The subtleties of living room design in the style of "country"

Country style is increasingly used in interior design. In literal translation from English the name means "village". However, this does not mean that an apartment or house decorated in a rustic style will look like a rural dwelling.

In the interiors of the country use stylish architectural forms and elegant furniture, which is quite suitable for the design of modern city apartments.

Special features

This style is becoming more popular in our time. After all, modern materials such as metal, linoleum, plastic, appeared in architecture not so long ago. And our grandmothers and great-grandmothers lived in rural or urban houses, built under the influence of local traditions and materials.

And we ourselves remember the happy moments of childhood, spent somewhere in a village or province, not in a city apartment, but in a private house.

This is the secret of country-style charm.

We associate this style with silence, measured way of life, nature around, river, lake.Natural materials used in the construction and design of such a house, are associated with warmth, comfort, peace of the family hearth, wealth.

All this is so lacking in crazy cities with a frantic pace of life. Therefore, the individual rooms of a city apartment can be decorated in a country style, so that when you come home, you can get into an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

A variety of options for country can be used for interior design of private houses and city apartments. To a greater degree this style is suitable for a private house - a summer house, a country mansion, a private residential house.

But it can be used in a city apartment, creating an oasis of comfort. It is not necessary to finish the whole apartment. At the request of the owners it can be one or two rooms. For example, country music can be arranged in the living room, in which the whole family gathers in their spare time, and children's bedrooms can be decorated in a youth or cartoon style.

It is even more interesting if the rooms of the apartment reflect the individuality of each family member, and not demonstrate a single ensemble of the same style.

Country Style Living Room

The living room is one of the main rooms of the dwelling.Here, family members gather for socializing and any household chores, inviting guests here for gatherings. So that the room becomes cozy, so that it is warm not only from the heating devices, but also from human communication, and unhurried conversations left a long and pleasant mark on the shower, it is worth making the living room in the country style.

In such a room you will want to drink some wine for a friendly conversation, take shelter of a warm rug, watching your family from a cozy chair. And then the living room will become a place of relaxation, rest, relaxation from the crazy rhythm of modern life.

Country music has many options. Style can be understood depending on the country that inspires as a type. English traditional houses may differ significantly in style from Russian huts.

Taking one for the sample, you can create very different options for interior design in country style. In addition, it is not necessary to borrow the one-to-one image of a rural home in a particular country. Modern the design involves the use of individual elements of country style in combination with modern finds, as well as the combination of different directions in one interior.

It is only important that the image of the interior looks harmonious, and individual parts are not pulled out of the overall impression.


The country style is characterized by common features, regardless of the country, the dwelling of which is selected as a model. The decoration uses natural materials - wood, stone and brick.. They can be used both in raw, rough form, and in processed, more smooth, with painting and varnish over.

In addition, they use materials and objects that were used in the decoration of houses before the appearance of concrete - ceramic tiles, whitewashing, painting, wallpaper, fabrics, textiles and knitwear, glass and ceramic objects, leather and straw, picturesque paintings. Fabrics can be used as certain colors, and embroidered, handmade, characteristic of the era of our grandmothers.

The color scheme of the interior of the living room in country style should be restrained. Acid and too bright colors are not suitable. Country involves the use of a natural palette of wood, stone, ceramics, not painted in the bright colors of animal skins.

The surface of the room: floors, walls and ceilings - should be covered with a dim or monotonous finish. Patterns of carpets and paths - more traditional and a little faded.Bright colors are contraindicated in products made from threads and fabrics.

It combines well with other elements of the interior textiles in a small flower, an uncomplicated strip and a cage, similar to homespun, produced on machines by hand and using the most primitive methods of coloring in earlier centuries.

Rural life implies simplicity and functionality of objects, so the furniture for such premises should be simple in shape, decorated with natural or imitating natural materials: wood, leather, fabrics, pillows and knitted rugs.

Frilly elements, too bright, gold, silver, velvet, all that demonstrates wealth and luxury, are contraindicated here.

When creating the interior of the hall in the style of country in a private house does not need to close the design of the room. Wooden beams on the ceiling and racks will create a certain charm, if you paint them in the natural color of wood or varnish, and in the interval leave whitewash or wallpaper.

In a city apartment, initially all planes are flat. If desired, you can add to the interior coarse designs: provide additional wooden poles and beams that do not carry the load, but playing the role of a basis for hanging lamps or placing other elements.

For the decoration of floor surfaces, walls and ceiling living room in the style of country use natural materials - wood, brick, stone. When covering the floor with artificial materials, you need to choose those that imitate natural materials, such as wood.

You can also whiten, paint or glue the walls with wallpaper. Whitewashing and painting for this style should be either in white or in gentle but natural tones.. It may be yellowish, greenish, bluish, gray shade.

Colors of wood and red brick are allowed. In any case, the color must be such as to have analogues in nature - in stone, wood, clay or other materials. Colors that have little analogues in nature, for example, pink, are associated with a completely different style, but not country.

You can paste the walls with wallpaper, which is chosen for simple strips. Also belonging to the country is a drawing in a small flower or with small antique bouquets.

These colors are often used for wall paper, and they very well emphasize the style.

On the walls look great inclusions of wood, stone and brick as a fragment of the wall. For example, stone trim fireplace and the surrounding plane. A tree can be decorated with an important fragment of the wall on which attention-attracting objects are placed.

Finishing of wall fragments with stone, wood, brick, wooden racks, unpainted brick walls are the techniques for decorating a living room in a private house.

If we are talking about a small room in an apartment, here the possibilities of using natural materials are much less. But having shown some imagination, you can create built-in furniture from natural wood covered with a transparent varnish to preserve color. Such elements immediately set the style of country music, and it remains only to select all the other elements for them without disturbing the unity of the interior.


