, less tiring than pure black. Eyes will be less tired from the abundance of white objects, if diluted with this color. This is a great solution for a hi-tech living room, and is also quite applicable for a classic style.


The color of juicy greenery will please the followers of the eco-movement and those who want to be closer to nature. This is the best option for the bedroom, as this coloring soothes the psyche.

When the interior is made in a single color scheme, it is necessary to use different textures.

You can lay a white fur cover on the sofa, decorate the floor with a long-nap carpet with a relief pattern, and place glossy plastic chairs next to it. Such a simple technique will create a sense of depth, as if professionals were working on the design of your living room.

Finishing options

White color can be used as a total solution, or as fragments. For example, if the walls, ceiling, floor, furniture may be white, in such an interior it will be chilly. Therefore, against such a background, avant-garde paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts can look great. If white appears locally, for example, only the walls and the floor, you can dilute it with soft, pastel tones.

A cream or mint-colored sofa, a chandelier for gilding, covers for chairs made of fabric the color of natural flax - all this will help to create coziness.In the orange color can be made some furniture or decor furnishings.

Wall decoration

The traditional form of decoration - wallpaper. Today, such material is particularly common, as it has an acceptable cost. It is presented in a wide range, which allows you to easily buy a finishing coating with any texture. You can choose glass and covered with white paint. This solution is practical: the surface of this material can be washed without much hassle.

Paper wallpapers are cheaper, but you can often re-stick them if you want fresh notes in the interior. Silk-screen and vinyl wallpapers can have a matte or glossy surface. Glossy will look more formal, and matte will create a more intimate atmosphere. Embossed varieties look expensive and beautiful: you can use them to show the special taste of the living room interior.

Plaster with the subsequent painting - the actual decision. The wall can be plastered with ordinary or relief plaster, then painted with akrilatnaya or other paint, resistant to washing. Paints come with a matte or glossy effect. Matt is somewhat more expensive, but a wall painted with such paint looks calm and cozy.

If there are niches in the walls and there are shelves, you can put statuettes and other objects on them.If you wish, you can add highlighting for a better view. The ceiling can be decorated with imitation beams. In a private house, white painted logs will look good. This is the hallmark of many modern stylistic trends.

You can finish the wall in white with a brick or stone.

Choosing furniture

In the living room in a prominent place have a coffee table, which plays one of the first roles. It is not necessary to subordinate it to the overall color scheme. If the table is dark, it will emphasize the weightlessness of white walls and furniture. A worktop with an unusual texture will look more unusual.

Since the room should be bright and spacious, it is desirable to choose a spacious wardrobe with a facade to match the walls. Guests will not even notice the closet, as it can be almost invisible or disguised as a wall panel. You can purchase a headset from MDF or solid wood.

It is recommended to choose furniture from one set that has the same design.

Special attention deserves the selection of the sofa. White sofa will look fashionable. And if you get tired of this color scheme, you can cover it with a blanket of any other color, having already received an upgraded room with a slightly different style.The sofa can be upholstered, have a lining of artificial or natural leather.


The walls of the white living room will be an excellent background for photos, paintings, art objects. In recent years, fashion has appeared to decorate the shelves of cabinets with interior letters. You can purchase ready-made figures in the form of inscriptions or make them to order according to your own idea. Several color inscriptions will dilute the solid interior, make it dynamic. The classic interior requires special attention, without high-quality decor, it will look minimalistic.

Ceremonial atmosphere can be created by means of an elegant chandelier and an original frame for a mirror. Metallic surfaces significantly enliven the room, made in restrained colors.


Spacious rooms with light walls often have a minimum of decor. If there is a panoramic glazing, the landscape outside the window will decorate the living room as well as paintings. But even if only a brick wall gets on display, you can hang curtains with photo printing. An interesting solution is the use of textile upholstery, shade cushions, capes on furniture. At the same time, the interior looks especially interesting if pillows with different textures are used in the design.

If you want something new, you can decorate the floor with carpets of unusual shape.


In order for the white interior to play and delight, it is necessary that the room is well lit throughout the day. If a tall house is located opposite the windows, the trees close the sun, without additional sources of light is necessary. Otherwise, the walls will appear gray, and the room - dull. You can not ignore the lighting, otherwise the view of the room will be unnatural.

This problem can be fixed. To do this, simply place a few spotlights. Adherents of the loft style and other modern trends may prefer fluorescent lamps. To the ceiling seemed higher, it is necessary to choose a white chandelier on a long suspension.

If you want to draw attention to the table, you should place an unusual lamp over it. If antique furniture is used in the interior, a crystal chandelier will help to create a feeling of lightness.

It is advisable to place several lamps on the walls. Then the lighting will be voluminous, highlighting each item.If the ceiling is low, a model suspended from the ceiling will do. But then you have to place several spotlights on the sides in order to get rid of dark corners in which there is much less light.

Beautiful examples in the interior

You can appreciate the beauty of the interior in white with the help of photo gallery examples. The white living room with gold is a classic. This combination looks luxurious and rich.

For romantic natures, a white living room is suitable, which is complemented with lilac color. Lilac shade goes well with white. So the room seems cozy.

So that the white color of the living room was expressive, it is worth adding an original chandelier, wall sconces and living greens to the interior composition.

Useful tips on interior design of the living room will tell American interior and landscape designer Paul Allen Smith in the next video.

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