Modern fireplace lining

For a long time, stoves are used not only for space heating, but also as a decorative element. Presently the most various types of fireplaces came to replace furnaces. This device is very important for recreation centers, residential and country houses.

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Materials or what to impose

Porcelain stoneware

Porcelain is considered to be very popular and quite ductile. Externally, this material is similar to ceramic tiles. Facing the fireplace is possible both on the adhesive base and on the metal profile.

In general, porcelain tiles are used to beautify surfaces with significant defects: chips, uneven masonry and just an unsightly appearance.

The strengths of this cladding material are durability, strength, frost resistance. In addition, porcelain is resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage, temperature extremes and for a long time retains the durability of the pattern.


This type of finishing material is quite common. And all because it has a wide selection of materials for operation and a fairly low cost. Tiling is possible as an order, and independently. The undeniable advantage is also the strength and durability of the final result.

The tile itself is a safe and environmentally friendly material. Its installation does not take much time and skill. In addition, the stores offered a large selection of different types of tiles: figured, corner and others.


A simple and uncomplicated, but very important way of finishing will be a brick. Everything would be nice and beautiful, only the material should be chosen seriously and depending on the place of finishing.

In general, a brick for facing a fireplace should have a mark of at least 200. At once, attention should be paid to the absence of chips and other defects. Otherwise the works will be in vain. Appearance and durability of a laying depends on a correct choice of a brick.

Red brick for wood fireboxes - the best option due to fire resistance and durability. However, for heating with coal, you will need chamotte (white) brick.Due to its characteristics, white brick can withstand very high temperatures. But red can often be found in interesting decorative options (different shades, grooved, punctured and others).

Do not forget about the equally important characteristics of bricks. It can be corpulent and hollow. It is believed that this factor does not affect the strength of the structure. But the hollow brick has a greater thermal conductivity and lightness.


In recent centuries, tiling has not lost its popularity and relevance. The main difference between this material and ceramic tiles is the presence of a rump. Thanks to these protrusions, the tiles have a higher thermal conductivity and more reliably stick to the surface.

When facing in such a way as decorated tiles, and monophonic options are available.

Art panels are mainly laid out by hand at factories, as a result of which prices are inflated.

A rock

Facing stone not only looks beautiful and cozy, but in some cases even improves the thermal quality of the fireplace. Two types of stones are used: natural and artificial.

Natural stones have the ability to lose their heat-conducting and decorative qualities when heated. For example, the use of granite, diorite, basalt and others is not desirable. They besides all can suddenly crumble. Therefore, the most suitable for facing the existing fireplace will be river pebbles. The indisputable advantages of such material are environmental friendliness and durability.

Not inferior to natural stone artificial qualities. Perhaps the only drawback is the high cost of the material. The advantages of artificial stone are a variety of forms, ease of use and strength.


Wood veneer is not bad enough. The material is made entirely of any shapes and sizes, is environmentally friendly and easy. True, it is worth using it only for decorative electric fireplaces. Special extravagance and uniqueness of the fireplace can be given with the help of a wooden slotted carving.


It is believed that this rock was created for stoves and fireplaces. Talkohlorit has a heat capacity several times higher than the brick.In addition, it is resistant to any kind of chemical attack. The material has a natural gray color, but, depending on the impurities, takes on various shades: white, brown, green and even red.


This is a type of natural stone. Due to the ease of mining, the material is quite budget. Sandstone is easily processed, has a large range of colors and a wide range of texture options. The material is durable, wear-resistant and durable. Facing from sandstone will please with its quality and uniqueness.


Perhaps the most popular and fashionable natural stone for facing recently. The breed has a layered structure, high thermal conductivity, durable, has a wide range in the construction market. The color of slate is naturally unusual and heterogeneous, ranging from white to black with multicolored divorces and blotches. This is what makes the material exclusive and extraordinary.


Natural stone granite is durable, durable and, importantly, very easy to clean, as it practically does not get dirty. The stone has a wide range of colors: white, black, green, purple, yellow, etc.Granite successfully harmonizes with any interior and looks very aesthetically pleasing. However, due to the complexity of mining and processing, it has a high cost and is one of the most expensive materials.


