Design of the walls in the living room: modern design ideas

The living room is considered one of the key parts of any home. When a family gathers for some reason or guests come, it is in the foreground. No wonder the desire to create a beautiful view in this room, to make the atmosphere as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

An important role in solving these problems has the correct design of the walls.

Special features

Since the chosen modern style, you need to adhere to its key feature - democracy. There are solutions that are designed for small and large rooms. And exclusively looking furniture or design elements do not always meet the requirements of convenience and practicality.

Starting the design of the living room, always think over the general idea: one thing is when a spacious room is created where a home theater can be placed or a kitchen, sleeping area is added, and quite another when comfort and cosiness are in priority.

The modern style is inextricably linked with the free play of colors, nuances; You should not abandon the use of new technologies, they only improve the perception of the room.

Finishing options

When choosing a veneer, look not only at how fashionable it is in the current season, take into account your needs, the nuances of the room, the practicality of various materials. Even when the coating seems to be of the same type, it can be varied using different textures and tones, combining with decorative elements..

When preparing to decorate a room, you need to consider whether a certain option will work for a long time, because it is completely unwise to make repairs every year, as well as worsen your life by constantly being in the annoying interior.

It is important: that the walls retain their attractiveness longer, do not make them excessively variegated.


The color of the walls in the living room has a number of positives in comparison with other options. It is much easier to paint than to use many other coatings, it is easy to impart any color to the painted surfaces. With the observance of technology it is easy to provide a high coverage strength, it can be operated for a long time, the cost is relatively low.

It is very important not only to choose the paint correctly, to determine the most suitable type, but also to make sure that the splitting goes right, to choose the most suitable color.

Important: the tonality should be selected taking into account not only the level of illumination, but also the area of ​​the finished room.

Try to thoroughly prepare the surface so that the result will meet all expectations.


The use of laminate in the decoration of the walls is a fresh and original idea that allows you to create a really interesting look. You can safely use even the cheapest varieties with minimal wear resistance, because no one will walk on the walls.

The material with the click lock is placed on a wooden base or on a completely flat substrate using glue.


Constant brick walls will create a living room in the style of a loft; you need to remember that this solution is suitable mainly for spacious rooms. If the whole room is covered with bricks uncomfortable, you can restrict yourself to this design for one wall, this is quite enough.


Wood trim is appropriate in such styles as modern classics, modern, baroque, classicism, country.Each of these areas has its own specifics, its own characteristics and nuances that must be taken into account.

Wall panels

The use of soft wall panels for interior decoration began relatively recently, and therefore it is still difficult to give this material an exact characterization, the experience of its use has not yet been gained. You can only indicate that there are options with leather trim and textile fabrics. Sound insulation and heat conservation fully meet the expectations of consumers, touching the surface of the panels gives a pleasant feeling.

Some users point out such disadvantages as the absorption of living space, the necessity of careful care. You also need to be careful with sharp objects to avoid damaging the panel.

A glass or 3D panel harmoniously enters the high-tech style. But here it is necessary to select a design solution more thoroughly, to consult with professional designers. White, black and metallic are the key colors that should be used in high-tech living rooms.

The Provence style living room is designed using various combinations of wood and glass, and the wood should be necessarily light.Single, insignificant in size and volume blotches of bright elements are all that you can afford in an atmosphere created with pastel colors.

It is not necessary to purchase expensive panels, it is enough to use simple wallpaper with a carefully selected pattern. Relatively economical repair allows you to achieve a luxurious appearance.


Decorative wall tiles allow you to imitate (reproduce) the texture of a variety of materials, and its own appearance is good enough. Its gypsum variety, for example, is very strong; but it should be noted that this property makes it difficult to handle the material, and the dense surface is cold to the touch.

In addition to slate, granite, sandstone and other minerals, characterized by enhanced decorative characteristics, are often used to make decorative tiles.

Photo printing

Using photo printing, contrary to popular belief, is not at all old-fashioned. Modern technologies allow you to create very original images, not limited to trees and flat landscapes on low-quality paper, which were mass-produced several decades ago.

Family portraits, magnificent views of nature and favorite cinematographic, literary characters will be a pleasant addition to the atmosphere of the living room.

Stoneware and marble

The use of porcelain stoneware, and especially of marble, testifies to the solid aesthetic taste of the owners of the house and proves visually their material security. But it is important how to study the features of these finishing materials, to consider their use.

Porcelain tile is more practical than marble, it does not so much get dirty and absorbs moisture, and the exact observance of the production technology makes the artificial surface resistant to almost any harmful factors.

Stretch walls

Stretch ceilings have become a very important decorative material, but designers and technologists have taken a step further, they began to widely use the same solutions in the design of the walls. It will be necessary to place around the perimeter of the plank, with the help of which the fabric is held in a vertical position.

The important advantages of this decor are the high speed of preparation and the complete absence of water, that is, it will be very easy to restore order and cleanliness in the hall.


With the help of decorative plaster it is easy to create an exquisite, memorable image - and only a few other materials can compare with it in design possibilities.

