White fireplace - a touch of luxury in the interior

White color in the interior is the most versatile and practical shade, allowing you to create amazing combinations of styles or objects.

Such a fireplace will be the main feature of the space where it is installed.

Despite the versatility of color, a white fireplace will become an atypical prototype of a modern “home hearth” in your space.

Features and benefits

  • A distinctive feature of the white fireplace will be the fact that it is suitable for creating any interior, of course, you should pay attention and select its model to match the style of your home or living room.
  • A white fireplace allows space to become visually more spacious, and its aristocratic color will serve as a pretext for creating the most daring interior.


The most popular model of fireplaces is the electric version of the hearth, which is safe and inexpensive to maintain, unlike the wood-burning model.

An electric white fireplace is able to complement any interior, be it a classic living room with smooth forms, trendy Provence and its natural materials or modern with strict forms or minimalism.

The advantages of an electric white fireplace are obvious:

  • Safety design allows you to keep it in an apartment or house where there are children or animals.
  • The relative ease of installation does not require global changes in the design of your home, and the electric version of the fireplace is available for installation in an apartment building, unlike open-format fireplaces.
  • An electric fireplace is always a closed design that does not allow for burns or damage to furniture.
  • For an electric fireplace does not need fuel - wood, which requires financial support and additional space for their proper storage.

Floor fireplace is an improved and easier to install version of the electric fireplace, which are not large in size and make it easy to install them in the apartment. Electric type outdoor fireplaces are elegant in their performance and easy to install - put the fireplace in any part of the room and provide it with electricity.

In addition, white fireplaces are inexpensive and less expensive to maintain.

A wall-mounted fireplace will be an excellent alternative to the floor, because it has a simple design and hangs on the wall. The main thing is to provide such an accessory with electricity, and you can enjoy watching an attractive flame.

A wall-mounted fireplace can significantly transform the interior, add comfort and warmth to it, since the electric element in this model works 100%.

In addition, all versions of electric fireplaces will easily serve as heaters for you and your home, they can regulate the production of heat and its intensity.

An open fireplace with a real living flame is a “home” for a private dwelling, the installation of which requires a lot of costs and effort.

The advantage of an open fireplace is that it gives a feeling of warmth and aroma of real fire, but such a fireplace requires considerable time to melt it and maintain the required temperature.

An alternative to an open fireplace will be a biofireplace, which is reliably protected by heat-resistant tempered glass and a real flame lives inside it, which is created by supplying gas to the furnace.Bio-fireplace is safe for your health and home, because its emissions are not toxic and flame on the carpet or other interior items is simply impossible.


Today, like a few dozens and even hundreds of years ago, the fireplace symbolizes the high status of the homeowner, his excellent position in society and wealth.

A fireplace made of marble will once again confirm your high level of wealth and excellent taste, since this type of “home” is chosen by people who are practical and prefer aesthetics.

It is no secret that in modern times the fireplace is more likely to serve as a decoration than a real heating device, however, the level of popularity of this “device” is not nearly falling.

Marble is a material of natural origin, noble, natural, therefore it is often used as a facing material for a fireplace.

A beautiful and noble fireplace made of marble will allow to accumulate the heat that the fireplace itself produces, therefore it will be an ideal choice for people who prefer the functionality of the “hearth” along with its appearance.

Facing the fireplace with marble allows you to create real works of art - unique in its design fireplaces for the home.The shade of marble may differ, but the white color remains the most sought after and noble.

Brick fireplaces are more budget-friendly in their value, but they look just as noble and dignified, and functional - they keep the heat from the stove.

Unfinished brick in facing of a fireplace looks great in the interior of a modern format or “classics”, while the color of the material itself is not important, where its laying is more important. The white brick fireplace looks especially neat and allows you to create an unobtrusive interior, measured and as comfortable as possible.

Another popular material for facing the fireplace is tile - an inexpensive and affordable material that combines well with other modern means of finishing the interior. The tile has good resistance to high temperatures, does not require special care and is easy to put in, for example, from marble.

