Living room with fireplace in the house

The living room is the center of the house, and the fireplace is its heart. Therefore, the presence of a fireplace in the living room will make this room the coziest room in the house. It is an improved version of the fire, while maintaining the atmosphere of cozy gatherings at the warm hearth.

Fireplace fire can be enjoyed year-round, regardless of the season and weather. In winter, it will warm you warmly, and in summer you can enjoy the decoration of the interior. The fireplace will be a "highlight" at home and will cause an enthusiastic reaction from your guests.


Wood burning fireplace - the most old and traditional type of fireplaces. This classic type is extremely capricious in installation and operation. Not every room can be equipped with such a fireplace. The layout of the room should be spacious, and the area, in accordance with fire safety regulations, should be at least 20 square meters. For such a "stove" need constant care: to rake the ashes, clean the chimney, etc.But on the other hand, such a fireplace maintains warmth well and gives natural comfort to the interior.

Electrofireplace It is a kind of parody of a wood-burning hearth, but it is much less expensive to use, although it is not suitable for daily use. Such devices create the effect of living fire, although they have nothing to do with it, because they are absolutely safe to use. The electric fireplace heats well, and the imitation of the flame patterns never repeats. Types of electric fireplaces vary: from a simple “basket” to a portal. Location is possible at any point where there is access to an electrical outlet.

Bio Fireplace - This is a biofuel fireplace. Ethyl alcohol, burned as a fuel, emits natural fire, but does not require a chimney - as a result of burning, ethyl alcohol is converted into carbon dioxide and water. A fireplace is often compact in size, very safe to use and can be installed almost anywhere in the living room. The design of such a fireplace is simple, glass and metal are required. It is made in beige, black, white colors.

Raised fireplace - the unpretentious accessory which is absolutely not demanding leaving, but perfectly decorating the room. Most often such a project is thematic and is set before the holidays, for photo shoots. These fireplaces are used temporarily, simply dismantled. The material for the manufacture are usually cardboard boxes or foam. Naturally, such a device does not give any heat, and it is not safe to put candles next to it, but a decorative fireplace will please the eye for a long time.

Hearth dressing

  • Brick. A variety of brick shades range from milky white to burnt black. Brickwork is combined with any environment, ranging from country music and chebbi-chic to ultrafashionable rave and techno. The structure, thickness and color of bricks depend on the style of your living room.
  • Tree. Noble deep shades of wood will transform any living room and give richness to the interior. Wood-lined fireplaces look good on the background of a classic interior or in country houses. The decoration of such a fireplace should be as restrained as possible, no unnecessary accessories on the mantelpiece, but the picture hanging above the fireplace will harmonize well with the interior.
  • Metal. Metal fireplaces are distinguished by unusual forms and design.In addition, they can be safely installed in the center of the room because, because of their unusual design, they do not need a support wall - the chimney is attached to the ceiling beams of the living room, and the hearth itself is located on the floor. These foci fit best into the interior of modern style or high-tech

In a country house

Most often, the construction of a country house does not do without installing a fireplace. The most advantageous fireplace looks in a wooden or stone house, ideally complementing the design. Against the backdrop of the landscape from the window, the fireplace looks like a natural complement to the interior. In country houses, fireplace hearths are often installed in the dining room or in the kitchen, but more often in the living room.

The most advantageous option is the traditional fireplace on wood, lined with brick or wood. An excellent setting for the hearth is a chair, a coffee table and a small carpet.

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In the apartment

Of course, fireplaces are often mounted in apartments, but in a private house it is much more convenient to do this than in a multi-storey structure. The apartments are usually installed electric fireplaces or false-fireplaces, and they are decorated in a more modern style, and sometimes even furnished with appliances: a plasma TV over the hearth, electric lamps or imitation of candles, a music center, etc.By the way, the installation of a wood fireplace in the apartment is impossible for obvious reasons.

Living room layout

A living room with a fireplace in the house is a smart decoration option for your home. Especially if the living room is adjacent to the hallway. Here the fireplace will play a double role: it will be the main decoration, the first conspicuous, and it will also be great to warm the living room, while extending the heat to the coldest room in the house - the hallway. If the living room is located next to the kitchen or dining room, then the fireplace will be the perfect backdrop for tea and festive dinners. The neighborhood of the living room with a study will transform the living room into a temporary library, where in the armchair in front of the fireplace you can read or do paperwork at the coffee table.

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