Style solutions for living room with fireplace

The living room has always been considered the heart of the house, in which comfort and warmth intertwined. In this room, households gather with their loved ones, spend their free time and relax after work. A living room with a fireplace will maintain a cozy atmosphere and please its owners at any time of the year in the company with a cup of coffee or just a good book. Today, designers are ready to offer everyone a huge number of solutions for the interior, based on taste preferences and financial capabilities. A variety of options will help to choose the desired design for each.

Interior design and zoning

If you are thinking about interior design and zoning, then it is best to equip the portal in the living room, which area is more than 20 square meters. Such living rooms are expensive and stylish, but in small rooms you can create a cozy atmosphere.


Owners of small living rooms often wonder about the placement of the fireplace. For small rooms with a fireplace fit minimalism. It is best to buy electric, gas or biofireplaces, which are not of large size and modern look. Do not forget about the ventilation of the room, as the portals burn large amounts of oxygen.

A small living room with a fireplace will look great if there are no unnecessary details in the room. Position the portal under the TV so that both elements are the center of attention.

Living-dining room

A room that combines a living room and a dining room is the most optimal place for installing a real fireplace with a living flame. Many people have barbecues in addition to the fireplace. It is possible to equip an electrical portal in the room that simulates a living flame. Minimalism style is perfect for this option. You do not need permission from the regulatory authority, as well as equipping the room with chimney channels.

It looks great classic interior, which combines the severity of forms and a neutral color palette, moldings and unobtrusive elements of stucco.Facing the fireplace is made with porcelain or metal, concrete pavement.

With stairs

Wood-burning fireplaces will look great in a living room with a staircase, as they are very spectacular. With this portal you can create an atmosphere of motion picture, which combines not only a pleasant image, but also the attractive sound of crackling logs.

Before you start decorating the interior, you need to come up with a detailed plan. Choose a leading living room style, then pick up the right ladder.

With bay window

Erker is the protruding part of the house, which inside refers to the element of the living room. In most cases, the ecker is in the living room and is considered a winning element in the interior.

Regardless of what type of fireplace is located in the living room, the room should be arranged in restrained colors. As a finish, use only natural raw materials, for example, wood or rattan, along with expensive fabrics.


The living room-bedroom is well combined strictly decorated decorated fireplace. Such style will successfully fit into the general interior of the room.You can also use deep natural colors for the portal, which contributes to any design spectra in the room and highlights the fireplace as a dark contrast spot on the general background. If there is a ledge in front of the fireplace, it can be used as a seating area. A small niche can perfectly cope with the role of woodpile.


The ideal form for the living room is square, when the width and length of the room have the same size. However, these rooms are very rare, so you should learn how to evenly fill the free space. You can choose any type of fireplace that will look great on the center of one of the long sides.

A necessary piece of furniture is a soft corner, which should be placed in the room correctly. If your room has enough free space, you can put this furniture in the center of the living room.

With library

Living rooms with a library are still popular. In this interior should be used wood portals with a closed type, which are recessed into the wall. A carved ornament is used as an ornament.As a rule, such portals are located in the central library building.

Do not forget about fire prevention measures:

  • observe the minimum distance between the walls of the cabinet and the fireplace;
  • use heat insulation material around the chimney and the portal itself;
  • to install a fireplace in the living room with a library, you will need an air intake of the required size.

For such a room would suit a strict aristocratic style, using expensive wood panels, antique-style clocks, and exquisite accessories for the fireplace.

Where to place

Experts do not recommend installing fireplaces near the outer walls, because the heat will go outside. If you think where to place the fireplace, then there are some rules:

  1. In order to protect the structure from temperature changes, it is necessary to warm the entire room together with windows and doors.
  2. Do not install portals near the stairs in the corridor.

There are several options for placing fireplaces in the living room.


The corner type of accommodation will suit the taste of the owner of a small living room. Such portals are a favorite element of the decor, which is convenient in almost any style decision.