This material is a type of limestone. Travertine has a fine-grained structure, and a golden honey shade will become a highlight in the designer interior. The material has good thermal conductivity. True, it is used only for surface finishing, as it has a very high cost. Travertine is quite simple to maintain, since the material is polished and primed during operation in order to protect it from contamination.


An unusual design solution will be metal cladding of both the entire fireplace and exclusively the area of ​​the firebox. The most popular were brass and copper.

Specialists offer not only a polished metal plate, but also models with metal embossing, with artistic etching. The choice of options is great and exclusive due to its originality. The layout of different types of metal processing is also possible.

Metal looks nobly in combination with stone and other building materials.It has good heat conductivity and heat resistance.

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Material that is always in demand. It is a truly elite finishing material and has an almost exorbitant price. Especially, if facing is made by the master according to the sketch. Marble is unusual in color, it looks elegant, and it conducts heat well. Basically, the lining of the fireplace is assembled from already finished machined parts.


Very spectacular natural stone. It has a translucent structure, due to which sophisticated designer fireplaces are obtained. Often onyx is installed with internal illumination, and sometimes in a composition with marble or granite. Externally, the materials are very similar. However, onyx, in addition to transparency, has the highest technical characteristics, unlike other natural stones.


It is a versatile and affordable material. Ceramic tile has a number of positive characteristics. It is reliable, durable, easy to install and maintain, has high thermal conductivity, is resistant to mechanical damage and is environmentally friendly.

In addition, ceramics are available in a variety of colors and shapes.It is also quite easy to do the facing of ceramic tiles on their own.


Glass is not often used for lining fireplaces. Rather, it is present as decorative elements or in the form of a door. This partition gives the fireplace a more aesthetic look and protects against the possibility of fires. However, it should be remembered that the glass must be heat-resistant and have a certain thickness.

A significant drawback of glass partitions is the settling of soot on them. Nevertheless, some types of glasses are equipped with special protection for such cases.

Glazed fireplaces are safer in terms of fire safety and retain heat better. But usually glass cladding is more suitable for decorative fireplaces.


This material is a type of natural serpentinite stone. The technical characteristics are similar to soap powder. Possesses excellent heat-conducting properties. Distributes heat "gently." It happens dark green and gray-green. From there, and the name - serpentine, as the color scheme resembles a serpentine.


By itself, a porous and soft mineral. In addition, it is easily processed and looks beautiful.True, pores can be clogged with soot, which spoils the look of the lining. The shell has a poor thermal conductivity, and therefore the heat from the fireplace will come much less.

Diversified material

It is not necessary to use any one material for facing. Very successfully masters assemble various types of coatings.

For example, a successful combination would be metal and wood, metal and stone, onyx and granite / marble, glass and brick / wood / stone, etc.

When combining several types of cladding materials should consider the purpose of the fireplace (existing or decorative) and the technical characteristics of the elements used.

Adhesives and primers

Counters of specialized shops dazzle with a wide range of assorted adhesives and primers for fastening facing materials.

However, it is not enough to choose the right glue. You need to know how to cook it. In this case, the masonry will stand for a long time and retain an attractive appearance of the lining.

There are three types of glue base composition that are used most often. These compounds can be prepared independently:

  • Dry glue mix. It is perfect for facing the fireplace, but if the fireplace has decorative functions.
  • Cement. This composition is suitable for facing in rooms with high humidity. However, when using cement to heat the fireplace then it is better only with firewood.
  • Clay solution. It is harder to prepare than the above compositions. But such a solution is superior in quality. It has high heat resistance, is not toxic when heated and is durable enough.

In general, the mounting adhesive is produced one- and two-component. For fireplaces fit exactly the second option. Such adhesives are produced heat resistant (withstand temperatures of 150 degrees) and heat resistant (withstand temperatures of 500 degrees).

Adhesive for facing fireplaces should have a number of qualities such as: elasticity, heat resistance, the ability to withstand temperature extremes.

