Original ideas to repair the hall do it yourself

To make repairs with your own hands in the living room, you need to know some details and rules. First of all, it is necessary to decide on the style of the hall, to study interesting ideas and original design options, to choose all the finishing materials.

Where to begin?

In order to make the repair of the hall with your own hands, you must begin with the preparation of all surfaces. The ceiling must be cleaned of old paint and plaster, if required. Purification should be carried out qualitatively, so that all coatings lay down evenly.

You will not be able to remove old coatings in the whole hall if you intend to do repairs with drywall. It can be fastened with nails and dowels.

After cleaning the walls and ceilings, it is necessary to lay the wiring. And it must be carefully hidden.

During the repair of putty and skin. The walls must be properly coated with primer to increase the adhesion of the wall to the floor. The primer improves the quality of any repair and makes it more durable. Putty is a coating that is necessary in order to level the surface and remove all existing defects.

Only after you prepare all the surfaces, you can proceed to the finish. It is important at this stage to choose the right colors and textures of all finishing materials. The right color helps to expand the space and zoning. In addition, it can be used to adjust the shape of the hall and fill it with light.

If you have a small room less than 18 square meters. m, then for its decoration is better to use light walls and a dark floor. But if you want to visually increase the area of ​​the room, then when finishing it is better to achieve similarity in color of the walls, ceiling and floor.

In order to deepen the room with the help of repair, it is necessary to make one of the walls darker. This technique is perfect for the repair of small apartments. If the hall has a lot of free space, then you can give preference to brighter shades. It is better if they relate to the warm colors.

This rule applies especially to premises with windows facing north.

But if the windows of the hall face south, then you can take a closer look at the shades of cold colors.

Pay more attention to the wallpaper, because they set the overall atmosphere of the room.

After you need to think over all the details and details. It is necessary to calculate all the necessary materials, as well as financial resources that you plan to spend on repairs.

If you are repairing an old living room, you must take out all the furniture from there in order not to accidentally stain or damage it.

It is also important to dismantle all lights to protect them from dirt and construction dust. Floors, like walls, are leveled with special mixtures. Only after that you can proceed to the finish.


Now designers present several options for decorating the living room in different stylistic directions. Before proceeding to repair, it is necessary to determine the style and adhere to the basic rules that are typical for each direction. Styles you can mix and match. For modern trends, it is common for loft, hi-tech and minimalism to mix styles.

The hall in the style of a loft is characterized by an imitation of a rough finish. Outwardly, such a room is somewhat reminiscent of a room that is not fully renovated. In fact, this is the whole idea. So, on the floor, you can use a wooden floor, but for the walls are selected a variety of materials.

A noteworthy is the decoration of one accent wall with brickwork. This wall can be used for decoration, placing on it modern paintings and posters. In addition, there you can hang a big TV or organize a home theater.

In rooms designed in the style of a loft, wallpaper is not usually glued. Most coatings have a voluminous relief texture, suitable plaster, concrete, and paint. Loft is characterized by a special grouping of furniture, as well as ease of planning. Style requires a large area and space. That is how most often make out the living room area in a studio apartment.

Another popular modern trend is hi-tech. It is characterized by the use of clear lines and different geometric shapes in the interior. When choosing a material for finishing is better to use glossy and leather surfaces.The interior should be as much as possible metal and glass elements. Use of plastic is acceptable.

For interior decoration of the room in the style of high-tech uses a bit of decor items, especially accessories. One or two large paintings, posters, as well as a vase or a pot with lively small flowers can serve as a decor. Furniture can be arranged in a chaotic manner. It is necessary to select the most interesting and unusual, characterized by elegance of form. Perfectly fit leather sofas and armchairs.

This style is an excellent option for decoration of small rooms in size. There are no restrictions on colors, most often metallized coatings are used, as well as black, white, blue, red colors.

The style of minimalism is a common trend that is often chosen by people who do not like the abundance of unnecessary details, preferring freedom of movement.

Living rooms in a minimalist style usually have a small area. But you can arrange and large rooms. In this case, the style must be mixed with a loft or high-tech.

Characterized by the presence in the interior of a completely smooth and mostly glossy surfaces.Volumetric textures and patterns, ornaments are not peculiar to it. Simple vases, soft live flowers, as well as floor lamps or sconces are used as decorative objects. Also suitable black and white drawings or photographs in simple frames.

These three main areas are most often used recently in the repair of the hall in an apartment or in a private house. They are actively combined with each other, creating unique compositions.

To repair the apartment, you can choose the Scandinavian style. It involves the arrangement of furniture along the walls and the presence of free space in the center. In addition, this style is peculiar to a lot of space and light.

The decoration of the window should be light curtains or tulle, all coverings should be thin and light. Perfect for repairing wallpaper and laminate. The color scheme is gray-blue, white or light green.


Designers are now presenting a variety of interesting zoning options. So, the most budget option is the angular arrangement of furniture. This is a great solution for a square living room. Furniture is grouped at the four corners of the room, highlighting the four functional areas.