The huge role in country style is played by the fireplace - from miniature to grandiose, from small to half-room in the form of a stove. Of course, in a city apartment on a private floor, you will have to do without it or replace it with an electric one. But in a private house or on the top floor of the house, where there is an opportunity to create a fireplace, it is necessary to make it, having thought through the design and decoration in the interior.

The fire is associated with our deepest instincts, when, even in the primitive world, it gave man warmth and protection. Since then, being at an open fire allows a person to come to a pacified state, to warm up with body and soul, watching the changing tongues of flame, gradually releasing the tension of modern life. Therefore, in almost all country-style living rooms there is a fireplace, albeit a small one.


An important element of the decor is the furniture. In the living room in country style, it should be simple in form and functional. Items must be made of wood or made of synthetic materials imitating wood.. Also in the style of country furniture is present, painted in light natural or white tones.

Upholstered furniture has leather upholstery: dark, light and even spotty, painted like animal skins. Upholstery can also be in a discreet cage, a strip or a flower - ornaments characteristic of country music.

It may even be a combination of different upholstery, for example, a sofa in one dark color, and a chair in another. It is possible to use one piece of upholstered furniture in a bright color that has analogues in natural materials.It can be a brick shade of one armchair, in order to bring a bright accent to the restrained gamut of the interior.

Such methods of lack of unity in the furniture are allowed, as in the homespun rug, which combines different color inclusions.


Huge value in the design of the living room in the style of country plays textiles. In such rooms is necessaryYut create pillows, a couple of pieces of which can be quite bright, but natural colors. You can add soft elements knitted rug.

Carpets look good on the floor.. Depending on the design, they can be imitating the skins of animals, semi-antique flower colors, monophonic or close to monophonic, in a small flower. In this case, the skins act as an accent of the interior, and monophonic and almost monophonic create the background of the room. Antique carpets with a small floral print, repeating the colors of upholstered furniture, put together a group of sofas and armchairs, grouping the space for communication.

One of the important details of the interior are curtains that allow you to adjust the lighting, close the windows from unwanted viewers in the dark, and create a beautiful element of decor.

Curtains in country style can be quite simple in the form of a rectangle of neutral color, and more complex, multi-layered, in an exquisite little flower, with bright edging of natural colors. It all depends on what is chosen as an accent in the room.

If the windows are beautifully arranged, a beautiful view opens from them, then the emphasis can be made on their design.

It is also logical and comfortable to receive the organization of a place to sit or lie down instead of a window sill. Then the curtains framing the window, of course, should emphasize this interesting interior detail.

In addition, curtains can be an independent element of the decor in the interior, visually separating one part of the room from another, the living room space from the stairs or the hall.

Light fixtures

Be sure to pay attention to the placement of lamps. After all, they perform a very important function. They not only highlight the interior, but also provide coverage of individual areas where you can read a book, look through a magazine or sit with needlework. therefore their number and placement depends on the shape and size of the living room.

In a small room, one chandelier and smaller lamps and floor lamps are enough.In the large living room there can be two or three chandeliers, spotlights above individual zones, individual lamps and floor lamps near the chairs.


In any living room must be present TV. Country style living room is no exception. Since this is not a repetition of a historic house, but an imitation of style, a modest low-key plasma will perfectly fit into the interior of the room.


A living room in country style, in addition to furniture, may have many other items that create its unique spirit. These are pictures with plots about nature, hunting, classic portraits of ancestors. Also, the room can be decorated with old photos of your family.

Candlesticks with candles, ceramic vases, animal sculptures, books, models of sailboats, antique telephones, old-style tableware and watches, embroideries, patchwork quilts, any hand-made, even hookah create a unique atmosphere of comfort in the room.

Vintage chests fit perfectly into the interior in country style. Original and beautiful grandmother's products can be used as a cabinet for a lamp or a coffee table.

Also do not contradict the style of country and wicker wicker boxes for storing small items.They can be present as part of the furniture, as well as separate bedside tables. All the little things inherent in old houses and estates, can be suitable as a design living room in the style of country music.

The only condition, considering that there are many directions of country music, is to adhere to the option that was chosen for the interior.

Varieties of style

In the design of the interior formed certain areas of country style. The choice of one of them suggests what materials and decorative elements should be used to create an image of the living room.

In the imitation of the American ranch, wood and a dark woody color range prevail. In this interior fits in the form of leather, animal hides and animal heads, Indian handicrafts. In the furniture and other details can be traced brutality, which recalls the Wild West.

The style of the English manor or chebbi-chic is opposite in spirit to the American ranch. These are light colors in the interior, floral decoration on furniture, wallpaper, carpets, curtains. Complementing the image of the living room with fresh flowers, books, reminiscent of the aristocracy of old England, tables for the game of bridge.

Furniture and other details of the design may have fanciful forms, but it is important not to overdo it. The furniture is used either antique or specially aged. M

The Swedish house has simple white interiors that fill the room with light. The snow-white interior is combined with natural wooden structures and bright details in the hand-made style.

French Provence combines bright interiors with unpainted wooden beams. Solid solid furniture can be combined with elements of wrought iron. Textiles and all design should be made in bright colors, reminiscent of the warm sun in the southern regions of France.

There is also a Greek style with white walls and bright frames of doors and windows, resembling a Greek house.

You can apply the German style with massive furniture.

And even the version of the Russian hut with a large stove, wooden log cabins and tiles.

In any case, the design of the living room in the style of country music from the depths of the subconscious causes positive emotions associated with peace, comfort, silence. This makes it possible to relax and rest from the hustle and bustle of information in the modern world.

Learn the secrets of country style from the following video.

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