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Recently, barbecue fireplaces are very popular among owners of country houses and suburban areas. It may seem to some that such a thing is an indicator of luxury, but this is not at all the case. Such designs have high functionality, allow you to relax and spend time with friends in the fresh air, while preparing delicious dishes.

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Main advantages

Modern barbecue fireplaces have an aesthetic and beautiful design and many advantages that most buyers have noted. The main advantages of such options include:

  • the fireplace can be created with your own hands;
  • no acrid and unpleasant smoke;
  • good garden supplement;
  • presence of many functions.
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Basically, such fireplaces differ in overall dimensions, but in the creation of structures there is nothing difficult, so everything can be made independently. The principle of construction of the option for a barbecue is not different from the rules that apply to the arrangement of internal models.

Main types

Before you start creating such a design, you need to familiarize yourself with the main types of fireplaces that the owners of spacious plots settle on the street. All types differ among themselves not only in appearance, but also in some functional qualities.

The first and most bulky species are fireplaces braziers. Basically, a brick is used to create these options, and the structures themselves have quite impressive weight and dimensions. For the arrangement of the fireplace requires a strong and reliable foundation that can withstand high loads. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that over time there is no sediment, as such changes lead to a complete deformation of the structure.

Barbeque fireplaces are the most reliable and durable among other options, and it is tested by time and deed. Since the creation uses durable and high-quality materials, the structures are not afraid of negative influences from external factors.

If you have such an option in the country, you can be called a real lucky one. On the grill always get juicy and fragrant dishes.Basically, such structures are located under a canopy, where you can arrange a rest. Sometimes these indoor facilities are used as a summer kitchen.

As for the shortcomings, it was not without them. The main disadvantage is that the installation of the structure requires additional arrangement of the chimney.

Another interesting and versatile view is barbecue complex. By the name it can be understood that the basis of the design includes not only a fireplace and a brazier, but also a Russian stove. Basically, such options are located as a separate structure. The complex even includes an element such as a smokehouse.

No less popular view is the fireplace barbecue. Such options are often settled on the veranda, complementing other components for recreation. The fireplace can be used as a grill, as there are special grills in the base. The main advantages of this option is that all the dishes cooked on it are tasty and fragrant. The process does not emit acrid smoke; there is a light and pleasant aroma in the air. Often, the fireplace is used as a shashlik maker, so during cooking only the smell of the dish is felt.

DIY creation

Most often, fireplaces with the function of a barbecue create their own hands, as the finished design in the store is quite expensive. There is nothing complicated in building a structure, especially if you possess elementary skills and knowledge in this field. Before you start creating a fireplace, you need to decide on a suitable place for it.

Such facilities will be a good option for a closed terrace, but if you wish, you can equip the structure outdoors. Please note that the fireplace does not stand too close to the living space, as during the cooking the smoke will get inside.

After choosing the right place, you need to prepare materials. In the process, you will need options to create a foundation (sand, clay, crushed stone and cement), as well as boards and metal elements. In the hardware store you need to purchase parts for fixing, roofing felt and materials for decoration.

In case you are planning to build a structure outside the terrace, you need to create a special fence. Prerequisite is the presence of a roof or roof.

If you first encounter the creation of such a structure,It is best to take advantage of the most popular and simple type of masonry, which is based on brick. The design looks like the letter “P”, the height reaches 1 m. On both sides of the structure there are special grids, the distance between which should be not less than 20 cm. The upper part will be used as a stand for products. Below put coal.

When creating such a structure, it is necessary to take into account a high load; therefore, a reliable and durable foundation is required. If you decide to create a multifunctional structure, take care of the availability of space for the location of kitchen utensils and dishes.

Sometimes people create a combined version, which is quite convenient. In addition to the function of a barbecue, such constructions can be used as barbecue. For the arrangement of an additional zone, a special cast-iron insert will be needed, which is placed in the base of the fireplace. On the external design of such a product resembles a small box that has legs. If you did not find the finished cast iron element, you can make it yourself.

Particular attention should be paid to the arrangement of the zone in which ash will be collected.This will require another similar product, located at the bottom - at the bottom.

As for fuel for fireplaces, wood is most often used.

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