Features of the interior design of a small living room in a modern style

Not all people can afford a spacious apartment or a large house, but this does not detract from the desire for comfort and graceful life. On the contrary, the design of individual rooms, including living rooms, becomes only more relevant. Designers have developed a number of techniques that help to cope with this problem.

Special features

In the living room area of ​​18 square meters. m (this figure is conditional, in reality it may be a little more or a little less) it is undesirable to put such furniture, the bulging edges of which occupy additional space. The solution to the problem is the combination of the kitchen and the hall, but this step requires careful thought, to take measures against the spread of bad odors.

Even if the budget option is selected, need to be careful in choosing the colors and their combinations among themselves.

It is recommended to focus on multi-functional solutions in the interior, because it is more attractive and aesthetically pleasing,and also allows at least partly to solve the problem of the eternal shortage of space in the "Khrushchev" or in the apartment of a panel house.

Even the best classical compositions are noticeably inferior to the living room, furnished in a modern style, which is much more practical and more rational than the old-fashioned one.


In addition to the choice of style, you should consider a certain division into zones. In most typical houses, the central rooms have a number of functions at once, and each of them is desirable to be implemented in a certain part of the room. If there is enough space, the living room is separated from other rooms, and then zoning separates the guest part from the recreation part. The main design solutions, in this case, are a visually prominent carpet or an abrupt change in the type of floor covering.

If you do not like this scheme, then you can split up the space into shares with various wall decorations or columns and installations. According to the designers, the best points for zoning a room in a two-room apartment are the areas around the TV and the bed. A more beautiful and romantic solution is the use of curtains and curtains, screens.

An important condition for success is maintaining a stylistic match between the two divided parts of the room. White curtains look good in combination with expressive yellow walls, and the use of lamps and paintings on the walls helps to emphasize the comfort of the room.

Partitions are also able to separate the guest area from the bedroom, and such a move is the cheapest.

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It is recommended to choose not just a barrier, but a design that can accommodate certain objects, freeing up additional space.

Sometimes the living room needs to be visually separated from the kitchen, and the range of possible solutions is quite large. Should remember that to use arches, two-level ceilings and floors, as well as pillars makes sense only if the height of the divided rooms is large enough. Regardless of the footage, such a move is unacceptable if small children or elderly people live in the house. A cardinal rupture can be made with the help of both deaf and partition walls equipped with interior doors.

Surface decoration

Window blocks can be as beautiful and elegant as you like, but to give them the necessary completeness, you need to use curtains.The only exception is the interiors in the spirit of high-tech and minimalism, but even in them you can enter short curtains, if you do not like a fully open window. Living room in the form of a square, you can add comfort, hanging carpets on the walls. Contrary to popular belief, this can create a completely modern and rational interior. The disadvantage of this measure is excessive dust concentration.

The use of handmade accessories helps to make the space more comfortable, but when the goal is set to cause a sense of gloss and luxury, you need to apply a decor with a glossy shine, easily remembered.

An alternative to carpets are often tapestries and woven panels. Candlesticks help to bring notes of romanticism to the atmosphere. When the interior is made in the style of a loft or in another urban key, such an element of decor as paintings by contemporary artists or large-format posters is attractive. You can choose the plot to your taste, although the best solution is an artistic picture.

Design using stucco can be beautiful and original. If we take not classic plaster solutions, but modern ones (on the basis of polyurethane), we can even arrange the space in the spirit of neoclassicism or Victorian style.Moreover, this solution helps to reduce the overhaul period. Imitation of stucco elements is no worse in appearance than real blocks of plaster, and its cost is significantly less.

In the selection of decorative elements pay attention to the purpose of using a particular area in the room. So, in front of guest accommodation places it makes sense to put plasma panels, large aquariums, art canvases (both classical and contemporary artists). A good alternative to such solutions is often a fake fireplace, a miniature karaoke scene, and a decorative wall. Replace the picture, if you do not want to pick them up, or you find it difficult to make a decision, you need mirror plates.

The selection of material, regardless of the room footage, should be linked to the main motive that you are trying to bring into the room. The appearance of the finishing material and decor should be stylistically the same.

So, when all the designer's efforts are aimed at giving originality, to emphasize it, then a good step is the use of natural stone or its skillful reproduction.

In an environment dictated by the ecological style, it is recommended to use a vertically green wall, but only one is obligatory.

By the way, about the walls. Empty surfaces behind the sofas often cause concern to people. It seems that to solve this design problem is very difficult. Designers offer the following win-win moves:

  • the use of modular paintings;
  • clock, the appearance of which repeats the overall concept of the room;
  • a shelf of durable tempered glass, on which are placed objects made with his own hands;
  • a small musical instrument on the original type of gimbal;
  • installation, developed on an individual project.

As in any other room, in a modest living room an attractive element of the decor is a black and white photograph of one of the household members. You need to choose wisely, so that the view was good, and the general view did not cease to please in a few months. Fragmentally print the image, and now a good replacement for industrial photo wallpaper is ready.