The sofa area can border the workplaceand a recreation area with a dining room, where you can relax and meet guests. Zoning is also performed using multi-level floors. On the podium you can bring a sofa area or a study with a computer desk. It is these zones that are often isolated and separated.

Zoning also produced by changing the color, texture. You can arrange the walls in different ways in the dining and sofa areas using contrasting or tinting paints, wallpapers that smoothly change from one color to another. The same method of playing colors is used for walls and floors.

For the delimitation of space you can use moldings. In order to separate the living room from the hallway erect elegant arches. They can be decorated with artificial stone or brick.


For the decoration of living rooms you can use completely different coatings. Thus, the walls of the hall are designed mainly with coverings of restrained tones that do not have pronounced ornaments or complex patterns. A great option is decorative plaster or light wallpaper. The walls are complemented with glass elements or mirror surfaces.Thus it is possible to visually increase the area of ​​the room.

It is important to simultaneously choose the shade of the wall covering, since it is necessary to maintain a harmonious interior. The most economical for wall decoration are wallpapers. They are the easiest to stick with their own hands.

In addition, you can choose a variety of color textures and coatings. Beautiful and elegant wallpaper with silk-screen printing, or more simple vinyl, are perfect for the hall.

The budget option for the walls - painting. You can choose any colors and combine them at your discretion.

In addition, one or all walls can be decorated with expanded polystyrene. It is an inexpensive and stylish solution. You can install tiles quickly and without assistance. Popular decoration clapboard and block house.

For a more refined atmosphere of the living room fit decorative plaster. It looks very aesthetically pleasing and is an excellent option for finishing wall coverings. The living room looks spectacular, as the embossed walls can be fun to play in the sun and surprise you with their modulations.

In the repair of large halls and use wood panels. They are distinguished by neutrality and environmental friendliness, harmoniously look in any interior. This is a great solution for a living room in the style of a classic or loft.

For more elaborate halls perfect decorative stone. Usually, passages are thus distinguished, especially if they are made in the form of an arch.

Distinguish the door slopes: one accent wall is performed with the finishing of fine decorative stone. A hall with such decoration will look stylish and presentable.

As for the flooring, the most popular option is currently laying laminate. It perfectly combines price and quality, looks presentable. The coating can imitate different tree species, including valuable varieties, and other textures. In light living rooms, laminate of bleached oak is considered popular. It looks bright, fills the room with freshness.

Laminate in marble or decorative stone is also perfect in the hall.

Another good option is parquet. This is a natural, beautiful and always current type of floor finish. It looks presentable and is durable. Putting it with your own hands is not difficult, especially large-scale parquet boards.

In modern halls create self-leveling floors. They are a coating of a special polymer composition. While hardening, it forms a completely smooth and even surface.

In modern living rooms, a 3D drawing is applied over a self-leveling floor or under the same transparent coating. It adds brightness to the interior and emphasizes the chosen style.

The easiest option for economy class flooring is linoleum. It is easy to care for and easy to mount with your own hands. In addition, you can quickly replace it if he gets bored.

As for the ceiling, in modern halls it can be three-dimensional multi-level constructions, cornices. They often include an interesting highlight, which will also allow zoning.

For finishing the ceiling, you can use stucco. But it should not have clear lines and straight geometric shapes to fit into the modern interior of the hall. In this case, all the ceilings are decorated with light shades - white, milky, pale yellow.

Light is especially important in the interior of a small room, because it can visually expand it. It is better to install more modern spotlight type lamps or metal chandeliers on the ceiling.You can pick up and elegant glass models, because crystal chandeliers are not in vogue now.

The window openings of the living room should be maximally expanded and large glasses inserted there. They should allow as much daylight into the room as possible. Thus, you can emphasize almost every detail of the interior of a standard apartment.

Do not use curtains of coarse and heavy fabric. It is better to give preference to translucent curtains.

Beautiful examples in the interior

In the hall you can equip a sofa area and a fireplace. He will bring comfort to the room and fill it with warmth. Walls in this recreation area are often brick or stone trimmed. For the floor is best suited boardwalk.

As an element of decor on the ceiling you can fix the wooden beams. In general, the room is better to arrange in natural shades of brown with natural wood textures and patterns. The sofa is better to choose a beige or chocolate color. It is better if its upholstery is soft, as if velvety. Perfectly fit into such an interior and leather sofa.

In modern interiors, the contrast between the dark floor and white ceilings, as well as other light surfaces, looks interesting.You can put black parquet, laminate and put a white leather sofa. The perfect gloss of the floor will emphasize the whiteness of the other elements of the composition.

In addition, the floor can be further decorated with a rug with a long nap and other light furniture elements.

In a private two-story house halls may have stairs. New trends in design involve the installation of spiral staircases with elements of wood and metal. The passage room can be supplemented with beige leather furniture and a light glass table.

For the floor is perfect light parquet. The central zone can be distinguished by a carpet of a contrasting color, for example, coffee. In this case, it should be supplemented with other elements, for example, light coffee curtains or a rug.

From the following video you will learn how to turn some unsightly elements of life into an original addition to the interior.

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