How beautiful wallpaper glue in the room: original solutions for your interior

Properly and tastefully decorated room in an apartment or house every time will delight guests and hosts. After all, it is from this room depends on the first impression of your home. Here you spend most of your time relaxing with your family, watching TV and meeting guests.

Creating the most comfortable, bright, stylish and bright interior of the hall is not an easy task, so if you do not have the time and financial means to choose a special design, try using some original ideas that will be discussed in this article.

Special features

No matter what wallpaper you choose, and how you will glue them, the main thing is that you need to do this very carefully. Mistakes are excusable when sticking wallpaper in a bedroom or corridor, but not in the “heart” of an apartment where family evenings and meetings with friends take place. To avoid mistakes in the work, it is worth remembering some tips.

Sticking wallpaper in the room means that you will meet with different difficult areas in the form of radiators, switches, sockets. Corners are also not the most pleasant places to bother with.

Choose wallpaper for sticking with a small pattern. If the canvas with a large pattern, or the distance between the drawings is decent, then the material consumption will be much more, because it will go away when fitting.

As soon as you spread out the wallpaper, measure the length, compare whether the picture is the same, be sure to number them to avoid mounting in the wrong sequence. Start wallpaper glueing should be from the window, it does not matter - on the left or right side, at your convenience. In order to properly glue the wallpaper in the corner, it is necessary that the canvas goes to the next wall no more than 30 mm. If more - cut too much.

When it comes to outlets and switches, you will need to unscrew them for convenience. When gluing the web onto a socket or switch, make two small diagonal cuts in this place. Then carefully cut a small section of wallpaper, leaving a small overlap. It can be gently removed under the body sockets or switches. Once coped with this - you can safely fasten fasteners.

Do not forget to turn off the electricity in this apartment.

With batteries, things are a little more complicated. Although, if you use ingenuity and cunning, you can cope with wallpapering very easily, without errors. Starting from the top of the battery and to the bottom of the blade, you need to make several cuts diagonally. This will allow you to manage your wallpaper as you wish. And the seams behind the battery will not be noticeable and will not in any way spoil the look of the room.

If you have coped with the pasting of the hall, then you can safely move on to the next room or arrange the furniture and enjoy the renovation.

Master class on the correct wallpapering look further.

What to choose?

Today, there are many options for wallpaper walls in the living room, and even the cheapest wallpaper samples can look beautiful and stylish. However, there are many points to consider when choosing this finishing material.

Vinyl, bamboo, metal, textile and others are considered to be durable and high-quality wallpapers. The main thing is to remember that there are no absolutely perfect rolled canvases, they can all have their drawbacks. Thanks to their diversity, you can choose the ones that fit all your requirements:

  • Paper Wallpaper belongs to the category of light and cheap materials. They simply glue the room. That's just they do not hide the flaws of surfaces and quickly lose their "freshness."
  • Flizelinovye Wallpaper can also be purchased at a reasonable price. They have good heat and sound insulation. Hiding the irregularities of the walls.
  • Especially popular now photo wallpapers. The choice is quite diverse, they look good and modern and, not least, are sold at an affordable price.
  • Wallpaper for painting - very convenient and practical option. They are able to refresh your room. They can be painted more than once.
  • Vinyl Wallpaper is distinguished by its durability. They are moisture resistant and embossed. However, not everyone can afford such canvases. They consist of expensive materials, which is reflected in the total cost of wallpaper.
  • Textile Wallpaper is considered one of the most expensive. For their production using natural materials. Due to this, they have no joints on the walls.

To make it easier for you to understand which wallpaper samples are specific to your living room, several easy rules should be followed:

  • it is necessary to take into account the parameters of the hall, such as the height of the ceiling, the width of the walls and even the lighting, the particular layout, the style of the room, its own character traits
  • choosing wallpaper for the hall, it is necessary to take into account both your wishes and the position of the room relative to the cardinal points. For the northern and eastern rooms warm and bright tones will do; if the room is on the south and west side, it is better to choose colors of cold shades;
  • the main thing is to decide what style of interior you like, and then select the design and type of wallpaper, taking into account the idea, design and design.

Remember that the lighting and location of the windows in the room can also affect how one or another color will be perceived in the interior.

When choosing a wallpaper, Do not forget about the style and color of furniture. If the furniture you have dark colors, experts advise to paste over one or more walls with light canvas, while others - dark. Contrast is an excellent technique that will always be in fashion.

