Fireplace in the interior

Role and features

Bio-fireplace is a unique product, which is characterized by a real open flame. This fireplace is great for installation in any apartment and is completely safe. The biofireplace carries out both heating, and decorative function, it will perfectly decorate any house.


This element of home interior consists of several elements. One of them is the fireplace portal, which primarily performs a protective function, that is, limits the ability to closely contact with heating elements, in addition, it performs a decorative role. Another element of the design of this device - the burner. This is the heating part of the fireplace that is fueled with fuel, and it, when burned, forms heat.

Another protective part of the bio fireplace is an external door that closes the flame and can perform a decorative function. As a rule, it is made of glass.

It’s very difficult to make such fireplaces with your own hands, since they are a rather complex structure.Error during assembly can lead to negative consequences, so it is better to entrust such work to a skilled master, to whom you can provide the drawings of the desired model of the biofireplace, and he will be able to make it for you to order.

A bio-fireplace is very easy to use: it is simply ignited and refilled.

The ignition of this element of the interior can be accomplished with the help of special fireplace matches or with the help of an elongated lighter. In addition, acquiring such a fireplace, you save yourself from the extra hassle associated with cleaning the ash and cleaning it from soot, it will decorate the interior of the house and not pollute it.

Many models of bio fireplaces outwardly look exactly like real wood products, so they will perfectly decorate any classic interior. But there are some types that differ from classical models, as a rule, they are made in urban design, so it’s best to fit into a modern interior.

Differences biofireplace from the usual

One of the distinguishing features of such a piece of interior is the absence of a chimney, so it can be placed in any part of the room with any design. In addition, there are no restrictions regarding the type of room in which such a fireplace can be placed. A feature of the fireplace is the presence of a flame, but the absence of smoke. Unlike an electric fireplace, it warms a real hearth burning thanks to bioethanol.

A distinctive feature of the design of biofireplace is its work from the burner. This item is a metal container. Some fireplaces are equipped with lids for the burner, through which you can easily adjust the size and height of the flame, the line of fire, so that it fits better into the interior and home furnishings in general. Some models of bio fireplaces are also supplemented with filters for the burner, which help purify the air.


In addition to the aesthetic function of the interior decoration of an apartment or a house, a biofire fireplace performs a heating function. It has been established that such a construction can raise the air temperature by ten to fifteen degrees in a room with an area of ​​about fifty square meters. As for its function of interior decoration, such an element can become the most significant in the whole room setting. Properly selected biofireplace design can be a highlight of both the living room and the bedroom or children's room. Therefore, there is a huge selection of bio fireplaces that will fit into any interior: both in the design of the apartment, made in retro style, in Provence, Modern style, in classical style, and in the design of any modern interior in the style of Hi Teck. Designers offer the most stylish and daring solutions.


Bio-fireplaces are divided into types depending on their design. Designers and craftsmen provided models suitable for each type of room and its interior. Thanks to a wide choice of varieties and models of biofireplaces, you can choose such an element of the interior for both a private house and an apartment, both for a small room and for a large room.

Bio-fireplace, besides the heating function, also performs a decorative function in the interior of the house, so it is important that it fits well with the home environment. Its proper placement in the room is of great importance. Due to the wide and varied selection of types and models of biofireplaces, you can choose the most suitable in size and appearance.

By placing the fireplace in the room there are several types of them, of which the most common is the near-wall. This kind of fireplace most accurately conveys the look of classic models of fireplaces. Based on the area of ​​the room in which you plan to install a fireplace, you can choose a fireplace in real size or in conditional, that is, a small device. The latter option is suitable for premises whose area is less than twenty square meters.

The next type is a corner fireplace.. This model takes a little less space in the room, in contrast to the previous type. It is perfect for a small cozy room. Outwardly, it is a portal, its design, as a rule, is quite simple.