It is possible to create a fireplace lining of plasterboard or any other artificial material, it is important that it is heat-resistant and safe when heated, and then you just have to pay for its appearance and the attractiveness that it can create.

Decorative fireplace for home or apartment

When it is impossible to purchase or install a real fireplace, most people go to the cunning step - they create a decorative fireplace in their homes and enjoy the visual warmth and comfort that gives them a “home”.

The advantages of an "artificial" fireplace will be its low cost, safety, the ability to install wherever it pleases. The only thing worth taking care in this case is to purchase an analogue of this fireplace and how to add it to the interior so that it turned out succinctly and comfortably.

One of the most popular types of decorative fireplace is a device made of polyurethane or drywall. To buy such a fireplace simply in specialized stores or “interior” departments, where various useful and decorative things are sold. You can create a fireplace from drywall yourself, armed with material and your own wit.

Conventionally, drywall fireplaces are divided into three categories: extremely decorative versions - not functional and the simplest, which allow you to decorate the interior and only; conditional - that is, such structuresinside which you can install an electric fireplace or an image or any other element with an image (possibly “alive”) of a flame; Real fireplaces are models when the same biofireplace or its electrical version can be positioned inside a drywall construction.

Let's return to decorative drywall fireplaces; the idea of ​​creating a “hearth” in the house should be taken seriously and attentively, since it’s worth starting the work on the fireplace with the development of a sketch - the exterior design of a future artificial stove. Having depicted the fireplace on the sheet, place the construction on the wall - the base, the firebox, racks, decorations of the artificial fireplace and its general design. The foundation of even a decorative fireplace is like the foundation of a future home; even if the fireplace is not real, you need to approach the design and creation of its foundation thoroughly.

The most simple and affordable, almost not expensive version of a decorative fireplace - cardboard. To create a fireplace made of cardboard for your home or small apartment, you should look for a large box, for example, from under a TV. From one large box will need to make the basis of the future fireplace, pre-depicting the design on paper.

Cutting the fireplace and creating its cardboard version, you can begin to finish it: dark and light paint, red, the remains of laminate, cardboard, tile, wallpaper and other materials for decorating the final structure will do. Installing a cardboard fireplace is simple: fix it with double-sided tape, for example, so that it does not fall and does not violate the concept of your interior.


White fireplace looks good in spacious rooms and even small living rooms, so combining a fireplace with other interior items is especially simple.

The most popular version of the combination of a fireplace and a TV is their location on the same wall: on top - the TV, on the bottom - a fireplace.

An alternative to this approach would be to place the TV on a wall perpendicular to the one on which the white fireplace is installed.

Opposite the fireplace, they traditionally install a sofa or soft armchairs in order to enjoy the cozy home atmosphere in full.

A very unusual modern way of locating the biofireplace is its location in the center of the room: the minimalist fireplace seems to “hang” in the air in the middle of the living room or bedroom, creating a mysterious and incredibly attractive atmosphere.

Review of the best models

There are many models of fireplaces, the best of them are determined by buyers: the Russian Meta brands (including the Corsica model), Yenisei, Amur, Oka, Narva, Sherwood, with a concise design and a modest price policy.

The fireplace of the Electrolux efp m 5012w model is electric and especially popular among “our” customers; Fireplace users note its small size and excellent design, functionality and accessibility.

The Adelaida Kaminokomplekt helps to create a stylish and modern interior through the use of a functional and practical hearth that works through electricity.

Interesting interior ideas

It is easy to create an interior in Provence style: choose an embedded white “hearth” from stone with decorative elements in its decoration, for example, with columns. The actual idea would be a white fireplace with gold, the edge of which can be rectangular, as in the photo below. Pic 1

Add white furniture and more textiles to complete the “olive” look of your living room.

7 a photo

On a dark wall, the fireplace looks attractive: choose a model of a white hearth with wide margins that allow you to create a harmonious picture, or to match the wall itself. Figure 2 Figure 3

A classic interior with a fireplace obliges to purchase a massive and heavy model, lined generously with stone or other material. Pic 4

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