And if you do not want to see yourself and your loved ones, then use any other silhouette picture, selecting it just as carefully.

Speaking about the ready decorating elements, it is worth mentioning decorative panels. Especially good are the narrow types, which are brought to the ceiling in two or three stripes, mixed sequentially with the usual wallpaper or textured plaster. This technique creates a feeling of elongated walls, especially when narrow mirrors are used. Any other material can also be used, enhancing its attractiveness with a carefully selected texture or visual effects.


The use of furniture in the living room does not have strict standards. Moreover, every manufacturer creates kits, focusing on their ideas about the ideal. This concerns not only the appearance, but also a certain composition. In a rectangular and square living room, in a room of any other form, modern designers recommend putting such furnishings that are ergonomic, easily move to a new place if necessary and perform at least two functions.

The rooms where you are going to relax, watch movies and television broadcasts, imply the use of a soft group.

If you do not want to use sofas, armchairs and poufs in high quality, then the main role should be given to a home theater, having arranged for a seat around it.

The living rooms combined with the dining rooms have furniture built around the dining groups. In any case, you should look at the options for furniture, equipped with rollers or wheels. They allow you to quickly change the composition, if the need arises. What categorically should not be, even with the most classic living room format, is the usual large-sized "wall" reaching the ceiling itself.

Where the systems formed by lightweight modules look better. In addition, they are more practical to use. An even more avant-garde (and therefore less acceptable) type is structures with glass. In total, there are already hundreds of modern variants, and choosing a wall suitable for oneself is not difficult.

Maintaining traditions when choosing a classic style is important, but it is worth considering that cabinet furniture of a truly traditional performance can be bought only for a substantial amount of money. But there is a way out. This is the style of contemporary, which allows you to enter the furniture products in any interior. It is recommended that both soft and cabinet furniture be “arranged” initially on the plan in order to avoid gross errors.Their correction will require considerable time and additional expenses. Corner furnishings perform simultaneously three key functions:

  • decorative;
  • functional;
  • delimiting.

At the same time, their undoubted advantage is maximum space saving. Spaciousness of corner cabinets of compartment type is large in comparison with direct products of comparable size, and for a limited area of ​​the living room it is important. If you want to have a room with a fireplace, it is not enough to ensure the compatibility of furniture with it.

It is necessary to begin the selection with the definition of the optimal style, and it may not coincide with the dominant stylistics. The classic version of the focus will remain popular, in demand even after decades.


The finished lighting option, which is left behind by the builders, does not suit everyone. Sometimes it is too simple. No individuality, zest here and there is no trace. Before buying and installing lighting fixtures, it is necessary to take into account both the design side and the reliability of communications. Almost always required to conduct complex electrical calculations, and in accordance with their results, decide which ideas can be implemented and which cannot.

Even in a narrow room, you can organize high-quality, pleasant lighting. The main common light, located in the center, will either illuminate only the middle of the living room, or it will be excessively bright and dazzling. Exit - in the application of local decorative lights, which can be made both point and narrowly targeted. Justifies the exact direction of light presence of niches in the room. Such a solution is a real classic.

When the hall is zoned by a podium, that is, an uneven floor, it is recommended to install lighting fixtures just at the point of difference. Thanks to this step, it is possible not only to highlight the living room gracefully, but also to constantly remind of the difference in relief. Try to emphasize the light paintings and photographs, other important components of the interior of the entrance room.

The opinion that desk lamps can only be placed in bedrooms and study rooms is outdated long ago. Lamps with chic designer lampshades will only improve the space.

Tips and tricks

Wanting to set the style of the living room, think over the type of flooring, and key shades, and curtains (blinds).All these elements, as well as lighting, must be chosen by one person or a group of specialists in accordance with uniform requirements. In a small room, a sofa, regardless of whether it plays the role of an accent or not, should be placed against the side wall. Next to the sofa, it makes sense to install a coffee table with a maximum height of 0.6 meters.

Intrigue helps the choice of solutions with tabletops atypical geometry and beautifully curved legs.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Even a small-sized living room can be fully decorated. Bright colors - light and dark - can be intertwined in one composition. Here, a black paint has a window, a TV and the objects surrounding it, an image on one of the walls and an air conditioner installed at its junction with the ceiling. The ceiling itself and the opposite wall are white, the floor is of a noble yellow-brown color, the sofa is rather lemon yellow. Bedside table is made of glass, it is not immediately noticeable. The chandelier of intricate shape attracts attention and is the strongest dominant in the room.

They did it a little differently: the top and walls are made in white and other light colors.The floor is covered with elegant dark planks, on top in several places laid mats. The sofa and armchair are light, the bright red pillows placed on them immediately attract attention. A tree in a tub and an aquarium in the distance bring a sense of naturalness and naturalness into the room.

These two examples are enough to make sure that even a relatively small living room is easily designed in a modern style, you only need to approach the process more attentively, to use all the developments of modern design.

An overview of a studio apartment of 34.6 square meters, as well as an interior design in a modern style for a girl, see the following video.

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