The design of the living room 16 square. m: create a harmonious interior

Even in a small city apartment you can perfectly furnish a room for receiving guests without contacting the designer. Consider how to design a living room design 16 square meters. m. and create a harmonious interior.

Special features

The largest room is usually chosen as the living room of a small apartment in a panel house. Due to the small choice of options, it can combine the functions of the hall. Even with a small area (less than 18 square meters), it can be arranged so that it impresses the guests. The lack of squares in the living room of a small apartment can be compensated by a visual increase in space through various means:

  • light colors of furniture, walls and ceilings;
  • reflective surfaces;
  • bright lighting.

It is possible to arrange the most rational furniture and household appliances in order to preserve the free space as much as possible. The reincarnation of the room is 16 square meters. m in a full living room may include the following steps:

  • determining the functionality of the future premises (for receiving guests, relaxing, watching TV, banquets);
  • planning a common living room style;
  • development of detailed design of the room;
  • repair and interior decoration;
  • furniture arrangement.

A distinctive feature of planning a small living room design is the fact that all stages are done taking into account space savings. For example, get ergonomic small-sized furniture. Another solution is to combine a living room with a kitchen and the subsequent functional zoning of the combined room.

Room type

In a small rectangular room with one entrance, it is easy enough to make the layout of a full living room. It is possible to combine a TV area with a section and other appliances, placing everything compactly along a longer wall. At the opposite vertical plane, you can arrange a large sofa and chairs. There will still be plenty of free space for a coffee table, floor lamps, and bedside tables.

If the living room is a checkpoint, which is found in some layouts of residential buildings, it is worthwhile to distinguish between functional areas for the common, where there is a free passage between the rooms, and recreational, designed for recreation and reception.It is in the last zone that you need to create a cozy atmosphere by adding suitable furniture, applying the necessary elements of decoration, decor and lighting. To save space in this zoning of the hall, it is proposed to use a multi-level ceiling, a threshold on the floor, different colors in two zones.

You can also use a simpler method: put some small-sized furniture on the border (for example, a coffee table, a flower garden, a bedside table).

A full living room in a small apartment can be made by taking space from another room (for example, a kitchen or balcony). Projects of combined rooms have gained immense popularity, they can be found in large numbers. The greatest difficulty is in dismantling the floors and the subsequent finishing. But after such a repair it turns out a beautiful and functional living room.

Most often combine the kitchen with the adjoining room. Such projects are especially popular in Khrushchev, where there is always a shortage of free space. After the dismantling of the common wall, the walls, the floor and the ceiling are trimmed and zoning is performed. For a miniature square kitchen, the role of a dining area is assigned, a large hall is turned into a room for receiving guests.

Borders can be designated a figured arch of plasterboard, a shelf or a bar.

When combining a room with a balcony, you can increase the real square meters of space that are not included in the common living space. Even 1 square. borrowed from the loggia, visually increase the space and functionality of the living room of a small apartment. This project will complicate the fact that it is necessary to additionally warm the combined room, shift the pipes and radiators, dismantle the external load-bearing wall. Often the demolition of the walls can aggravate the current state of affairs: the walls can sink.


For a small living room city apartment, you can choose several popular styles at the discretion of the owners. A variety of ideas for finishing and planning allow you to bring to life any tastes of the owners.


The classic is an emphasis on symmetrical shapes, a harmonious combination of proportions, an abundance of decorative elements in the form of stucco, ornaments, images of flowers. With this design must be selected appropriate furniture. The cost of a high-quality classic-style headset is high, if you pick up cheap items and finishing materials, the overall picture can be tasteless, you need to take that into account.


The living room in modern style is filled with maximum functionality and comfort. Household appliances, furniture, finishing materials choose the most advanced and advanced. Another feature of the room in the Art Nouveau style is the presence of an exclusive project (originality of solutions, uniqueness).


Eco style is characterized by natural materials of furniture and interior decoration. Wood, glass, clay, natural stone, fabric, straw are used. Colors and patterns should remind of closeness to nature: brown, gray, beige shades symbolize the soil, and green and yellow tones symbolize the soil. If the materials are not natural, textures that mimic them are selected for eco-direction. Natural flowers, glass vases, earthenware jars and wicker baskets can be used for decoration.

Art Deco

This direction is an exclusive style with contrasting and bright colors. In the decoration and furniture used expensive materials: solid wood, ivory, natural stone, precious metals.


