3D fireplace - a new generation model

Modern technologies are not standing still, they are actively developing, offering original and amazing ideas. Even the usual and traditional options are amenable to improvement, which often "plays into the hands of" many buyers. One of these new products is the 3D fireplace - a versatile and multifunctional model. A distinctive feature of such systems is the presence of a special steam generator at the base. It should be said that these modern designs have many features that distinguish them from traditional types.

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What it is

Fireplaces with a 3D effect are often used in modern interiors and perform the main decorative role in the room. Such options will be the ideal solution in the event that you live in an apartment, and it is not possible to establish the traditional option. Modern designs with a flame effect do not require the installation of a chimney or other dimensional elements.Models differ in ease and stylish execution.

As noted above, the design uses a special steam generator. The functional elements in these models are significantly different from those used in traditional fireplaces. Modern versions are equipped with special lamps and even capable of reproducing sound.

Features and benefits

The main advantage of such models is not only in functionality, but also in the fact that designs do not take up much space. Electric fireplaces with a 3D effect can be easily installed in a corner. It is this part of the room that is least often used as a functional area, so the installation of a modern structure will allow the entire space to be properly distributed.

The installation of an electrofireplace does not require the base as it often happens with traditional options. The structures are lightweight, do not create a load on the floor, which allows them to be used in apartments.

Also to features of electrofireplaces with effect of a flame it is possible to carry:

  • models can be used as a decorative element, or function in the heating mode;
  • all systems have a panel to control the heat supply;
  • the steam generator does not emit harmful substances during operation.

The difference between electric fireplaces is not only in the internal structure. Product design is significantly different from the one we are used to seeing in traditional versions with a chimney. Fireplaces have a modern and thoughtful execution.

As for the care of such options, there is no need for special skills. If in the case of traditional versions it is necessary to perform regular cleaning with the use of special means, then the cleaning of the electric fireplace does not take much time. Periodically, you need to replace water. To clean the steam generator, you can use a brush.

Principle of operation

As for the principle of operation, this process is also not particularly complex. The operation of the electric heater is due to the power from the network. It is worth noting that it is the lamps built into the interior of the structure that create the effect of a burning flame. When voltage is applied, these elements start to work and at the same time a steam generator is started.The device creates small vibrations in the process, and due to such fluctuations, steam is generated, which is highlighted with the help of built-in lamps.

Varieties of models

Modern manufacturers produce a variety of options for electric fireplaces. They can differ among themselves not only in appearance, but also in internal systems.

By type of fireboxes

The most common are floor standing options, similar to classic fireplaces, and wall views, which save space in the room. One of the interesting modern solutions is portable structures. They are installed on special wheels, do not have a great weight, which allows you to move them around the house.

There is also a kind of built-in fireplaces. These options can be fixed both on the wall and on the portal.

Separate views are fireplaces with a three-dimensional effect. It is worth saying that such models are not suitable for small rooms, as the designs have impressive dimensions. The peculiarity of electric fireplaces is the power of heating. Models have wide functionality.

By imitation of fire

The most common options among buyers - models that mimic the real flame. The fire chamber has in the basis all necessary decorative components: artificial firewood, coals and pebbles. All these details are illuminated by lamps.

Sometimes these standard options complement another effect - the release of steam. If you look from afar, it is not immediately possible to understand that you are not a real fireplace.

Modern and the most advanced type are the systems that transmit the image of flame and smoke to the monitor. Often on the screen there are other natural panoramas.

How to choose

If you decide to decorate your house with electric fire with 3D effect, pay special attention not only to the appearance, but also to the functionality of the system. Decide in advance on the type of firebox and the type of imitation. When buying, consider the interior of the room where the fireplace will be located. An important point is the area of ​​the room.

DIY installation

After acquiring the structure, the next important point is the installation. Installation of electric fireplace can be done independently. Basically, complete with ready-made systems is a special step-by-step instruction, which greatly simplifies the task of connecting.All that is required of you in this case is the creation of a decorative base.

For this work, you can use a variety of materials. Pre-select the location for the fireplace, then proceed to the creation of design. In choosing a design, be guided by the interior features.

Overview of popular brands

Modern manufacturers of electric fires surprise a wide variety of models. High functionality, interesting design, long service life - this is what combines such options. There are several popular brands involved in the creation of structures, with which you need to get acquainted closer.

Helios (Helios)

The models of this company have a laconic design without unnecessary decorative elements, which is suitable for both classic and modern interiors. Inside the fireplaces are artificial elements that allow you to create high-quality imitation of the flame. Basically, the brand is engaged in the creation of embedded options.


Fireplaces of this brand always differ in magnificent decorative execution. White, brown and black classic options are able to decorate an expensive interior,in which there are many elements of wood. Imitation of fire and smoke creates an atmosphere of real warmth and comfort in the room. It is worth noting that the company produces quite powerful options in terms of heating.


The severity of lines and laconic forms - these are the qualities that combine models from this company. Basically, the brand is engaged in the creation of products in a luxurious English style, using wood, decorated with carvings. Fireplaces from this company will be a real decoration of the room.


Fireplaces are quite original performance in comparison with the usual options. The lack of a lot of decorative components almost does not spoil the design of products. Manufacturers focused on the functional qualities of the models. Such options are suitable for spacious and large rooms.

Alex Bauman

Models with a flame effect from this company are able to immediately catch the eye on themselves. The use of classic fragments and expensive design of fireplaces can decorate any living room. In the decor of the models used carving, which looks sophisticated and expensive.


Fireplaces of this company are the perfect example of a successful combination of classic and modern. The versatility of the models lies both in the functional features and in the design.They are suitable for decorating classic and modern interiors. The bright and accurate effect of a living flame and ember looks quite realistic.


Fans of modern trends in the interior should look at the models from this company. Basically, manufacturers produce embedded systems that have a simple but stylish design. Thanks to an interesting idea, it seems that you are looking at a large and lively fire in the fireplace.

Interesting solutions in the interior

An element such as a fireplace is best placed in the center of the room. This creates a certain warmth and comfort in the room. Quite often, soft chairs are placed in front of the fireplace, which is reminiscent of classic English style features.

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If you want to save space in the room, it is best to place the structure in the corner. For these purposes it is necessary to choose not too overall models.

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