Living room in bright colors: the subtleties of a stylish interior design

The living room is the main room in the house where all family members gather and celebrate holidays where guests are invited. In the process of repair and interior design, this room is always given special attention. It is important to make this room truly cozy, comfortable, welcoming. Such an atmosphere could not be better created by choosing light colors for decoration.

Special features

The choice of color is very important for the design of the room. Colors can create the right mood, have a certain impact on the human psyche. The design in bright colors is extremely favorable. It relieves stress, helps to relax, gives a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.therefore, such shades are suitable for any room, especially for the living room.

Light colors in the design of the hall have a lot of advantages:

  • The space becomes visually larger, more spacious;
  • Against such a finish, both light and dark elements of the interior will look harmonious;
  • Natural materials such as wood, marble and granite will fit into such a room as well as possible;
  • Bright environment helps to relax, to feel peaceful;
  • Over time, this interior is easy to update, adding to it some bright accents.

The disadvantages of this design include:

  • High price. Light furniture is usually more expensive than dark.
  • Impracticality. Any dirt is noticeable on a light background, but modern manufacturers offer such materials for repair and upholstery that are able to withstand wet cleaning, and any contamination can be easily washed.


Depending on the design style chosen for the living room, the design of the room in bright colors has its own nuances.


The bright living room in classic style is the perfect solution. All family members without exception will feel comfortable and comfortable here. For decoration you can safely choose olive, peach, beige shades. Parquet is suitable for the floor, for walls - plain white or dairy wallpaper or with a dim pattern.Furniture is selected from natural materials. A great option is wood with carvings and gilding.

To diversify the space, you can complement it with a carpet of contrasting color. In addition, for the classics, columns, stucco molding, a fireplace, a crystal chandelier will fit perfectly as a decor. The main condition is that all elements should be arranged symmetrically.

Such an interior will always look original, expensive and luxurious.


This style involves a minimal amount of furniture. Everything has to be thought out from the practical side, there are only really necessary items in the room. The use of multifunctional things is welcomed. Free space and light shades will create a unique feeling of lightness and airiness in a stylish living room.

When choosing furniture, strict geometry is observed. The decor and textiles used are very limited. Carpets, curtains and furniture upholstery are chosen plain, without drawings. As bright accents can be hung on the wall black and white photographs or paintings.


Usually, the loft style assumes dark shades, however, it can also be decorated in a light key.Everything is designed in an attic style: light wooden beams can be installed on the ceiling, the floor is laid out with a laminate of whitewashed color, for walls you can choose light paint or white brick decor. Furniture is chosen comfortable, roomy. It is necessary to provide various places for sitting with a lot of pillows. In the center of the room you can place the TV and a large carpet of bright colors.


For such a room as the furniture and materials for the repair, you can choose the most modern options, designer models. Light paint, fabric wallpaper or decor from light wood panels are suitable for walls. The floor can be made of marble or parquet. Furniture should be chosen with smooth outlines, with carved or forged inserts. As a bright accent, you can use a sofa, a contrast in color.


This style involves the use of rural motifs suburb of France, which in the light version looks very organic. For the walls, you can choose light wallpaper with a muted, powdery floral ornament. For the floor, you can choose whitewashed parquet or laminate.Furniture can be pastel shades, artificially aged or draped fabric with an ornament.

High tech

This style can be easily realized in the bright living room. It is characterized by an abundance of glass, mirrors, and metallic glossy surfaces. For such an interior is ideally suited for a background of light-colored wallpaper and the floor. As a coating for the walls, you can choose paint or wallpaper, for the floor - glossy surfaces - marble or tile.


The choice of living room design and materials for it is an important stage in the design of the room. Finishing the floor, walls, ceiling should be a bright background of the room, which can be harmoniously diversified bright accents.

As materials for the walls in the bright living room you can use:

  • Vinyl or non-woven wallpaper. It is better to choose monophonic models or with a dim, muted ornament. White wallpaper can create an uncomfortable atmosphere, so the preference is better to give a beige, olive, purple color.
  • Wallpaper for painting. This is a convenient option, because the color of the walls can be changed several times, creating a new interior.
  • Wall decoration fabric. This option looks very elegant, but its cost will be quite high. This option is ideal for walls with flaws, allows you to visually hide all surface irregularities.
  • Plaster. This decorative, easy-to-use material allows you to create beautiful patterns on the walls.

