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About brand

The Ekokamin group of companies was founded 17 years ago. The line of fireplaces "Bavaria" has been producing since 2007. She proved herself only with the best hand. All products are made on German equipment only from quality materials, using the latest technology. Ekokamin Group of Companies is engaged in supplying stoves not only in Russia, but also to the CIS countries, and to Europe. She takes part in various exhibitions where she has received diplomas and prizes more than once.

Features and advantages of products

Fireplaces Bavaria are made of high-grade steel with a thickness of 6 mm. They have cast iron grates, which are distinguished by their long service life. Equipped with large doors with viewing windows through which you can admire the tongues of flame. Also, in all furnaces of this range, the furnace compartment is futtered with fireclay bricks, which prevents the walls of the fireplace from burning through and extends its service life.

The heating power of these fireplaces is from 9 kW, they have a long burning mode, which reaches 5 hours.They are able to heat rooms up to 180 cubic meters, while the consumption of firewood in these furnaces is minimal.

Model overview

Bavaria is a whole line of stoves for both residential and non-residential premises. It includes fireplaces with stove and heat exchanger, corner fireplaces, stoves with ovens, stoves with a water heating circuit and other options.

A distinctive feature of the Bavaria series is the facing of the side walls of the fireplace with black, beige and sand colored ceramics. The stove with a forget-me-not tile has a unique design, where blue flowers are painted on white ceramic with enamel. There is also a tile with a picture of lavender, birch and other options.

Consider separately the model of this series.


It is a stove with excellent panoramic windows. All the beauty of the flame is visible through the enlarged fireplace door in a three-dimensional image. The furnace has a self-cleaning system of glass, that is, do not need to be afraid for its cleanliness. Even if the glass is slightly smoked it will not be difficult to wash it.

The Prismatic stove has a cast-iron double-stove stove on which you can cook food or heat a kettle.

This fireplace shows the largest among this brand heating power up to 14 kW. The efficiency of this furnace is 78%. Able to heat the volume of the room up to 150 m3. It has a convective contour, which perfectly gives off heat to the room. In the fireplace Prismatic can use logs up to 50 cm.

This model is equipped with a heat exchanger that allows you to connect it to the contour heating and power the radiators.

Suitable for use in weather conditions in Russia. It can be used as the main source of heat in the house.

3 glasses

Another oven with panoramic windows. Three walls of this fireplace are made of heat-resistant glass, which allows you to admire the tongues of flame, being on either side of the fireplace. Good replacement to the classic fireplace. Easy to install. It also has a good heat transfer with an efficiency of 78% and a heating power of up to 12 kW. It has a secondary afterburner. Heats the room to 120 cubic meters.

Will be suitable both for a country house, and for giving. You can use both primary and alternative heat source. Has the ability to connect to the chimney both vertical and horizontal.


The walls of this furnace are decorated with tiles, which carries not only the design of the fireplace, but also an additional source of heat. An enlarged door with a large glass will allow you to watch the wood burn. In addition, the handle has protection against an unplanned opening, thereby safeguarding you from a possible fire and help to maintain tightness inside the firebox. The name speaks for itself. Perfectly fit into the interior in the Baroque style. The tile has various colors, including brown and green.


This furnace is of a very simple design, without any design elements. But who said that just is bad. The fireplace Vertical perfectly will be suitable for a country house. A good heat transfer will help to heat the room up to 150 cubic meters. Long burning mode allows you to extend the work without lining the wood up to five hours. In addition, a large vertical glass will allow you to enjoy the view of the fire. All features of the fireplaces of the Bavaria series are preserved in this model.


This furnace is very similar in design to the model of the vertical. The same simple forms, but indicators are slightly lower. It will only heat a room in 90 m3.The chimney is also possible to connect to this model from above and behind.


The stove-fireplace of this model has a classic shape, lined with a tile in various colors, from beige to green. The glass of this furnace has a rounded top. Therefore, when you look at a burning fire, it seems that this is the hearth in an old house, and the tile complements this picture. The volume of the heated room - 180m3.


