We select a fireplace depending on the size of the room

Fireplaces are a great opportunity to decorate a room while heating it. This attribute of the interior is used in many homes, giving them originality and comfort.

The dimensions of this design depend on the dimensions of the room itself. Therefore, large fireplaces can be found in the spacious living rooms of country houses, where they are used as decorative ornaments.

If it is impossible to install a classical system, it is possible to install such products working on gas or electrics. These products are a great opportunity to spend evenings with your family discussing pleasant moments.

Design features

Home classic fireplace is a structure that is made of brick or natural stone that can withstand high temperatures. In most cases, this design is performed in the English style. The fireplace consists of several main parts:

  • Portal. This element represents the surface of the structure that faces the browser. This can be directly attributed to the hole itself with additional attributes, such as a mantelpiece. To make the fireplace unique, the portal is covered with various decorative stones. There are many types of similar materials used for decoration. This allows you to choose the best style for a specific interior.

One of the ways to decorate is to use candles for the fireplace, which can be located around the entire perimeter of the portal.

  • Firebox It is a small tank in which combustion takes place. Efficiency and other burning characteristics depend on its size. In most cases, all its dimensions are selected dynamically and depend directly on the height of the fireplace.
  • Chimney. This part of the design is a vertical channel through which the removal of gases. From the correctness of its implementation depends on the thrust inside the system and the quality of burning stove.


The work of the fireplace involves not only heat, but also the combustion of air masses.The effectiveness of such structures depends on several main parts:

  1. The ratio of the area of ​​the room and all structural elements. So, if you choose a small fireplace for rooms whose area is significant, then you will not get the optimal level of insulation. This design can only be used as a decorative element. When the room is small, and the firebox itself takes up a lot of space, it can produce additional ventilation and drafts, which in turn will cool the house.
  2. Mounting technology. The work of the fireplace also depends on how all the structural elements are constructed and laid out. If this does not comply with the basic recommendations, this may lead to the presence of bad traction or lack of it, etc.

Calculate the area of ​​the furnace holes

In most cases, the level of heat transfer and the quality of combustion depend on this characteristic. To perform the calculations, follow some simple steps:

  • First you need to measure the area of ​​the room. For example, take a room in which this value is 20 sq.m.
  • The optimal ratio for the areas of the firebox and the room is the number 1:50. Therefore, in order to find the characteristic we need, the value obtained earlier should perform such an operation 20 sq.m / 50. The result will be an area of ​​0.4 sq.m. (4000 sq. Cm).

The ratio of width and height

The area of ​​the furnace obtained earlier is not a universal value, since it does not indicate what the sides of the opening should be. From these characteristics also depends on the optimal level of the fireplace, so be sure to count them. You can do this by following a simple method:

  • The ratio of height to width should be 2 to 3that is the best indicator.

Please note that multiplying these numbers should result in a previously calculated area.

  • Finding these values ​​is fairly easy using the fitting method or the appropriate formulas. For an area of ​​4000 sq. Cm, the height will be 51 cm, and the width - 77 cm.

Depth as a performance indicator

This value depends only on the size of the height, which you already know how to count. The ratio of these characteristics is 2 to 3. You can learn the required depth dimensions using a simple formula - (height / 3) * 2.For our example, it will be equal to 340 mm.

Please note that you should not pick up this value on the eye, as if it does not match it can lead to various defects.:

  • Depth increase will help to ensure that the heat mass will be sent to the chimney, not giving enough heat into the room.
  • Reduction is one of the reasons that will cause smoke.

Please note that the size of the chimney depends on the area of ​​the furnace, and should be about 10-15 times smaller than the previously obtained value. This calculation technology is quite simple and does not require special knowledge.

Electric models

Such constructions are becoming very popular among apartment owners, where there is no possibility to install a classic model. When choosing an electric fireplace, their dimensions and technical characteristics are also important:

  • Designers recommend the use of products in which the area of ​​the facade should be less than or equal to 1/50 of the area of ​​the room where it is planned to be installed. You can, of course, use the overall products, but they will not create such an effect in the decor, as previously mentioned models.For example, a fireplace that is equipped with a 60 * 50 cm facade will be optimal for an office and a bedroom with an area of ​​up to 15 sq. M.
  • The power of electrical systems also depends on the area of ​​the room. So, in order to additionally heat a room of no more than 20 square meters, experts recommend using fireplaces that give out 2 kW of energy (1 kW / 10 sq. M).

It should be noted that such structures should not be used as the main sources of heat, since the system consumes a lot of current, which is quite expensive.

Building or installing a fireplace is a rather complicated process that should be trusted by experienced professionals. This will eliminate the possibility of problems or failures during operation.

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