There are also wall mounted, recessed, mounted, plug-in biofireplaces. The built-in fireplace is mounted in the wall, and the wall models of biofireplaces have fasteners, and such a biofireplace should have a small size, as a rule, not more than a meter. Floor models of biofireplaces are the most popular and classic in their design.

Another type of bio fireplaces are biotop fireplaces.. This is a fireplace in an incomplete set, it is rather part of the fireplace, which can be embedded in any other suitable fireplace, regardless of its type. This type of fireplace is installed in conventional smoke fires, if there is a problem with cleaning the chimney or when it is not possible to use firewood for its kindling.

Some designer models of fireplaces can be in the form of home furnishings, for example, a coffee table.

Other biofireplace design models have a round, triangular or rectangular shape, some creators of biofireplaces offer very unusual solutions: curved design biofireplaces.

As a rule, biofireplaces have a metal body, which is covered with a specialized polymer composition. Floor models of biofireplaces are equipped with support legs, which in some such devices can be adjusted by changing the height of the fireplace. In some types of fireplaces the role of support perform the wheels. Such biofireplaces are very easy to move around the house or apartment.

The smallest type of fireplace is a fireplace-candle on a stand.Its appearance is a round, square or rectangular design, protected by glass, which warns against contact with open fire. The largest types of bio fireplaces are floor models that look exactly like real smoke fireplaces.

Hi-tech living room

Manufacturers represent a huge selection of bio fireplaces that fit any interior. So, you can even find a model in high-tech style that best fits into any modern setting. To create such an interior, designers use the newest and most unusual materials, so very often chrome metal is used.

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A high-tech fireplace will be a very bold and unusual solution. In addition, this element of the decor is often installed not near the wall, as is customary, but in the center of an apartment or house. Some models of biofireplaces have not a classic rectangular shape, but a triangular or circular shape.

Minimalist style

This interior is best suited for rooms with a small area. This style is created thanks to the small elements of the home environment. The furniture in such rooms is usually small and neat. As a rule, biofireplaces that fit into the minimalist design of a room are placed in the corner of the room, because there it will occupy the least space, but this is not a mandatory rule. The fireplace in a minimalist room can literally be placed on a shelf or on a table.

Provence style interior

The interior in Provence style, as a rule, is very gentle and romantic. But at the same time, a biofireplace in such a style will look very elegant and stylish. Such an atmosphere inspires warmth, so the fireplace, as its source, will perfectly fit into this interior. Fireplace, made in the style of Provence, should somehow resemble the old days. This effect can be achieved with an image on a biofireplace of a broken off brick or a piece of paint.

Designers are advised to give the entire interior in the style of Provence an artificial antiquity. For decoration of biofireplace and other elements of furniture, stone and other natural materials will perfectly suit.

Apartments in modern modern style

Such a design differs from the classical one in the first place by its uncomplicated nature and is even a bit mundane.A characteristic feature of modern modernity is the functionality of every thing in the house. That is, a bio-fireplace, made in this style, should fulfill its main function - heating the room, and only then perform a decorative function, which is practically not important for this interior. Even a biofire fireplace that does not fulfill its main function and is installed only as an item of decor should have a design similar to the present: most often, manufacturers make imitations of the flame of a fire and burning firewood. The most characteristic feature of all bio-fireplaces in modern style is the successful combination of simplicity and functionality with the most unusual fashionable solutions.

How to make the interior

With regard to the situation, it is best to place biofireplaces against the wall opposite the sofa or chairs with a small table. It is advisable to remove all large technical devices away from such a fireplace, since they will distract attention from the main part of the room interior - the fireplace. Some place a TV on top of a bio fireplace, but interior designers do not advise doing this. The fireplace can be decorated with stylish details, such as vintage watches or unusual figurines, in addition, family photos installed on the fireplace will add warmth and comfort to your home.

Bio-fireplace will make any modern home environment unusual and fashionable, you can sit around it and relax after a hard day’s work, looking at a real fire, even being in an apartment where it’s impossible to install conventional fireplaces with a chimney.

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