How to choose chairs for the living room?

Living room is the main link of your home or apartment. All households gather here for joint leisure activities, guests come here to celebrate various celebrations. On how your living room is decorated, the mood of everyone living in the house and guests depends. Everyone loves to gather at the holiday table, and to feel comfortable, you need to take care of the chairs on which you sit.


Currently, they produce chairs of both classic look and various multifunctional products. In order to get the right models, you need to correctly select them to the interior of the living room, so that they fit in style and dimensions. For the living room there is a large selection of pieces of furniture with a variety of seating and backrest options.

The most popular are soft chairs with backrest and a variety of upholstery. These models have a rigid frame, and for the upholstery of their seats are used fillers of various materials.A truly soft chair is considered, in the seat of which there are springs, if not, then such a product is considered semi-soft. Soft chairs can be of the following types:

  • Classic - not folding, all components are securely fastened with bolts.
  • Folding - with easy folding case.

Products come with or without armrests. The form can be in the form of a throne, semi-armchair. Different chairs and its upholstery, which is selected to a particular interior and style. Models for the living room with armrests are very convenient, it is difficult for them to find a replacement. Properly chosen, they complement the stylistic decision of the interior. If you are attentive to guests and care about their comfort, then choose for your living room and hall. elite exquisite chairs.

Such pieces of furniture will tell about your good taste and will please with hospitality.


The chair, as it is known, consists of 3 parts: a seat, a back and legs. For their production are used various materials:

  • Tree. It is the most popular material for the manufacture of the frame. Apply fine wood such as beech, oak and others.Elegant furniture can be made of rattan.
  • Metal. The backs and legs of it are more reliable and will last for a long time.
  • Plastic. It is used very widely to create a variety of models of any color and configuration.

For upholstery using different materials depending on the wishes of the owners. For the living room they select such textiles that, by their texture and color, fit the furniture and style. You can use the following finish:

  • Tapestry and jacquard are distinguished by their durability, beauty, practicality;
  • Silk - elastic and durable material. It looks elegant, but differs in high cost;
  • The atlas looks beautiful, tactilely pleasant. The disadvantages are the high price, fragility and complexity in the care;
  • Velvet and plush. Stylish velvet upholstery looks spectacular, very pleasant to touch, but have such disadvantages as quick wear and difficulty in maintenance. You can choose a more stable artificial velvet.
  • Flock is a synthetic material, similar to velvet, but cheaper and more convenient to use;
  • Velor - less expensive analogue of velvet;
  • Microfiber - synthetic velor substitute, very durable, wear-resistant, easy-to-use material;
  • Gunny is a coarse material that is very easy to clean and will last for a long time;
  • Chenille is a reliable and practical material, the disadvantage is poor resistance to water;
  • Leather is an expensive material for reputable hosts. Differs in a practicality, wear resistance. Upholstery can be made of two types of leather: aniline and semi-aniline. The first one is more spectacular, and the second one is more practical;
  • Leatherette is much cheaper than leather, and sometimes even surpasses it in its characteristics.

The size

In the living room you can use chairs of different sizes. The main condition for proper use is to take into account the dimensions of the room. For a small fit only small, compact models. In the spacious living rooms, their large, cozy chairs and semi-armchairs will take their rightful place.


Depending on the material from which the furniture is made, colors may vary. If the chair is made of wood, then its shade can go from light beige to dark brown. The largest variety of color palette in plastic chairs.


Living room chairs can be distinguished by type:

  • Classic - ordinary chairs with a soft or semi-soft seat, stiff back, have decorative elements and straight legs. This is the most common furniture.
  • Viennese - models with a hard seat of rounded shape, not heavy and durable. These chairs have their history since the middle of the nineteenth century. Nowadays, they are often used in the classical style and modern style.
  • Semi-armchairs and armchairs - soft chairs with low armrests. Have a wide shape for a comfortable seat. This furniture is not suitable for frequent redeployment due to its severity.
  • Chairs trona - owners of high back and armrests, which give them a majestic look. These models will fit into the classic style. Such furniture is mainly acquired by tall people. Such massive furniture will be difficult to move.

additional characteristics

Chairs differ in the type of transformation:

  • Integral. They are a monolith and are not disassembled. These products are characterized by increased reliability and durability.
  • Parsed. Consist of various parts that are connected with screws, brackets and screws. Disassembled, such models take up little space.Their reliability and durability is much inferior to the whole. Do not make frequent disassembly and assembly of these chairs, as a result, they quickly deteriorate, or possible loss of fasteners.
  • Stackable. They are used when the lack of space forces them to be folded after being used in a stack. This furniture is inferior in aesthetic terms and is more often used in country houses and in cafes.
  • Transformable (folding). Take up little space when folded. As well as models of the previous type, are not calculated on long operation.


