Living room in turquoise colors: the rules of registration

 Living room in turquoise colors: the rules of registration

The well-thought-out color scheme of the living room will emphasize the quality of the repairs, the impeccability of the selected furniture, the exclusivity of the decorative elements and the stylistic solution of the interior. Various shades of turquoise contribute to the disclosure of design ideas, plans and ideas when arranging a modern living room in any style.


The color of the sea wave is incredibly successful for the decoration of the central room of the house. Most people associate it with the sea surf, the warm season and vacation, so in such an environment it is good to dream of distant shores and countries, make plans for the future and indulge in bliss.

A relaxed atmosphere will always reign in the turquoise living room, but at the same time aquamarine will be energized and inspired to vigorous creative activity.

How to use?

Turquoise is represented by a rich color range: from blinding aquamarine to aquamarine. This allows you to use the natural shade in many design projects and various style directions. Any variations of turquoise are pleasant to the eye, contribute to relaxation, but do not overdo it in the interior of the living room with it - everything should be in moderation. Only then the color will manifest itself fully, giving the main room in the house style and individuality:

  • Turquoise color can be leading in the room, and maybe complementary. In the first case, it is worth combining it with neutral shades, and in the second - using turquoise notes in accessories and decorative elements.
  • You can use it as a basis only in that living room, where there is a lot of sun and light. In other cases, a cool shade requires high-quality artificial lighting, otherwise the interior will look gloomy and uncomfortable.
  • Turquoise tandem with warm shades will be the most relevant.


Aquamarine is perfectly combined with almost the entire color palette, and each combination is attractive in its own way:

  • White color paired with turquoise is considered a classic of the genre.Cool range can be diluted with herbal and sunny yellow colors. For example, a good option is snow-white walls, turquoise curtains and furniture, and light solar accents in the form of decorative figurines.
  • Silver or gold in duet with a sea-green color speak of a desire to create a truly bohemian and pretentious interior. Pearl shades give the living room discreet luxury and sophistication. It is better to use them in decorative elements: a pattern on pillows and curtains, pictures, photo frames.
  • Tandem with chocolate shades can be called truly noble. This combination is especially popular with designers. One of the options is brown walls and floor, furniture set in aquamarine and snow-white accessories.
  • Gray as a supplement will make any living room elegant and stylish. A spectacular combination, but at the same time cold. The ideal solution for rooms with windows facing south.
  • The aquamarine living room will look exotic in a duet with a black palette. It is important to find a balance here so that the interior does not seem bleak: black statuettes, an elegant candlestick, embossing on curtains, a small flower vase. Such a design is more often a male choice. Such combinations are alien to girls.
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  • The purple-turquoise interior looks mystical and mysterious. Such a combination speaks of the extraordinary taste of the hosts. You can use any shades of lilac gamma: from plum to amethyst.
  • Small pink accents in the form of paintings, cushions or discreet curtains can bring spring freshness to the living room. Here it is important to find a balance so that the abundance of pink elements does not turn the main room in the house into a girlish boudoir.
  • A bold orange tandem will make the room more relaxed. Warm amber color in the interior gives energy and warms in icy winter evenings. The living room will be cozy, even if there are few orange elements.

Style and color

The use of turquoise shades is permissible in different design genres:

  • Scandinavian style. A characteristic feature is the combination of aquamarine in decoration and textiles with natural wood. As a complement relevant shades of gray, white and blue. This interior looks natural and fresh.
  • Turquoise is the best way to transfer the atmosphere of heat Mediterranean style, especially its greek variations.The main tone is white, and the blue and turquoise are reminiscent of the color of the water of the Greek seas, on the shores of which are stunning warm resorts.
  • Hi-tech and minimalism imply restrained concise designs in a gray-turquoise range. Here, clear lines and simplicity of furniture designs are compensated by bright ultramarine in the decoration.
  • Delicate french provence and the touching atmosphere of a village country music often complemented by shades of turquoise, blue and sunny yellow. They are embodied in textiles, accessories, decorative trifles.
  • Classic living rooms in turquoise tones remind, rather, palace chambers. Aquamarine can be used in the decoration of walls, upholstery, small designer items. Turquoise in the classics is in harmony with gold, bronze, and silver, which are applied by embossing on fabrics or wallpapers.
  • The combination of white and aqua is also characteristic of American modernity. Design projects in the style of Tiffany necessarily include bright turquoise components, stained glass windows and shades of colored glass.

Walls and floor

You should not avoid using the color of navy on the walls in the interior of the living room.Properly chosen combination with details of other shades will make the room interesting and unique. Hang pictures, mirrors, cuckoo clocks on the walls - and the room will play with the right colors.

It is worth remembering that aquamarine suppose, if the room has a lot of sunlight, bright artificial lighting. So, even the deepest shades of turquoise will look elegant.

Any material can be taken as a basis: for example, modern wallpapers, all the more so because choosing them today is amazing. An interesting option would be turquoise linen with mother-of-pearl inlays. Something similar can be arranged with the help of painting: a gold or silver pattern is applied over the main background with a thin brush. The ornament is chosen depending on the preferences of the owners: vertical stripes will visually increase the space, curls and monograms will create the effect of royal chambers.

Covering the floor in a room with turquoise walls should not be defiant or attract views. It is better to make it low-key: sandy, beige and coffee, gray. Such colors will balance the saturation and coolness of the main tone.

For the Mediterranean style and some other areas, a white floor will be ideal.

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Maintaining order in such a room will require additional efforts, but this combination looks elegant and aesthetic. In the interior of the living room it is appropriate to have a carpet of turquoise hue, but it is better not to use floors of this color, as they can irritate the psyche.

Turquoise ceiling

Aquamarine ceiling color space can dramatically change the room, if you correctly select the light sources and the texture of the finishing canvas. Turquoise will be ideal for a glossy stretch coating option. Illumination around the perimeter will give the ceiling a look of the summer sky, make it light and weightless, and the room will become visually higher. In this case, white or cream walls are relevant. This interior will give a feeling of cool sea breeze, freshness and cleanliness.

Furniture and accessories

If there is not enough natural daylight in the living room, then aqua furniture will be the perfect solution. It is enough to choose the right upholstery for a soft headset to make the room bright, dynamic and life-affirming.Aquamarine in furniture and decorative elements will help to dilute the boring monochrome walls.

Turquoise modular furniture made to order can play a key role in the interior.

An interesting solution will be the aquamarine plasterboard niches framing the snow-white vases and figurines.

Shades of sea surf in the living room accessories will refresh and diversify it. Such a simple technique allows you to effectively transform a room using a minimum of time and money, because replacing the decorative details of turquoise with any other color is much easier than completely making repairs in the apartment.

In the next video you will find the designer’s recommendations for turquoise living room additions.

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