The choice of style for the living room: an overview of current trends

Choosing the right style for the living room is very important. First of all, this room should be comfortable and aesthetically appealing to you. Our article will tell about the features of the choice of stylistic directions for the design of the living room.

Special features

The most significant and important room in each house is the living room. It combines a variety of functions and purposes. Serves as an official reception place and gathers a family for evening gatherings. Solemnity, emphasizing the status of the owners, and at the same time home comfort, promoting family rest.

How to decide?

Select the design in the hall should be based on lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, on the characteristics of the use of the room by each family member.

An important factor is the technical parameters:

  1. The size of the room (in a small room will look absurd columns and huge chandeliers in the Baroque style).
  2. Configuration and form (the presence of niches and protrusions will be acceptable in one style and, on the contrary, inappropriate in another).
  3. Location of the room, depending on the sides of the world (for a dark room, light and warm colors are recommended).

Having determined the necessary requirements, we consider the features of different styles used in the living room interiors.

Traits of popular design trends


The most traditional style for living room design is classic. Elegant, respectable, faithful to the customs of family comfort, the classical style is characterized by symmetry of forms and soft colors. Cabinets with laconic facades and glass inserts, "carriage" screed on the sofas, a large number of books, a fireplace - everything speaks of reliability and thoroughness. No frills decor: paintings, candlesticks, flower vases and figurines.


One of the most common styles for the interior of a living room is modern, characterized by convenience, minimalism and elegance. The colors are dominated by white and brown shades.Walls are usually painted in neutral colors, but an accent wall painted with bright crimson, turquoise, olive, and pale blue paint is allowed. The flooring used laminate or ceramic tile.

The furniture is practical and comfortable, without patterns and ornaments, has removable covers. Illumination is represented by lighting along the suspended ceiling and the main chandelier. As decorative elements they use figurines, vases, photo frames. The interior of the living room in the modern style is chosen by people who value simplicity, practicality and versatility.


The chalet style is the embodiment of the image of warm, reliable houses of alpine shepherds who lived in the harsh mountain conditions. Living in this style involves a large, high room with massive wooden beams. Surface finish made of wood and stone. The furniture of neutral shades, without patterns has an antique and rough look.

Wrought metal products, skins on the floor, trophies on the walls are used as decor. Somewhat “brutal” style of the chalet will look in the interior of the living room of a country house.


The baroque style originated in Italy demonstrates the luxury, abundance and prestige of the owner. Pomp, grandeur, scope - the main features of this style. The interior features an abundance of expensive fabrics, gilded stucco, painted ceilings, huge chic chandeliers with lots of candles, fancy chandeliers and candlesticks.

The wooden furniture of expensive breeds is trimmed with bronze and gilded slips. Marble is used on the floors, partially shifting to the walls. Dark green, purple, brown, blue shades are used, the main color is a golden color.


Modern and sought-after style, which replaced the pompous luxury and glamor. The loft-style living room is an open, free space with high ceilings and large windows. Industrial style, where there are brick walls, concrete, copper, metal pipes of ventilation shafts.

The color scheme involves a combination of white with dark saturated colors (black, gray, burgundy, blue). In the decoration there is no usual for many comfort, the loft will suit progressive, confident, active people.


The interior of the living room in a Mediterranean style is filled with bright light, evoking a feeling of calm and peace. There is ease and simplicity. In a country house it will be easier to create this interior with large windows and a glass door leading to the garden.

Often the living room is connected to the dining room, where the main piece of furniture is the table. The furniture is made of natural wood using forged items. The Mediterranean style has several directions, of which Italian and Greek are considered classical. Each of the areas is characterized by its features in the decoration. The style of the Mediterranean is chosen by romantic and creative natures.

High tech

Hi-tech - the modern style of young people. The interior has no unnecessary details, everything is practical and functional. Synthetic materials, metal and glass are present. The room is spacious due to the restrained, muted tones of the walls and furniture.

