Concrete fireplace

With all the variety of modern materials for decoration and construction, a fireplace made of concrete is one of the most popular options today. The fact is that it is fairly easy to work with concrete and, most importantly, they can imitate absolutely any material.

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The advantages of the material and features built in the house

The fireplace from a natural stone, of course, is very beautiful. However, it is not easy to perform and costs quite a lot of money. Concrete in this case will save money and time.

For the manufacture of the fireplace portal, a special solid concrete mixture is used, for example, glass fiber concrete - a material reinforced with fiberglass. This material is able to withstand heavy loads, but at the same time it is light and economical.

It is possible to create not only a portal from concrete, but also internal walls, as well as to make a mantelpiece. In skillful hands, concrete gives a huge field for experimentation: modern technologies of finishing allow you to "turn" it into any material.The texture of natural stone - limestone, sandstone, granite - will be visually indistinguishable from the present. This is a real find for an interior designer.

The construction of any fireplace begins with the foundation. After you have decided on the place and size of the fireplace (or rather its base - the fireplace table), you need to dig a hole that will be 15-20 cm above the size of the table. The bottom of the hole must be poured with sand or a mixture of sand and gravel (this depends on soil properties). The height of the sand cushion is from 10 to 70 cm, depending on the soil. The sand layer should be perfectly flat and well-rammed.

After that, concrete is poured into the pit. The best option for a home fireplace is to mix Portland cement and sand-gravel mixture in the proportion of ¼. One layer is poured with this mixture, then a metal grate is put in, and the second layer of concrete is placed on top. A couple of days will be required to freeze the foundation. After that, you can build a fireplace chamber, firebox, shelf and portal.

Concrete will make a portal completely of any shape and type. Today, ascetic monolithic portals, linings of the classic look with columns and ornate patterns, rough “brick” (concrete imitation) or with the texture of natural stone are popular.

By the way, the concrete portal can be purchased in finished form.

Concrete fireplace - a great solution for the street

This design will successfully replace the grill - evening gatherings by the fire with the fireplace will become much more comfortable. Street fireplaces can be built-in, wall or island.

The built-in fireplace is mounted directly into the wall of the house, the chimney from it goes inside the walls. In fact, it differs from the home built-in fireplace in that it is located on the outside of the wall.

Wall fireplace for the street is erected close to the wall outside, like a chest of drawers.

An island fireplace can stand anywhere - in fact it is an independent stove that can be in the place where the owner of the house wishes. Uncomplicated and original street fireplace can be made of concrete parts, making it a natural stone.

The basis for such a fireplace will be a refractory mixture. It consists of high alumina cement and special refractory additives. Such a fireplace can withstand temperatures up to 1500 ° C, will be very durable and stable.

The foundation is almost the same as for a home fireplace. It is necessary to make a pit 30-40 cm deep, pour a flat and dense layer of sand and pour cement,reinforcing the structure with reinforcement.

The details of the fireplace (what they will be - an individual solution) are cast from a refractory mixture. This will require a formwork of various forms: it is usually made of thin wooden slats, lined with polyethylene inside, to make it easier to get frozen parts.

This is followed by the assembly of the fireplace. For the connection of parts will require cement mortar or tile glue.

Very quickly and simply open hearth on the summer cottage or garden plot can be made of concrete rings. Such rings can be purchased at any concrete products plant, usually they are called “ring for a well”.

Depending on the desired depth of the hearth and the type of rings purchased, you can make a high fireplace or very low, open. It can be put on the ground, and you can partially dig in - then the fire will burn not on the surface, but in the depths.

Rings are placed on each other (for strength, you can combine them with cement). Then you need to arrange the hearth - it is most beautiful to overlay it with stones. Such work will look very neat and complete if the “well” is decorated with stone not only from the outside, but also from the inside.One has only to take into account that the interior design will partially “eat” the space for the firebox.

It is also best to elevate the place around such an improvised fireplace - level or lay out the floor tiles, put chairs and benches. It will be useful and canopy. To cook over such a hearth, you can use a special stand with a barbecue grill. The metal support is placed next to the firebox, and the grill is lowered to the desired distance to the fire. There is a very original barbecue grill hanging above the fire on chains that are attached to a high support.

The fireplace in the house or on the street will create a pleasant feeling of warmth and comfort. It is considered to be a symbol of wealth, as well - of love and a burning family hearth.

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