The following options are suitable for the ceiling:

  • Coloring in light shades or plaster.
  • Stretch ceiling. It can be white, cream color, ivory. The glossy surface reflects light and allows you to make the room even brighter.
  • Installation of wood beams whitened color.
  • For a classic design, you can choose a white cornice or decorate the corner at the junction of the walls with the ceiling with stucco molding.

The floor covering can be of several types:

  • Carpet. It gives the living room a unique feeling of coziness and comfort, however, it is impractical to use, gets dirty easily and wears out quickly. The best option is to use a large format carpet.
  • Parquet - excellent coverage, although its cost can be very high.
  • Laminate - material that looks like parquet, but its cost is several times lower.It serves for a long time, it has high wear resistance.
  • Linoleum. One of the most budget options. Practical to use and presented a rich selection of colors.
  • Porcelain tiles. Very durable material resistant to moisture and mechanical stress.
  • Bulk floor. Visually resembles linoleum, and on closer examination, tile. Its main advantage is the absence of seams, and the disadvantage is the complicated installation and a limited choice of colors.


The bright living room involves discreet furniture design. It is important to maintain a feeling of airiness and spaciousness. A large number of objects in the room can spoil this effect, especially in a small apartment. In addition, the furniture should not merge with the walls and floor. It should differ by several tones. One or several objects can be distinguished against a general background in a contrasting color.

The main attribute of the living room is a sofa. An excellent solution - modular upholstered furniture. You can combine the structure at your discretion, giving it a straight or angular shape. Contrast in color, for example, a brown sofa or a light color, will concisely fit into the light living roomharmoniously combined with the whole decor of the room. To the beige or pearl sofa, you can add a few pillows of bright colors.

If space allows, the sofa can be supplemented with a pair of chairs. In a small room, you can additionally be limited to a pouf or rocking chair.

Cabinet furniture in a bright room should be "light", with the maximum number of open shelves, so as not to clutter the space. For storage, you can choose a modular or one-piece wall, rack, cabinet. When choosing a closet, it is better to give preference to doors with a mirror or glass insert. Such doors can be decorated with sandblasting, photo printing, interior stickers, stained glass.

If you plan to put a coffee table next to the sofa, it is better to choose a glass version. Passing light through him, he will create the impression that there is no furniture in this place.

In addition to furniture, much attention should be paid to lighting. In a dark room, light shades will be lost, with a lack of light you need to take care of the arrangement of lamps around the perimeter of space. It is better to combine two types of light: primary and secondary. For general light, you can use a large chandelier in the center of the ceiling. Trendy and modern option for people who like experiments - a black chandelier. It can act as a bright accent, emphasizing the bright decor of the living room.

Local spotlights, floor lamps, sconces with lampshades will help to create a muted light for rest. With the help of such lighting devices you can highlight an important element in the room - a picture, a niche in the wall, unusual designer objects.

Tips and tricks

To transform a bright living room, you can follow a few recommendations:

  • If there is not enough natural lighting in the room, it is better not to choose cold shades, but give preference to warm ones.
  • Choosing lighting fixtures, it is worth remembering about the size of the room and the height of the ceilings. Chandelier, sconces, floor lamps should harmoniously fit into the space.
  • It is necessary to take care of the number of outlets in advance. The more of them - the better. So you can connect the desired number of lighting fixtures, avoiding the use of extension cords.
  • Furniture, floor, walls and ceiling should be harmoniously combined with each other in color and texture.
  • If the walls and floor are trimmed, the furniture is selected in light shades, a variety of dark-colored textiles will help: sofa cushions, curtains, carpet Tulle in this case is better to choose white or cream.
  • Choosing materials you need to remember that light surfaces are very easily soiled. Preference is better to give the finish, amenable to wet cleaning, and furniture covers should be removable.
  • It is not necessary to do everything in the room of a light color. Be sure to have the contrasting elements that make the interior is not so bland.
  • When adding bright objects to the interior, it is important to take into account that dark shades should be located at the bottom, closer to the floor, and light ones at the top.
  • Choosing a decor, it is important not to overdo it with the number of elements. Too many small details will create a feeling of loaded space.

For information on how to choose interior items in bright colors, see the following video.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The bright living room always looks advantageous, cozy, spacious. The main thing is to harmoniously select furniture and accessories. Ideas of modern design in bright colors for inspiration can be found in the photo below.

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