Accents are marked with bright trim or items. Relevant colors with a metallic sheen. In the living room there is an abundance of ultra-modern technology.


This style is reminiscent of the endless sea, creates a feeling of freedom and coolness.Everything connected with the marine theme is available in the living room decorated in this style: sofa cushions in the form of shells and sea stars, a clock in the form of a ship's wheel, wicker baskets and chests, ropes and anchors.

The unique atmosphere will give a corner with an aquarium where colorful fishes swim. In the design uses all shades of blue, sand and white.


Creative people will appreciate this style, which destroys stereotypes and allows you to create your own, special rules. It combines different styles and trends, different materials and shades. It is important that all elements create a sense of harmony. It is difficult to arrange a fusion room without the help of an experienced designer, as there is a danger of making it tasteless.


The peculiarity of the American style is the large space of the combined living and dining room. It is characterized by room zoning, a lot of furniture, imitation of expensive materials. All the main furniture is located in the center, near the walls are cabinets and dressers made of wood.

The color decision does not assume characteristic features.Walls, as a rule, are finished with wallpaper, and at the bottom are complemented by wooden panels. The living room has many shelves with books and flowers.


The living room in the Scandinavian style is notable for its brevity, simplicity, restraint, love of nature. This is a bright room, dominated by natural cold shades, accent can be blue, black, yellow, red or turquoise. As a discreet decor, you can use the white plaster head of a horned deer to decorate the wall above the fireplace.


One of the types of ethnicism in minimalism is the Japanese style. It can be easily recognized by its characteristic features: flower arrangements (ikebans), natural materials, a minimal set of furniture, simple geometric shapes. As decoration use screens, images in the form of hieroglyphs, sakura branches and national swords. Of course, be sure to use a traditional plant for Japan - bonsai.


The atmosphere of the living room is saturated with the spirit of conservatism and severity. Straight lines, a lot of good-quality furniture and decor, a fireplace - the components of the English interior.The design uses warm rich tones: brown, burgundy, dark green, terracotta, bronze and gold color. For lighting need large chandeliers, floor lamps and sconces.

In the decoration of the walls use different materials. You can sheathe the walls with wood panels. Parquet or laminate flooring is laid on the floor. Walls and shelves are decorated with family photos, souvenirs and relics.


Temperamental style personifies all the beauty of Mediterranean landscapes, where a bit of frilly luxury combined with the warmth of nature. In the living room there should be widescreen windows, large arched doorways, columns decorated with stucco are possible. The walls, floor and ceiling are decorated in neutral colors. On the ceilings massive beams are often observed. Italian furniture can be decorated with decorative carvings, made in the technique of weaving or decorated with forged elements.


The fabulous interior of the living room in oriental style is associated with magnificence, luxury and wealth.

However, this style is divided into:

  • Arab;
  • Asian.

Each direction has its own characteristics.

If the Arabic style is fraught with an atmosphere of luxury, imposingly, an abundance of all sorts of details, then the Asian, on the contrary, is characterized by minimal design, rigor and clarity of lines.


Eco-style filled with comfort and coziness, close to nature. Soft natural tones are important here: earthy, sandy, white, terracotta, herbal, coniferous. Finishing of the entire premises is carried out using natural materials.

As a decor, homemade rugs, wicker baskets and chests, compositions of dried flowers. Original look green "living" walls of plants. The main thing is not to overburden the interior with excess decoration, since the natural style implies a minimum of detail and simplicity of form.

Art Deco

A unique Art Deco style appeared in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. The luxury of interiors of expensive hotels, salons, houses of celebrities is associated with it. The main components of the style were the motifs of Egypt, Africa and the Indians of America.

The interior in Art Deco style is extremely gorgeous and is represented by expensive materials: rare species of trees, ivory, mother of pearl, leather, silver, brass.The main motifs are geometric, floral patterns, images of animals, curved female figures.

