Angara-12 stove-fireplace: model with a water contour

The company Meta is widely known in the Russian market as a fireplace and stove manufacturer. Years of experience and a qualified approach to business allow her to confidently occupy her niche in the production of high-quality goods. Since 2015, Meta decided to combine the merits of two heating devices and released an interesting hybrid - a stove. As a fireplace, they quickly heat the room, and as a furnace they keep heat for a long time.


The manufacturer offers several models of stoves with a water circuit, among which the buyer can choose the most suitable option.

The Angara 12 stove with a water circuit is designed to heat a country house of 150 square meters. m Its power is 9 kW, works on wood, briquettes, solid fuel, quickly heated. The manufacture of thick-walled steel with a thickness of 5 mm provides it with good wear resistance.The model is equipped with a heat-resistant glass panoramic door that allows you to observe the fire from three sides.

It has a compartment for storing firewood and a recess for heating food. Fire chamber made of fireclay plates provides good heat dissipation. Decorative inserts give it a stylish look. The combination of functionality and design make this stove a great option for a mansion and a summer house.

Meta Warta with a stove made of high-grade steel with a thickness of 5 mm with a total heat capacity of 13 kW and a water circuit capacity of 5 kW is another good option for heating a private house. Its main difference is that it is equipped with a steel plate with a cast-iron burner. Those. is a complete cooking appliance.

The furnace is equipped with a removable heat exchanger, which is very practical and convenient in operation. The chimney connection system is universal - top and rear. Firebox lining - chamotte brick.

Without connection to the heating system, such a furnace is able to work, but it will wear out faster. A furnace connected to the system without water cannot be used, since This will damage the heating elements. Meta Warta is able to work both on water and on antifreeze.. Just make sure that other heating elements support the use of the same fluid.

In general, water jacket fireplaces have several advantages. The fireplace quickly turns on and warms up the room. Therefore, they are good for country houses, arriving at them in the winter, I want to immediately warm up from the road. High fire safety allows, without fear of installing them in wooden houses. Durability, aesthetic beauty and environmental friendliness attract the attention of potential buyers.

All Metafire fireplaces can be placed near a wall or in a corner, which makes their operation as convenient as possible.

There are fireplaces with water circuits and disadvantages, including the high cost, which pays off within a few years. It is caused by relatively expensive installation of such a system.


The arrangement of heating systems for fireplaces with a water circuit is fairly standard. There are two types of heating systems: closed and open type. In closed water or antifreeze, it swings with a circulating pump.In the open coolant under the pressure of the hydraulic tank enters the heating circuit.

Any system includes the stove itself, the heat exchanger, automatic, expansion tank, the required number of pipes and radiators.

The principle of operation of the stove is as follows. Cold water from the plumbing is fed into the fireplace. There it heats up and exits the fireplace to the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger transfers heat from the hot fireplace system to the central heating system. At the same time, the water in the fireplace system does not come into contact with the central heating system of the house.

Automatic controls the temperature in the system and the air supply to the fireplace for burning. When overheating, the air is closed and the valve of the cooling circuit is activated.

The manufacturer supplies complete installation instructions with the equipment, so anyone can install it. However, if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to trust the professionals.

Selection rules

The stove is chosen based on the area of ​​the room. It is believed that for heating 10 square meters. m requires 1 kW of heat. If the furnace is going to heat for 8 hours, the required power is multiplied accordingly by three.So, equipment of 12 - 14 kW is able to heat a room of 50 square meters. m

The dimensions of the models are specified by the manufacturer with high accuracy, which allows to determine how much space the equipment will occupy indoors. To save space, it is recommended to choose a corner structure.

The presence of a cooking stove makes the oven somewhat more expensive, but at the same time it is a very practical option. If the fireplace insert provides for the replacement of interchangeable fireclay plates, this allows for easy and inexpensive repairs in case of wear.

Reviews of stoves, fireplaces testify to the positive experience of heating cottages and mansions in the village. Consumers call low efficiency, high fuel consumption. This limits the use of this equipment in the northern cold regions of Russia.

Fuel quality also matters.

The use of raw wood leads to the formation of incrustations on the chimney.

In the interior of the house

Meta fireplaces look quite stylish and modern and fit well into the interior of any home. In addition, you can impose a brick on top of such a stove, imitating a classic fireplace or a Russian stove.In addition to the aesthetic appeal, it is of practical importance: the brick cools for a long time, providing additional heat transfer.

There are other types of decoration. The budget option is plaster and paint. The most spectacular, but also time-consuming option is natural stone. A good solution is facing with tiles. Terracotta looks good, imitating natural stone.

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