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Home. This concept causes people to have different thoughts, but to a greater degree it is associated with a heat source that supports comfort, an atmosphere of love and care in the house. And better than a fireplace or stove, it does not symbolize anything. This is the place where the whole family gathers on cold autumn and winter evenings to warm up and discuss the passing day, receive guests and just relax body and soul.

But, like any device, fireplaces need regular maintenance and proper operation. Periodically, you need to clean the chimney and the heater itself as a whole, eliminate minor external defects and solve other household problems. Several decades ago, people performed all manipulations with their own hands and, as a rule, it took a lot of time and effort, but today, thanks to the rapid development of the high-tech era, it has become much easier to care for the fireplace.

The modern market offers many different accessories for fireplaces and other alternative heating facilities, with different prices and from different manufacturers.

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Fireplace accessories

Many people mistakenly believe that accessories for the fireplace are merely useless knick-knacks, without which it is easy to do, and designers impose them specifically to lure as much money from customers as possible. In fact, these devices for stoves, fireplaces and even electric heat carriers play a special role.

With their help, the process of using the fireplace is much easier, in addition, externally heating units are becoming much better. They look fashionable, spectacular and attractive.

To the necessary accessories for the fireplace belong such:

  • Special care kits. They are sets that care for the inside of the furnace or other heating unit. Most often it is a whisk, scoop, forceps, poker.
  • Baskets for logs. The main purpose of these accessories is to keep the room clean and tidy. So that the garbage that is brought into the room along with firewood does not spread through the kitchen and other rooms. Also, baskets perform a decorative function, they can be used to complement the interior in the chosen style.

It is possible to buy models from brass, pig-iron, on castors and without, in the form of a bucket, a bag, a rack, with one or two handles and without them, is found on the market and a metal bucket.Performed by the method of forging, these items will certainly take pride of place in the house.

  • Safety screen. Used to protect the premises from possible departure from the open fire of sparks. In addition to this function, these accessories perform and decorative.
  • Vacuum cleaners. They remove soot residues after cleaning the fireplace or stove. The main elements of these devices are made of metal, so they can withstand temperatures up to 50 ° C.
  • Different trifle. It includes: a broom, gloves, containers for the ashes, stands for lighters, matches, fans and others. They are inexpensive, but the benefits of them - a lot.

In addition to these items, an important role is played:

  • Drovnitsa - for storage of logs;
  • furs, providing high-quality flame burning;
  • Serviter is a kind of organizer for convenient storage of small servicing devices. Especially in high esteem among buyers of antique products that have absorbed positive energy from previous owners for years.

It would seem that without all these accessories you can do without, but if you remove them, chaos and confusion will reign in the room.

Tips for choosing

In order for the fireplace to give a real comfort, to cheer up and serve for a long time faithfully, it is very important to competently approach the choice of accessories for it. Where to begin?

You can immediately purchase a whole range of accessories, for example, products made in Italy are in special demand. Of course, no one prohibits the purchase of all accessories separately. But buying a set will save time, do not have to run around the city in search of the right thing, and the money will remain in the wallet. In addition, the use of sets makes them more convenient due to the presence of a rack-serviter or a metal bucket.

The advantages of the sets can be attributed to the fact that all their elements are made in the same style direction, usually they are forged, therefore they are ideally suited as an additional decor.

The poker and tongs should be comfortable, and most importantly - safe. Their handles are not too thick, but long, so that when working with tools in the firebox, their owner does not get hurt. Often, the length of the auxiliary tools for fireplaces is 50 - 70 cm, so you can find a tool suitable for people of different heights.

Often there are pokers, brushes and shovels with handles decorated with various metal elements. No one argues that visually it looks beautiful, but not very comfortable, and sometimes leads to injury. Experts explain that the most convenient form for a pen is a circle. The material of manufacture is not fundamental for such a product. In addition to metal, wooden handles are allowed, there are expensive options, for example, from ivory.

All the aforementioned objects, among other things, should be durable, for this reason it is better to choose poker, scoops and brushes made of bronze, and steel will do. Some manufacturers offer cast iron models, but their user properties are largely inferior to bronze and steel. Equipment made of cast iron is very heavy, and yet fragile.

Choosing a serviter, you need to look at the size of the scoop. In the finished set quite often quite miniature exhibits. They are attractive, graceful, look spectacular, but completely useless. They cannot collect a large pile of ashes. The most successful option is a large metal scoop.Thin tin shovels are also unsuitable, in a short period of time their edges are deformed during the collection of ashes.

The space next to the fireplace will always be clean and tidy only if it is very often cleaned up, which hardly anyone would like, or resort to the help of a serviter. Scattered around the fireplace accessories and debris flown from them, will surely spoil the appearance of the room, but if everything is in the serviter, there will definitely be no such confusion.

Many manufacturers, among them: Zion, Your home, Knight turn the serviters into real works of art. Products make out forged parts, which looks very impressive against the general background of the room.

When buying a fireplace screen, it is necessary to clearly understand the difference between a fireplace screen and a screen. The latter is made from conventional, easily flammable materials (for example, wood, cotton linen). It is installed far from the fireplace and is needed only to dissipate the heat coming from the heating unit. You can not say about the fireplace screens, they are able to withstand temperatures of heating up to + 300 ° C, due to the fact that they are made of fine-grained metal mesh or fire-resistant glass.

This accessory is used to dissipate heat and to protect the room from sparks, which can cause a fire.

Buying fireplace accessories, it is better to give preference to eminent firms specializing in the production of just such goods.

Do it yourself

All auxiliary attributes for a fireplace are made from materials possessing high fire resistance. These are different alloys of metals, as well as heat-resistant glass. For additional protection, they are covered with a protective layer of a special solution. Thus, improvised chimney tools become more durable.

Almost all the fireplace attributes can be made with your own hands. The exception is the lighter and matches. Regarding materials, steel, brass, copper and cast iron are perfect.

It will be more convenient to owners of electrofireplaces to work with brass and copper devices. They more function as a decor, therefore relatively light. Covered only with soot and dust, and therefore easily cleaned. When using such materials for firing in a brick fireplace, the owners will immediately notice that they need to be cleaned very often, and this process is quite laborious.

To make a scoop, you will need: one steel sheet measuring 220 by 280 mm.

Having retreated 5 cm from one side (22 cm long) and 10 cm from the edge of the second, two parallel lines should be drawn. On the first two marks are made at a distance of 3 cm from the edge. Next, cut the corners.

Similar tags need to be put on the second line. Draw lines between them and the corners of the opposite side. The lines should be well viewed, for this it is better to make them a well-sharpened tool, for example, a metal rod.

After all the manipulations, the cut sheet of metal must be put on the anvil and, with the help of metal brackets, bend up one part. Then the bend is done along the second line. The side parts are also arched. The upper part of the back wall is put in the initial position, that is, it is curved backwards.

Scoop for the stove with his hands ready!

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