Country music

Cozy rustic style, the most suitable for decoration of the living room of a country house, where it is possible to install a real fireplace. Natural wood furniture, wrought-iron elements, bright, cozy textiles, a variety of floral patterns - all this recalls the special atmosphere of a rural old house.


This style is increasingly resorted to by people who are tired of the fast pace of city life. The term "vintage" in winemaking means aging of wine, and in the interior - using the things of the past generation, and the thing should not be older than 60 years and under 30. The spirit of antiquity is present in the scuffs of antique furniture, aged decor and decoration details. But it is important not to overdo it, flooding the room with old things indiscriminately; you can complement the interior with one, but bright accent.


One of the representatives of the classical trend is the Empire style - a luxurious, expensive palace style that does not tolerate excessive excesses. It is characterized by smooth lines, grace, spacious and bright rooms.Large windows are decorated with heavy drapery curtains. Luxurious chandeliers of crystal with gold, stucco on the ceilings, reproductions of paintings in expensive frames. Furniture with curved legs and trim of leather and tapestry looks solid and massive.


The special charm of the living room will add ethnic French style, which can combine the responses of the Empire, Baroque, Classical or Modern. This style is characterized by antique objects that preserve the history of past times. In the modern French style, restraint and convenience, thoughtful carelessness and confusion come to the fore.

Chebbi chic

Chebbi-chic living room keeps the unique atmosphere of romanticism and elegance. The basic principle of this style, the name of which translates as “shabby chic”, is the idea of ​​giving a new life to old objects. The interior is done in light pastel colors.

Furniture is covered with patina and decoupage technique. Linen and cotton covers for chairs and armchairs are often used. In the upholstery of furniture, wallpaper patterns, you can see naive floral patterns, mostly roses, complemented by barely noticeable stripes and a cage.


Fantastic, “cold” style of techno is preferred by ultramodern youth. Clear geometric lines, metal, stone, glass and plastic - these are the components of this industrial, somewhat cosmic style. Rough textures in the decoration of walls, iron cabinets, open communications, stingy technical decor. If the apartment or house is two-storied, a spiral metal staircase leads up.


The room in the Arabic style looks luxurious and catchy, all the furnishings amaze with the beauty of color and patterned forms. Silk, velvet, satin, mosaic, stone, forging, gilding are used in abundance. Finishing of any surface contains complex geometric and floral ornaments. One of the most recognizable features of the style are the peculiar forms of arches in the design of window and door openings.


This style in the interior of the living room should be created with care, as there is a danger of turning the room into a warehouse of assorted souvenirs. Moroccan style is associated with bright, unusual, but unobtrusive bohemian chic. You can fully furnish the living room with ethnic furniture, carpets and lamps.And you can restrict a couple of exotic strokes in the form of a multi-colored sofa or pouf.

Bright colors in red and orange fill the room with warmth and coziness. In the design of a lot of openwork drawings. Low-hanging lamps, metal lanterns, carved tables and copper utensils are appropriate.

How to make the right choice?

Each style of interior has its own interesting advantages, characterized by a certain way of life and original history. If you do not have specific preferences, listen to your feelings.

Perhaps you love nature, then an eco-style, chalet or marine will do. If you are drawn to the rustic simplicity - take a look at the country or Provence. Love the romantic old days? Your style is chic chic and vintage. Prefer modern manufacturability? It offers hi-tech, techno and loft.

Unfortunately, the practical side makes its changes - the dimensions of the room and the family budget.

But if you already liked the specific style of the interior and you want to bring it to reality, create a simple framework, and add your favorite style to it with details and accents!

Spectacular examples in the interior

How to arrange the living room, so that it affects all the important areas of life of the owners, was stylish and comfortable? Best in classic style.

Simple Scandinavian-style furniture. Textiles use leather, suede, cotton and linen.

Low sofas, all kinds of puffs with an abundance of bright pillows, decorated with tassels and glass beads are inherent in the Arabic style.

You will learn more about how to choose a living room style in the following video.

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