The design of this stove is similar to the "stove", perfect for a country house. This is an economy option. Fireplace Cologne will be able to heat a small room of 60-70 cubic meters. It is manufactured in two versions: with and without a sight glass. Cologne stove has a built-in stove. With this model you can not only heat the kitchen in the country, but also cook food.


Premium fireplace. Fully tiled. It has a wide range of colors, some models are painted with forget-me-nots, birches, lilies. All painting is done by hand. This fireplace will perfectly fit into the classic interior and will be its accent. Sitting by the fireplace Alsace and admiring the tongues of fire, you will feel the trends of the XIX century.But modern technologies applied in this furnace will perfectly cope with the heating of the room up to 220 m3 with the minimum consumption of firewood. The kit has a smoke box, which is decorated with a tile in the color of the fireplace.


The fireplace is made in the Baroque style, decorated with tiles of different colors. The furnace section inside is trimmed with ivory chamotte brick. The modern cleaning system with the help of directional air flows removes dirt not only from the glass, but also from the foots. Heats the area to 110 squares. The large sight glass allows you to fully admire the flame.

Instructions for use and precautions

The most suitable fuel for stoves in Bavaria is wood briquettes or dry firewood with low calorific value. To achieve the required humidity of the logs, they must be kept for a year and a half in a dry, ventilated room.

Wet firewood emit little heat and a lot of soot, thereby polluting the chimney.

In no case can you use coal for heating, as its burning temperature is too high.

Before ignition, you must open the air regulators, put firewood,only after that, ignite the firebox. Firewood broke out, you can close the door. Further, the burning power is regulated by means of air regulators.

The ashpit in the furnaces of Bavaria can be removed only after the fireplace has completely cooled.

When using fireplaces, the following safety rules should be followed.

  • The stove is installed only on a non-combustible floor, the distance from the stove and pipes to highly flammable materials must be at least 80 cm.
  • The mass of firewood for a one-time bookmark should not exceed 3 kg.
  • Permissible burning time - continuously no more than 6 hours.
  • It is prohibited to use flammable liquids during ignition.
  • The firebox door must always be tightly closed, even when the hearth is off.
  • When opening the door and when lining the wood, you must use gloves.
  • Restrict children's access to a working fireplace.

Is forbidden

  • Kindle fireplace in the absence of thrust.
  • Burn trash in the oven.
  • Leave a melted oven unattended.
  • Dry on the oven clothes.
  • Remove soot by burning.
  • Fill the fireplace with water.
  • Use the oven in continuous mode.
  • Change the design of the furnace.

Remember that violation of these rules can not only deprive you of your home, but also your life.

DIY installation

Fireplaces of Bavaria in no case can not be installed in areas where there are combustible materials, for example, in garages.

Installation of these furnaces should be carried out according to the instructions that are attached to each model.

For everything to work without problems, you must follow the following rules:

  • Installation must be carried out indoors with sufficient fresh air;
  • set the oven on a flat horizontal floor with a non-flammable coating;
  • in front of the firebox and the ash box have a metal sheet at least 0.5 mm thick, more than 70 millimeters wide;
  • Installation is carried out so that the temperature of nearby combustible materials does not rise above 50, where this fails, a protective screen is installed.
  • the pipe must have a height of at least 5 m. It is allowed to connect only two furnaces to the chimney at a time.

At the first ignition of the fireplace there will be an unpleasant smell, which will disappear within a few hours - this will burn out the transport primer.

Cost of

Since Bavaria stoves are made in Russia, their price is much lower than their foreign counterparts, but the quality of fireplaces is not inferior. The cost of furnaces varies from 8000 rubles. (Cologne) to 170,000 rubles (Alsace), depending on the purpose for which you need a stove and what you want to see.


The impression about the line of stoves-fireplaces Bavaria is very good. First of all, it is the low price, ease of installation. These furnaces fully cope with the promises made by the Ekokamin Group of Companies. Although negative reviews are also found, but this is more likely due to improper operation, the use of raw wood or wood with increased heat transfer.

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