Brick wall in living room interior design

The use of brickwork in the interior design of the living room became a popular trend several years ago. The presence in the house or apartment of such decoration fills the entire room with a special atmosphere.

What room will decorate?

At first glance it may seem that the brick wall is the enemy of space, it visually reduces the size of the room, making it gloomy. This is a completely wrong argument; most famous designers can argue with it. The brick wall will fit into any interior. It is only necessary to correctly select the design style, the size of the occupied area, the size and method of laying bricks.


There are several types of design.


Initially, this variant of masonry, called rusting, was used only in exterior architecture. Such a finish was similar to the external walls lining with quadrangular and correctly folded stones that tightly fitted to each other. The front side always remained rough and uncouth. Rustovka has a decorative and functional purpose. It looks spectacular in contrast with the elegant furniture. It can be used for sound insulation of walls.

Reversible wall

For interior design, this is an unusual type of masonry that makes you wonder whether you are outdoors or indoors. This technique looks very impressive when decorating the walls of the living room with windows. In this case, it is possible to imitate the outdoor atmosphere.

We make out a fireplace

The fireplace is often the main element of the living room and attracts attention. With the help of brickwork, it is possible to smooth out or increase the contrast between the fireplace and the walls, creating the desired mood. In any case, it will look gorgeous, regardless of whether the room has a real fireplace on the wood or its imitation.

Give the character a smooth texture

The use of refined brickwork gives the living room wall a special character. The interior of the room creates a feeling of comfort, textured objects selected to create it, look more brightly and favorably stand out on a relatively smooth surface. You can fantasize about this topic by placing a mirror on the wall, setting it around with a decorative frame. The highlight of a smooth wall is that, against its background almost all interior items will look textured and original (all kinds of tables, sofas, floor lamps, wall lamps, vases, relief paintings).

Clean white

The snow-white brick wall is successfully combined with the interior of the hall in any style (modern, classic, ethnic). This color is perfect for a dreamy boho, a spiritual provance and a trendy loft direction. The white color of the wall is associated with ease and ease, evoking positive emotions.

In such a living room, you can relax and unwind after a busy day of work; you should use colored pieces of furniture and interior as emphasis.


The reception of mixing different styles has long been known. One of the advantages of a brick wall is its ability to match perfectly with furniture, floor coverings and objects in different styles (in one or several). In such an interior, everything is acceptable: textiles, metal, wood, various ornaments and strict monotones.

Industrial style

Loft style, which has become popular recently, is hard to imagine without a brick wall. It is characterized by the use of concrete, metal, natural wood, bright accents are pipes, beams and everything that in other styles is hidden behind decorative boxes.Loft interiors imply the absence of curtains on the windows, tablecloths on the tables, they are characterized by light bulbs without lampshades, inconspicuous carpet covering or none at all.

The industrial-style brick wall looks like the oldest element of the living room, reinforcing its primary right to exist. It is combined with any furniture. It is difficult to make a mistake here, since initially this style was used by the poor, who could not afford expensive pieces of furniture. Creating a beautiful loft wall is easy. You must choose a brick with the effect of "antique".

It should be of uneven color, chips and cracks are welcome. The unevenness of the masonry and the different thickness of the seams, clots of mortar only emphasize the industrial style.


To create a refined interior living room brick wall gently putty. At the same time, the surface relief disappears, but the original brickwork pattern remains. After that, the wall is amenable to light tinting in light shades (you can choose ivory, delicate beige and light gray tone). This is a great base for many styles, but most harmoniously, such a brick wall will fit into a vintage living room.

Color staining

The brick wall in the interior design of the living room will look stylish and modern if it is painted in a rich fashionable color. It is worth noting that juicy burgundy, dark blue, dark green or graphite shades give a special character to the room, it is better combined with laconic furniture and interior items. The technology of painting a brick wall has its own characteristics, since the surface of a brick is rather porous, it requires preliminary preparation.

At first it is pickled, then it is puttied and ground. Only after all these activities, proceed to painting.

For a beautiful shade will require not one, but several layers of paint.

Ways to create a brick wall

Consider a few basic materials.


Brick laying is the most logical way to create a brick wall in the living room. If you live in a brick house, all you need to do is to clean the real wall from putty and plaster. Then the brick must be sanded and rubbed the seams. Grinding and grouting is also necessary for a brick wall laid for the interior of the hall. Finally, the wall can be varnished or painted.


Imitation bricks can be created using a stencil and a special textured roller. You can simulate masonry using ordinary plaster, making grooves in it, until it is frozen. With the help of the picture you can create bricks, cracks, adding a window with a view of the street and other decorative elements.


Pasting of walls by wall-paper under a brick is considered rather simple and inexpensive way to decorate a wall in a living room. Such wallpaper can be with a pattern and textured bricks for further painting. The first option - the usual wallpaper, the second implies the possibility of choosing the color and further re-staining.


Using decorative panels, you can create a trendy living room interior, minimizing costs. At the same time, the assortment of stores has a huge selection of panels according to the color and size of the bricks themselves. In this way, you can hide irregularities and further isolate the wall from noise. The advantage of this method is the high speed of installation of the panels and the possibility of quick replacement if necessary.

Facing brick

This is a thin material that looks like a real brick.On the wall it is glued with a special adhesive designed for artificial or natural stone. Then the joints are rubbed with a grout. The color palette of facing bricks is more than rich. In addition, there is a choice of forms and textures.

Brick Veneer

Veneer is a thin tile. Laying occurs on the prepared surface using tile glue and crosses, followed by grouting. As a rule, veneer is white and red.

On how to make a brick wall in the house with your own hands, you will learn in the next video.

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