It is worth considering separately the features of the decoration and decor of every detail of the living room.Walls in a small room should not be too colorful colors or large patterns. The most successful colors are gray, beige, cream, pale purple, milky.

It is better not to use more than three different tones in the composition of the interior composition.

The most popular type of decoration of any living room is wallpaper. They can be paper, textile, washable, waterproof, vinyl. Recently, liquid wallpaper (silk plaster) has become popular, which is mixed with water and applied to the walls with a roller or spray gun. This material is perfectly combined with any furniture, flooring, curtains, interior doors.

Photowall-paper or wallpaper with a pattern is better not to use for the entire living room. It is better to give them any one wall or even a fragment of it. In such a room, calm landscapes, images of sunset, road, forest, flowers are well suited. Large images are unacceptable: they will create an oppressive atmosphere.

As a decoration of a small living room, you can successfully use painting with acrylic paints. The choice of colors here is the same as for wallpaper (not too bright, soothing tones).For painting it is necessary to level the walls with two layers of putty (basic and finishing). After leveling the surface, it must be treated with a deep penetration primer.

It is advisable to make the ceiling for a small room one-level. Well in this space looks design of plasterboard with built-in spotlights. If the surface is sufficiently smooth, you can do without a plasterboard base: it is enough to level it with putty, prime it and paint it in a light tone. For a room of 16 square meters. m suitable and two-story ceiling with a separation of functional areas, if the ceiling height allows.

As for the chandelier, it should be chosen in accordance with the style of the room.

The floor in the living room can be made different. Recently, the most popular laminate, it is affordable and easy to install coating. His sheets are manually mounted butt-free butt-free. The main thing is that the surface of the floor was ideally even, otherwise the fragments will be deformed. Laminate colors and textures are on sale in a huge amount, it’s harder to choose from hundreds of possible options,than install it.

Parquet is a more expensive floor covering material. Mounting it is a bit more complicated than laminate. But it looks gorgeous and really reminds of natural origin. When designing a room in eco style, this solution will be the most successful. In addition to parquet flooring can be done floorboard.

You can lay linoleum on the living room floor. It fits perfectly even on a non-perfectly flat surface, has good thermal insulation and is easy to clean. To create a cozy atmosphere after laying linoleum can be placed in the center of the room a small rug with a long nap under the coffee table. Recently, huge room-wide carpets have become less popular, and they are not as practical as neat and smooth linoleum flooring.

After finishing the room will remain to complete the arrangement of furniture and accessories. From the decorative details are necessary curtains on the windows, baseboard on the floor and ceiling, chandeliers and lamps, switches. All this should look harmonious, fitting into the conceptual design of the room. For large open areas of the walls of one fine finish, it is not enough; it is necessary to fill the voids with decorative details (for example, wall shelves, paintings, wall lamps).

Furniture should be chosen compact, if possible, and transformation. Here it is possible to experiment safely with any objects: cabinets, shelves, shelves, corner sofa, TV.

Tips and tricks

To make the space cozy, it is worth considering a few recommendations:

  • To visually increase the space of a small living room, just hang a mirror. Fully mirrored side wall will make the interior chic. In addition to mirrors, there is a mass of other glossy surfaces that reflect light well.
  • If there are a lot of things, you can use hidden storage locations for them. It can be a niche for linen in the sofas, closets, high shelves. There are also multifunctional beds, tables and wardrobes transformers that are perfect for a small apartment.
  • Often the corners remain free, although you can use them to the maximum. For this purpose, create corner sofas and wardrobes-sections. You can separate the free corner of a small wall of plasterboard or a bookcase that will accommodate a working area with a desk and a computer.
  • Other useful items needed for a small living room are folding chairs and sofas,sliding table-book, a sofa without a back.

From the window you can pick up some free space. For example, you can dismantle the window sill and place a sofa with a back there, or place a roomy chest of drawers under the window opening.

Beautiful examples in the interior

In a tiny room, you can create a stunning interior, as in this nice room. The living room includes everything you need: a roomy sofa, a table, a TV area with a section. Suspended ceilings and trendy wallpapers complement the stylish design.

Incredibly stylish living room design, combined with a balcony. When repairing did not have to demolish the bearing walls. The division into two functional areas - the living room and a study.

An example of a room combined with a kitchen. It is possible to design the common space in the same style, with functional zones being highlighted.

Cozy and original design of a small living room. There are many spacious closets and a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation. Large and bright balcony opening visually increases the space.

Additional recommendations on the arrangement of the living room, you can find out below.

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