Living room in beige tones: important design details

The living room is the soul of any home. By its appearance one can judge how the owners relate to their dwelling, and according to the color scheme prevailing in the design, one can even understand the peculiarities of the character of the owners. The central room, in which people usually spend time with family or friends, usually contains many attributes that speak about the tenants' preferences.

The design of the hall must be approached creatively, paying particular attention to the prevailing color in the interior.

One of the interesting colors will be the creation of a hall in beige tones. This design is suitable for those who love neutral shades in the interior. Beige tone removes emotional tension, creates a feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation.

Special features

Many people like to use in the design of housing beige color. Its various shades create a unique atmosphere, setting up a rest after a hard day. This color is so versatile that it is very easy to use when creating interiors in different styles. Beige and its shades are very often used by designers.

In terms of convenience and beauty, beige is in the first place. All owners periodically update the living room furniture or design details.

If a beige color is used in the decoration of the floor or walls of the room, any color solution will be ideal for the remaining components.

Beige is a winning tone for small rooms. It visually makes the room more spacious.

Another interesting feature of the interior in beige tones is its combination with objects of golden color. This accent can be used in the embodiment of any of the concepts of the interior and improve the look of its beige living room.

Living room styles in beige

The beige color in the interior is not only versatile, but also multifaceted. With it, you can create various options in many directions:

  • Classic built on the contrast of dark and light shades. Wall decoration must be monophonic. It is better to choose more massive furniture, decorated with carvings.
  • In the interior of the country Natural materials look good - stone, wood. An excellent solution would be to choose a stone countertop and wooden “raw” furniture facades of simple design.Linen curtains and wicker chairs will decorate such an interior. It is also appropriate to decorate the hall with textiles with floral ornaments.
  • Minimalism. Monochrome fabrics are perfect for decoration of such a living room, but the total number of textile decorations should be minimal. Furniture should be light and have a clear geometry. This will help to avoid cumbersome. The amount of furniture should be kept to a minimum.
  • When choosing a high-tech style should pay attention to the shape of accessories, lamps, furniture. Well apply different in texture materials. You can hang on the wall abstract paintings. They will create the necessary emphasis on this style. Adding chrome and glass parts is not superfluous.

Variety of shades

To create a beautiful interior is the right choice of colors. Even a neutral color like beige needs careful use. If there is too much of it in the interior, the room will look uninteresting and dull.

Before starting the color scheme of the room, you need to decide which surfaces of the room will be painted in beige and its shades.This important aspect will further facilitate the selection of furniture and accessories to complete the look of the room.

Beige has different tones: cappuccino, cream, caramel, sand, ivory, vanilla other. Such an extensive palette is able to satisfy even the most sophisticated requests. Designers distinguish between cool and warm shades of beige. There are both habitual modifications and more unconventional ones, which are cast in pink, purple and green shades.

Modern living rooms can be made in chocolate and lemon tones. Such a design of the hall will be truly exclusive. You can add the color of wenge, which is very fashionable for wooden furniture.

Despite the many prejudices, beige color is not boring and trivial, if you choose the right combination for it.

Color combination

Since beige color belongs to natural, natural shades, then it is better to combine it with the same tones. This is an important aspect of creating a stylish interior. The most pleasant for perception will be the combination of solid with brown, blue, green, terracotta, carmine color.

For those who love bright unusual experiments in the interior, a great solution would be to combine a neutral color with apricot, bright yellow, raspberry, purple, lilac and pink.

Also An unconventional solution can be a combination of beige shades with deep black, blue, scarlet. They will create the necessary accents and relieve the hall of monotony.

Color accents can completely change the look of a room. In this respect, beige color is universal. It is necessary only to replace the curtains and sofa cushions for brighter and more saturated in color, the living room will immediately change. Additionally, you can arrange small accents, picking up accessories - vases, paintings, sconces, floor lamps.

In the north-facing living room the use of grayish beige shades is unacceptable. Under insufficient light, the surfaces will appear dirty. Only pure colors can be used. If you make such a living room completely neutral, then it will be faceless and devoid of fullness.

Mandatory color accents. The best of them will be the color of dark chocolate. - he, unlike black, does not change in dim lighting.Also suitable terracotta, brown, ocher tone. A must-have addition to a room facing north is the use of bright color patches — they will enliven it and add color. Perhaps a combination of olive, purple and burgundy tones.