The following adhesives are recommended for facing existing fireplaces intended for space heating:

  • K-77 with G-77 primer. It has high heat resistance and resistance to temperature extremes. Suitable for lining any material.The only drawback is the drying time - up to 25 days.
  • ANSERGLOB BCX 35. It has the technical characteristics of the previous glue, but is higher in cost and dries faster.
  • Plitonit-Fireplace Refractory. This glue is intended for tiling.
  • Plitonit-SuperKamin and SkanfixSuper. Also used for tiling.
  • Clay Terracotta. Ideal for fixing terracotta tiles. Durable. Also suitable for facing with porcelain stoneware, clinker.
  • For fireplaces that are used from time to time, IVSILTermix, Kleos, Weber Vetonit Absolute, Moment Crystal, Ceresite SM-117/5 are quite suitable.

Cost of work

The exact price for the work just to name no one dares. It all depends on the initial state of the place of installation of the fireplace, the cost of facing material and other things. Some contractors charge for metering, design project, as well as for travel to the customer.

The master makes measurements of the firebox and chimney, selects the glue base, the material in consultation with the customer.

In general, the process can be carried out on its own. But for high-quality work it is better to turn to specialists.

Some companies offer ready-made fireplaces as decorative (these are mostly electric models) and for direct use.

The difference in the price of work also depends on the type of cladding. The portal is a monolithic construction. There may be difficulties with its installation and delivery. Facing is a set of parts. Accordingly, the ordering of facing services will be easier and more budget.

On average, facing the fireplace with granite or marble ranges from 3,500 rubles per square meter.

The total cost of the work depends on the type of fireplace, the complexity of the work and the type of cladding material. Therefore, the price is purely individual.

Interesting fireplace framing solutions

Naples 715y

Fireplaces of this model consist of mixed parts in combination of natural, artificial stones and fireclay bricks. The color scheme is provided for every taste and includes cream and pastel colors. Marble is processed by the method of mirror polishing, which emphasizes the beauty and features of the stone. You can purchase this model at an affordable price.


Rather compact model of the fireplace. Made of high quality steel and fireclay bricks. Maintains temperature to 700 degrees. It has a glass door of heat-resistant glass and is equipped with anti-soot.This fireplace has a budget price and perfectly retains heat.


Stunningly beautiful and elegant model of electric heater. The device has a temperature controller, light-emitting diodes in the wood, a control panel and the image of fire in 2D mode. The fireplace is lined with wood in pastel colors. Also publishes a peaceful crackle of burning wood.

Laudel chauffage

The furnace of this model is made of thick cast iron. It has an attractive brass frame and an interesting design. Due to the material of the fireplace is able to warm the room after 20 minutes. The firebox withstands very high temperatures, so it is acceptable for use of both firewood and coal.

The fireplace is equipped with heat-resistant glass that can withstand temperatures up to 750 degrees. There is also a decorative wall inside the firebox, which adds refinement to the model. Despite the high quality of the material, the fireplace can be purchased at an affordable price.

Jabo marmi

The Polish manufacturer presents fireplaces in a classic combination of natural stone and wood. The base is sandstone and polished marble of various colors. A wooden shelf above the fireplace will add coziness to the design.Such fireplaces are available in corner and wall options.

Elegy Rustik 700

The fireplace is in the form of an angular design. Made of fireclay bricks and dolomite. Due to the high-quality material promises to serve for a long time and conscientiously.


Quality marble fireplaces are made in the form of wall and corner models. A variety of colors and design will help choose a fireplace for every taste. Models are provided from the simplest minimalist to chic fireplace portals with designer carvings.

Cassette Fireplaces

Such fireplaces are classified as budget models. Usually made of cast iron or steel with refractory glass. Simple models of the fireplace are faced with completely arbitrary material (wood, stone, drywall, etc.). Depending on the model, the glass door can open both horizontally and vertically.

When choosing a fireplace should be guided by the type of its use and fire safety regulations. Therefore, it is best to seek the services of proven experts.

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