Near the wall

A fireplace near the wall is considered a traditional accommodation option.When arranging such a portal, two important conditions should be known:

Models with an open flame can not be placed near wooden objects. Installing a fireplace insert near the outer walls is also undesirable, because all the heat will go outside.

Between the Windows

The most effective way to place a fireplace is between the windows. It should be borne in mind that in this embodiment there is a drawback: the loss of a certain amount of heat to heat the external wall. This factor is easy to eliminate with the help of thermal insulation area.

Most often the portal is mounted between two large French windows, as it looks spectacular. The front or corner installation of the portal between windows of different sizes is also permissible.

In the middle of the living room

The fireplace, which is located in the center of the living room, called the island. This is the most efficient heat transfer option. At the same time, the practicality of installation in the middle of the living room will directly depend on the dimensions of the structure itself and the room.

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Types of fireplaces

Not so long ago, fireplaces and staircases were present only at the owners of suburban real estate. Today, in almost every modern living room you can install both a fireplace and a staircase.There are various types of fireplaces: wood, gas, electric and other options that are suitable for any interior in your home.

Bio Fireplace

Bio-fireplaces are perfect for apartment owners. They carry out their work on bioethanol, which is made from natural ingredients and is absolutely safe for humans. These portals do not emit smoke, so they are considered ideal for urban conditions. At the same time, during the combustion of bioethanol, carbon dioxide is released, therefore, when installing a bio fireplace, you should take care of a high-quality ventilation system.

Of brick

A brick fireplace is a classic option. In any living room will look good model of red brick with expressive white seams. Installing such a fireplace insert returns us to the time when the portal is used in the role of heating. Fireplace brick perfectly fit into the classic interior.

Cast iron trilateral

To date, cast iron trilateral fireplaces are popular because they have high aesthetic data, as well as good performance from the technical side.Such designs decorate designer living rooms and bring an exclusive to the interior. Having installed such a portal in your house or apartment, you will add notes of originality and singularity.

Without chimney

As part of the fireplace without a chimney there is a fuel module and a decorative case, which is made of metal, glass-ceramic materials or stones. These fireplaces can be closed and open. Protective screens made of fireproof glass are used as insulation. Fuel compartments are presented in the form of a burner, fuel block.

Current design trends

A living room with a fireplace combines many modern design trends. You can create a room in a low-key elegant classics, or choose a high-tech style. Someone will like the electric fireplace, which looks great on the background of the warm tones of furniture and solid wood.

You can choose absolutely any design for a living room with a fireplace, based on personal preferences and possibilities.


The furniture near the fireplace should be arranged so that everyone present can admire the flame.The parallel arrangement is best suited for this, when two chairs are placed opposite the sofa. Between them you can put a coffee table of a small height, on which will stand coffee cups and magazines.

Often, the owners of the living room put fireplace chairs next to the portals, which emphasize the most comfortable atmosphere. If you put the chair sideways with a fireplace insert, the flame will be pleasant to heat you.

Elements of decor

If you want to keep free space in the room or recreate a certain type of interior, you should think of how to combine a fireplace with other elements of the decor in the living room.

If you do not know what to hang over the fireplace, then a picture or shelf for books will be an excellent option. The presence of mirrors or a plasma panel will also look good.

For those who do not know what to put on the fireplace, designers recommend to consider options with family photos, original accessories. You can put on the shelf speakers, home phone and other equipment.


If you want to put a fireplace in the living room, then you need to pay close attention to the strength and height of the ceiling.Take care of the strength of the floor and walls, as well as the fire safety of the room. If your living room has a false fireplace, the ceiling height does not matter. Similar designs perfectly fit into any interior.


For the living room with a fireplace will suit various options for curtains, depending on the interior. For the room with an anchor, air fabrics can be purchased; heavy textiles will support the English style. When installing the fireplace, remember that live fire should not be located next to the curtains.


When choosing a wallpaper, remember: the lower the ceiling and the smaller the area of ​​the room, the brighter the wallpaper should be chosen. In the large living room, on the contrary, rich shades of wallpaper will look great.