Absolutely all beige tones are organically combined with decorative materials of natural origin.


To create a beautiful interior in beige tones, there is the law of choice of upholstered furniture. It can have any shade, but must be lighter than the color used in the floor covering. White furniture will be a winning option in a beige interior.

You can use bamboo and rattan to bring unique ethnic notes into the interior. All natural colors of wood species are in perfect harmony with beige color.

An unusual design solution can be a black dining table, surrounded by the same chairs. This will create an interesting color effect without overloading the living room itself.

The choice of lamps for such an interior is as simple as possible. The main thing is that living room will look advantageous for any lighting tone. In artificial light, beige shades look unusual, because they always have a different ebb.

Another prerequisite when choosing furniture and accessories in such a room is the use of different materials on the texture. Corkwood wallpaper and leather sofa, glossy floor and fluffy carpet will look interesting together. The shade of the curtains must be different from the shade of the ceiling or floor.. Suitable red furniture, which will certainly help to dilute the boring interior.

In the same beige living room will look differently coffee furniture - dark will add solidity and style to the interior, and light will bring lightness. It all depends on the preferences of the owners of the apartment.

Upholstered furniture should not be too narrow, otherwise it will not be very convenient to use.

If the living room has a small area, choose a compact sofa in bright colors to visually make it appear larger.

Designer Tips

To create a unique atmosphere in the living room you need to use shades of beige color, similar in color. So that the room does not look dull and gloomy with darker tone of the walls, the flooring is made lighter, and the sofa with chairs is chosen in white or milky white.On the contrary, if the walls are decorated in a light shade, then you can make dark accents in the form of baguettes for paintings.

If you do not want to add bright accents to the decoration of the hall, and preference is given to extremely calm semitones, To revitalize such an interior, you need to add accents in the form of mirrors, crystaltransparent glass vases. Also ideal would be the use of shiny smooth fabrics, silver or gold details.

The room lighting in beige color should be chosen according to its size. For a small living room suitable ceiling lighting, selected in accordance with the style of the room. For a large room you need to pick up additional lamps that will become an interesting interior detail.

Such design solutions will help to create a unique interior, which will be distinguished by elegance, spectacularity, elegance and brevity.

Indoor color combinations

When creating an interior in beige tones, a combination of white or milky white ceiling and beige walls will be preferable. This will give the opportunity to visually increase the height of the room.And if at the same time one wall is painted white, the room will seem more voluminous.

When choosing textiles in a neutral interior, designers are advised to pay attention to such aspects:

  • Tulle is usually chosen milky, and curtains should be cream. But if you change the color of the curtains to amber, yellow or honey - the interior will sparkle with more vibrant colors.
  • Shades of beige should have the same color "temperature" to easily avoid dissonance.
  • A very interesting effect will be the “overflowing” of one color to another - the gradient.
  • With bright colors should be respected. With a large number of such accents, the interior can become overloaded.
  • Special attention should be paid to the beige and blue colors in the living room. Designers claim that there is no more winning combination for small living rooms with a lack of light. Beige - blue gamma is very elegant and spectacular, especially if beige acts as a background, and blue plays an accent role. Thanks to this combination, you can visually enlarge the space, give the room a fresh look.
  • But with the turquoise color you need to be careful - it should be a bit. The ideal proportion is the use of 80 percent beige and 20 percent turquoise. Similarly, you need to do with the orange color, otherwise it may become too much, and it will “absorb” the lighter beige.
  • Inserting a pink or lilac shade in a beige gamut will give a cheerful mood and dynamism.
  • The combination in the design of the living room beige and green is perfect for rooms of various sizes. It looks very harmonious and is ideal for relaxing and creating an upbeat mood.
  • Do not ignore potted plants when making a beige living room. A big beautiful flowerpot will easily revive a dim corner of the room. And plants with bright colors will create the necessary catchy accents.

Beautiful examples in the interior

  • Beige living room in a classic style - a very interesting design option. Do not underestimate the beige shades - they are very multifaceted. With them there are so many different options for interior design, which is not characteristic of many other colors.
  • Lavender living room can be complemented by beige tones.This is an acceptable combination. If the furniture is made in lavender tones, then the walls can be made neutral.
  • Beige goes well with light green. In your room there can be bright accents in the form of light green walls. This combination is suitable for creative individuals.

For information on how to arrange and arrange the living room in beige tones, see the following video.

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