Features of the living room design in blue tones

In any home there should be a space where you can get together in a big company, have fun, watch TV and have fun. Basically this place is a living room. Since it is the heart of the house, it should be cozy and beautiful. To do this, the living room can be decorated in blue.

Special features

Blue is a heavenly hue with which hope is pinned. It calms, pacifies, gives strength when necessary. This color is suitable for decoration of living rooms. but not everything should be blue, interior objects must be combined with each other (furniture, wallpaper, additional decor).

Do not forget about the combination of colors. That the drawing room was not monotonous and boring, combine blue with other color.

Begin with the design of the walls: it can be wallpaper or other material. Choose light blue shades to help you relax. Deep dark shades are suitable for spacious living rooms.Do not overdo it, otherwise you will turn a bright room into a gloomy and uncomfortable.

If you have panoramic windows in your living room, you can decorate the central wall with photographs, paintings, ornaments or unusual accessories. Do not be afraid to realize your fantasies. What will be in the living room, should bring positive emotions. For the floor, use light shades of wood (for example, milky, light wenge). Consider options such as linoleum, flooring, carpet.

The ceiling should be combined with the general interior. Choose a white shade. It will definitely be a win-win option. Bright living room furniture in shades of blue will be the ideal solution if the main color is bright. Pay attention to the turquoise, milky, blue shades. Furniture in such colors will be in harmony with the rest of the interior.

Focus on lighting: it will play a final role. Light will help to zone the living room. To do this, use spotlights. They can be on the ceiling or in niches on the walls. To illuminate the center of the room, buy a beautiful chandelier. The glass chandelier with a metal decor will look gorgeous.

Everything should be combined in style orientation. Blue color will look great in the style of hi-tech, retro directions and even the classics, which is inherent solemnity. Best of all blue color fits into the Scandinavian style and Provence. If desired, it can be entered into a modern style, but it is important to observe moderation with the addition of accessories to the interior. The design of the living room should show the depth of your inner world.

Combination of tones

When choosing the color scheme of the interior do not forget about the combination of different shades. To begin, select a base color. After that, supplement it with other tones. It is best to choose warm and delicate shades.

There are many combinations of options, for example:

  • if you like brightness, use blue with yellow or orange;
  • strict interior implies a combination of white and blue;
  • for warmth and comfort, use blue and brown;
  • For a romantic nautical style, combine blue with white and red.

The main task - the correct dispensing of color.

The blue shade is cold, for a homely atmosphere dilute it with warm tones of the color palette. For example, you can choose:

  • Beige. This combination will make the interior elegant, cozy and discreet. Accessories should be a tone darker.
  • White. The main features of this combination is beauty and charm. Such a combination will help to relax after a hard day's work.
  • Gray. Will create a feeling of freshness.
  • Brown. It will give the hall a solid look.
  • Green. Will bring a feeling of freshness.
  • Blue. This choice should be careful: blue is suitable as a minimum stroke.
  • Orange. In this case, you should use a soft tone (bright contrast provokes anxiety).
  • Yellow. It is preferable to choose a cold tone (this way you can convey the atmosphere of freshness and harmony with nature).
  • Pink. It is appropriate in the minimum amount.

With the wrong combination of these colors can cause depression. Try to experiment and make the walls are not in blue, but in white, the furniture is worth putting bright blue shades, maybe even blue.

Color focus can be done on different things. For example, it is necessary to highlight the ceiling, make it blue, like the sky, or whiten it. Bleached ceiling will give the living room a feeling of cleanliness.


The finished look of the room will be with the right choice of accessories, furniture, curtains and other paraphernalia:

  • When choosing curtains, pay attention to monochrome options. Motley curtains will distract attention from the main interior. Tulle is better to choose snow-white, air.
  • Bright cushions on the sofa can be darker than the main shade of the interior.
  • Decorate the living room with vases and flowers. It can be fresh flowers. The vase is good from a natural stone.
  • If there is a fireplace in your living room, place decorative candles on the shelves.
  • Carpet should not stand out. Fluffy carpets fit perfectly into the interior.
  • If you chose a marine theme for decorating the living room, it’s important to place the steering wheel on the wall, choose blue striped wallpaper.
  • Furniture can be glass, wicker, with forging.
  • Zoning is permissible with the help of screens or glass partitions.
  • Good lighting is a must for a visual increase in space.

It is necessary to decorate an interior so that it was cozy to you to be in such drawing room. You can use pistachio, lemon, lavender, gold, silver hues. If you can not arrange the hall yourself, contact a specialist for help.

Choose furniture according to your interior and color palette.

To make your living room look rich, stop at expensive natural furniture made of wood or leather. But there is an economy option. In this case, you need to choose furniture that fits exactly into your blue living room and will create an overall picture. Then no one will think about the price.

White furniture will highlight your blue walls, but you need the right care. If you have animals that can ruin furniture in seconds, it’s best to leave this idea behind. Focus on wooden furniture. If the white tone has already been chosen, you can purchase eurocovers: they will reliably protect the upholstery from the claws of pets and allow you to simplify the care of furniture. So you can put together a separate sofa and chairs, giving them the appearance of a single headset.

For bright blue shades of the living room, select light pastel-colored furniture; bright furniture is good for light blue walls. To the interior was not boring, dilute the blue and contrasting colors with cheerful colors.

For information on which curtains to choose for a room with cool blue wallpapers, see the following video.

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