The advantage of the plaster is the lack of preliminary preparation of the walls, and its excellent immunity to high humidity and temperature extremes.

Block house

Applying a blockhouse to decorate the hall, you will emphasize the naturalness of your home and environmental safety. For comfort, coziness, this material is superior to many others. options unconditionally. But you need to take into account the increased risk of fire and the risk of deformation.

Special impregnations, careful installation allow to circumvent these difficulties, but they complicate and increase the cost of work.


You can glue the combined or ordinary wallpaper in the living room in almost any case. Do not think that the combination is very difficult and requires some unusual design knowledge. In reality, it will only be necessary to take into account the particularities of the room, its advantages and disadvantages in order to choose the most correct solution.

What to decorate?

The living room moldings bring a sense of intrigue, unusualness even to the simplest interior. Be sure to think over both sides of the design you are creating: which material is better and how to use it more correctly.

On the free (empty) wall in the living room you can hang the clock, they alone will fill all the space with meaning and will be quite appropriate.

If you already have a clock, fill in the unused space will help:

  • mirrors;
  • applications;
  • shelves;
  • exotic decorations.

The decoration of the stucco halls can be done in the most diverse format; this is not only a bas-relief (three-dimensional composition), but also a socket around the lamp, and a bracket (plain or decorated with curls), and many other elements.

All such design moves can be done by hand, and the result will not yield to the work of professionals in grace.

You can decorate the corner behind the sofa in various ways, but all of them are aimed either at improving the functionality of the room or at making the room look beautiful, noble and well-groomed. Hanging over this place or in front of him pictures, you will increase the feeling of comfort and convenience, adjust the situation in a more benevolent way.

An alternative solution is often an attractive panel., the selection of the plots of which must be approached no less carefully than the choice of photographs or natural drawing of natural material.

Combination Methods

There are basic ways to combine wallpapers:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • inserts;
  • panel;
  • in niches and ledges;
  • photo wallpaper.

All of the above types have been mentioned previously, ranging from vertical combination to photo printing. However, you can combine not only the wallpaper. You can use different in texture materials: tile and wallpaper, wood and tile, and so on. So you can not only highlight a certain area, but also to focus in the hall.

Choosing a color

Definition of colors is important in any case - whether you want to decorate a room in dark colors or decide to make a contrast wall, you need to take care of completeness and harmony. Consider the personal tastes and needs of all occupants, the characteristics of the living room, the direction of the world on which the windows overlook, and the level of illumination at different times of day.

If insolation is weak, it does not matter if the windows are on the dark side or because of obstacles (trees, shadows, etc.), light colors — yellow, peach and other colors of the summer spectrum — will help to correct the situation.

It also happens that there is too much light, then bright red, pink shades are categorically unacceptable. In this case, the darker colors of the cold part of the spectrum are preferred. It is important to take into account the color of the furniture.

If you are going to draw attention to it, you should use the maximum contrast. Dark set favorably stands out against the white walls, and light - when they are painted in rich bright colors - blue, olive green and others of your choice.

How to beat the ledges?

There are various ways to do this. Half columns will help if the protrusion is relatively shallow. In more complex cases, the solution to the problem is the use of shelves, suspended structures. You can also recommend framing the problem area with furniture, carefully selected by style.

How to highlight the wall?

Designers have developed a number of techniques to create a truly unusual interior in the living room.So, the arches are able not only to emphasize the designer advantages of the room, but also to replace an ordinary door. When this option is not suitable, you can use accent painting, it will definitely attract the attention of guests to a certain surface.

The wall-partition allows you to split the space visually, while physically it will remain united and very comfortable. To implement such seemingly contradictory properties, drywall constructions are made in such a way that they do not reach the ceiling.

Depending on the configuration, plasterboard products may look original or perform a purely utilitarian function.

An elegant and attractive step is the use of a semicircular decorative detail or the addition of a composition with carefully selected upholstered furniture. The role of illumination is great, it not only focuses attention on the wall, but also sets priorities in the room.

Tips and tricks

In a small living room it is recommended to use parts with bright, rich colors. They will help get rid of the feeling that you are in a small cramped space.For a large room, it makes sense to emphasize pompousness and luxury, to introduce lush design elements. Then its design potential will be fully disclosed.

And in long living rooms it is advisable to use any methods that bring the room's shape closer to the ideal square.

Modern ideas in the interior

It is worth considering a practical example of design in a living room with a brick wall. Put on the TV and organize the backlight - nothing more is needed for a good composition. The designer wall in the apartment hall can be created by alternating gray and white stripes, its appeal will well emphasize the fireplace or flower pots in the corner.

The walls of the living room in a private house, made in a classic style, look very elegant and noble. A monotonous light background and contrasting dark red or brown large format cabinets attached to the walls themselves help to create such an impression.

The style of the classic may have a different look - with light wallpaper, paintings and attractive mirrors with a grid in almost the entire height of the room.

How to arrange the wall above the sofa in the living room, see the next video.

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