Colors and prints

The color scheme, which will become the main one in the room, is almost completely predetermined by what the wall decor will be. It is worth remembering that it is better if the coloring of the wallpaper will be repeated in the interior, be it furniture, doors, floor, ceiling or decor items.

The dominance of red, yellow and orange tones is considered warm, the predominance of blue, blue and lilac is considered cold. Most often it is advised not to combine warm and cold colors. It looks inharmonious, it is unlikely you will be comfortable in this room.

It is better to try to combine cold and warm tones with neutral ones. In extreme cases, the room should be made out only in one color.

To decorate the walls with two different types of wallpaper saturated shades are also not worth it. It is better to combine a bright and juicy color with a neutral one. The same situation with the paintings, which have a picture. It is advised to combine wallpaper with a calm and concise design.

A small step away from the color that you conceived, can change the overall picture not for the better. If you decide to decorate a room with two types of wallpaper, then, if possible, purchase them in one store so that you can immediately and accurately select harmoniously combined textures and colors. The easiest way to choose the wallpaper of the same type. Coloring at your discretion.

Wallpapers of light colors or with a vertical strip will help to expand a small room with a low ceiling.To avoid cramped and oppressive situation in the room, you should not use wallpaper with large contrasting patterns. No need to worry that the room will look boring. Remember, the classics never go out of style.

Large rooms can be decorated with both light and dark wallpaper. Light colors will emphasize free space, dark shades will provide an opportunity to visually reduce the room to a more comfortable size.

The hall is the room where you relax, meet guests and spend most of your time. Therefore, you should not make out the room shades that contradict each other. For example, combine bright red and blue or pink and yellow. For the living room are well suited combination of beige and brown, red and white, gray and blue. These colors will create maximum comfort in the interior.

Remember that the choice of wallpaper should be approached as seriously as possible. It is worth considering both your preferences and expert advice:

  • a small living room is better to arrange in pastel colors. For example, mint, lavender or pink color;
  • apricot, strawberry, peach wallpaper is good for a cool living room.These colors will help create a cozy and warming atmosphere.

Just remember that warm tones can visually reduce space.

  • if the living room is distinguished by its high temperature, then aquamarine, pale blue, mint or lilac color of the paintings would be appropriate;
  • southern, eastern, south-western and south-eastern rooms look good in classic shades of gray, blue and blue;
  • expensive and stylish look pearl, silver, gold color scheme;
  • in the hall will look good green, maroon, cherry paint. They will give a special atmosphere, add brightness.

Decorate the living room, make it special help prints, print on the wallpaper. Now you can print on any surface, including wallpaper. And there are so many options that you do not have to invent it yourself. Today, the most popular wallpaper designs are animals, flower and newspaper prints. However, a bright floral print is better to issue only one wall, otherwise it will merge into one big picture and will not become the highlight of your room.

Your room you can arrange as you want. You can stick pictures on the walls in any style or celebrity posters.Recently, stickers and vinyl stickers have become popular.


The popularity of this method of pasting walls, as a combination, is becoming increasingly popular:

  • First, it is now fashionable.
  • Secondly, you can paste one room with different types of wallpaper in case you don’t decide on one color.
  • Third, you can divide the space into several zones.

Now many people connect the living room with a dining area. It is very important zoning room. Using a combination of different wallpapers, you can separate the kitchen from the living room or living room from the bedroom in case one room is used both as a bedroom and as a place to meet guests.

Decorating the walls with two types of wallpaper in the living room will allow each time to create a unique interior that will not leave you and your guests indifferent.

There is a palette of finished color combination samples. They can be used if necessary to arrange the living room so that it looks harmonious and bright.

Beautiful examples

To make it easier to approach the choice of wallpaper, you can look at Some examples of different types of combinations:

  • Vertical is considered one of the most common and interesting types of combinations. When using this method, wallpaper is pasted in several colors: two or even three colors. They are combined with each other by vertical canvases and are located on one or on adjacent walls;
  • gluing cloths with horizontal technique is difficult, but in the end it looks interesting and stylish;
  • The most effective technique is a method using patchwork technology. This method makes it possible to make the pasting of walls with different wallpaper in the form of square segments of material. Square, triangular or other shapes of wallpaper are placed in absolutely any sequence on those parts of the wall where you want;

Due to the properly selected wallpaper and sticking them neatly, you can transform the living room beyond recognition. And whatever wallpaper you choose - light, calm or bright colors, it is worth remembering that the situation in the room will depend on you. If you make the hall cozy and warm, then not only you, but also your guests will be satisfied.

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