Traditionally, the mirror is placed over the fireplace. This tradition came from ancient times, when candlesticks were present on the mantelpiece. The fire from the candles was reflected in the mirror, and by multiplying the fire, the light spread throughout the living room.

Now candles are rarely used, but the mirror reflects the light from the chandelier, thereby increasing the number of lights in the room.


If you decide to put a fireplace in the living room, you need to consider lighting the room. Pay attention to candles, decorated chandeliers, floor lamps.Favorable looks fireplace with elegant table lamps, which are shaped like candlesticks made of bronze.


As previously mentioned, the fireplaces will look great in any style, you only need to choose the right one.

Classic style is at the top of popularity. The special features of this interior are luxurious shades in all. If you decide to choose such an interior, then use only high-quality materials for decoration, expensive furniture. Carpets and massive chandeliers fit harmoniously into the living room design.

In modern modernity there is simplicity and rationality. It differs from other styles in the functionality of every detail in the interior. This also applies to the fireplace: first of all, this design should serve as a heating of the room, only then to perform the function of a decor. Even when using a false fireplace should be equipped with a pronounced furnace and simulate a flame with wood.

Provence style living room is fraught with the prints of southern countries. This interior combines romance and refined taste. If you decide to make a room in this style, then remember the mandatory shade of antiquity.You can finish the fireplace in the form of an open brick or peeling paint. Many people use Provence style in the country.

If you like unusual and fancy solutions, then you will certainly like the loft style in the living room with a fireplace. This interior is a combination of modern technology with antiques. The fireplace in this case goes beyond the usual, and allows you to look at the hearth in a new way.

If you live in a rural area, you might like country style country style. When finishing fireplaces, simple and slightly rough forms are used, along with a simple finish of available materials.

For those who have decided to arrange the living room in the Scandinavian style, the installation of a fireplace will be mandatory, since this design is an integral part of such an interior. The design involves the use of bright accessories, which, combined with the flame of the hearth, are able to revive and warm the bright room.

For lovers of unusual solutions suitable interior in the style of high-tech. This is a modern style, which uses the latest generation of materials, including chrome-plated metal.In such a living room, you can install fireplaces of unusual shape, for example, in the form of a pyramid, and contribute your wildest fantasies.

For a small living room, you can use the interior in the style of minimalism. It implies a small interior with a corner fireplace.

The main task in the English style is to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in which the fireplace will be the centerpiece. This interior uses materials of warm shades, a large amount of natural wood. True fans of the noble style will like this decision.

For decoration of the living room in the style of a chalet, a fireplace is an important element of the decor. In this case, the portal will be not only a decoration, but also a device for space heating. You can use in the interior decoration of the fireplace with the help of books, figurines, photographs. A wooden table with low legs, on the sides of which there is a sofa with armchairs, will be in harmony with the atmosphere of simplicity and elegance.

Art Deco style is incredibly popular. He is very fond of decorators and designers. The main feature of this style is its authenticity.The interior should contain expensive accessories and works of art. The decor uses a large number of gloss and gloss. The fireplace will serve as the logical center of the room above which the mirror is located.

The presence of a fireplace provides baroque style. In this interior there is a fancy decor, which is decorated with mosaics and pictures of nature. White marble or its analogues are actively used as finishing.

As you can see, there are many styles of fireplaces, using which you can equip your living room in any solution. Many people like to draw large American-style living rooms, where curved surfaces and twisted columns are combined. Beautiful wooden shelves located above the fireplace are a must-have detail.

Other owners of houses and apartments choose a chebbi chic, where a rocking chair and a soft rug must be placed near the fireplace. Someone likes a living room with a fireplace in eco style, or vice versa, glamor.

Every interior that will be present in your room, be it a refined neoclassic with columns, borders and pilasters,or the Mediterranean interior with antique ornaments and elements of antiquity, will express your state of mind and the unique atmosphere of the home.

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