The main materials for filling upholstery are currently synthetic and foam rubber, cotton, batting, down and latex can still be used. Upholstery, under which the down is used, must be very durable to keep it. If you use a wadding filling, then you need to provide for damage from moths. Sometimes the filler is made from polyurethane balls.

Such upholstery is very impractical, as the balls will eventually come out because of the upholstery.


By their rigidity, the seats are divided into 3 types:

  • Hard. There is no flooring in these chairs.Such furniture is no different comfort, but its positive qualities will be increased service life and affordable price.
  • Soft. The thickness of the flooring in such products can be up to 5 cm, in addition, there are springs. All this makes these chairs the most comfortable. The price of such furniture is significantly higher. Operation will also be costly, since such chairs will have to be periodically repaired due to bursting.
  • Semi soft In these chairs there is a flooring up to 4 cm thick and there are no springs. At the price and operational indicators such chairs occupy an average position.


The design of the chairs should match the style of the other furniture and decor. Frameworks of chairs can be made in various styles:

  • Classical. It means the execution in strict colors of chairs from solid wood (oak, beech, elm, exotic wood) or a combination of wood with metal elements;
  • Baroque or Rococo. Graceful wooden chairs with rounded outlines on twisted legs. Models are artistically decorated and look rich;
  • Modern Two styles are used: classic and hi-tech. Can be made both in accurate geometrical lines, and in smooth;
  • CountryWooden chairs are simple, deliberately rough forms of pastel or natural tones;
  • Hi-tech and minimalism. Chairs from modern materials (metal, plastic, composite) of direct outlines. The furniture is white, black, silver. These products are usually released as stackable. Transparent plastic chairs will fit well into a small living room.
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The upholstery of the chair should also be in harmony with the surrounding style, it can be made of the following types of material:

  • Classical - from tapestry or jacquard;
  • Baroque or Rococo - from silk, satin, velvet or plush;
  • Modern - from silk, chenille, leather and jacquard;
  • Country - from a mat;
  • Hi-tech - leatherette or microfiber.

A bold and interesting decision of the designer will be the placement of identical chairs with different upholstery or, conversely, upholstering different models with one material.

How to choose?

You need to carefully choose the chairs for the living room, because your properties and your guests will depend on their properties. When choosing chairs, pay attention to the following:

  • Before you buy, sit down on a chair and listen to whether it is creaking under you.
  • If you are the owner of increased weight, you need to know that the chairs are designed for a maximum weight of 120 kg, in any case, you need to pay attention to the strength of the structure, the quality of the mountings and the stability of the legs.
  • Decide how much time you will spend sitting on a chair and, based on this, decide how comfortable you will be on this piece of furniture: whether the seat is soft and concave enough, how the chair repeats the shape of your back can be determined only by sitting on the chair. Feet should not hang down and stand on the floor at a right angle.
  • Surfaces should be made of easy-to-clean materials.
  • When buying, pay attention to the integrity of the piece of furniture and the absence of scratches, dents and other damage. If you find a marriage after purchase, then the entire product has a warranty period, and you can exchange it.
  • The best choice will be models with armrests, thanks to which you can relax your arm muscles.
  • Think about how the new chairs will harmonize with the rest of the furniture in terms of size, style and color combination.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

In our time, the best is considered furniture from Italy and Germany.From the Italian furniture manufacturers can be noted such as Maronese, Ashley, Bakokko, Prama, BrunoPiombini, Camelgroupe and GiorgioCasa. The main products of these factories are chairs made of precious wood, made in the classical style. In their reviews of these products, customers pay attention to the highest quality, unusual design and aesthetic appeal.

Among the classic products of these factories come across designer models of bold, unusual configuration.

Products from Germany are famous for their manufacturability, special design combined with classical style. In Russia, you can find well-proven German products for the discerning buyer. Models from Germany are very versatile and they can be chosen for a different interior.

In Russia, the products of such factories as "Angstrom", "Furniture Black Earth", "Shatura" and others. Chinese products are more affordable prices.

Beautiful examples and options

Look great chic models in the interior of the living room. Wide comfortable seats and back upholstered in beige silk with floral ornaments.Products are decorated with exquisite carvings.

The room in bright colors is furnished with elegant furniture with decorative ornaments. Classic chairs are used with and without armrests.

Beautiful furniture models in Provence style interior. The original floral upholstery ornament creates a feeling of warmth and comfort in the house.

The room is furnished with baroque furniture. Massive frilly chairs with curved legs are carved and covered with silk with a golden sheen.

Choose chairs for the living room, taking into account the above recommendations. They will help to make the interior of your home more comfortable and beautiful.

You will learn more about how to choose chairs for the living room in the following video.

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